Five Mistakes To Avoid When Betting Online

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Online betting is a fast-moving industry with millions more registered gamblers today than there was 12 months ago. The relaxation of rules regarding online sports betting in several states in America has led to a tsunami of new bettors signing up to gamble on their favourite sports, competitions, teams and players. 

Modern betting gives the gambler complete choice. Not over what they bet on but how they bet, where they bet and when they bet. You are in complete control thanks to mobile gambling apps that can be downloaded at the touch of a screen to Android and iOS devices. You can also choose what to bet on. All the popular sports are covered, including football, horse racing, tennis, golf and rugby. 

There’s a healthy spread of more niche markets, too, with everything from volleyball in London to battlebots in Las Vegas. There is something for everyone but mobile betting is not without its dangers. In this article, we work through five mistakes you must avoid when gambking online. The aim of this page is to make you a better informed and more security conscious sportsbook gambler

Don’t register without research

When looking for an online bookmaker to register and bet with, it’s crucial that you do your research. There are hundreds of options and they all claim to offer you the best possible service. Some are worth betting with, including the biggest names in the industry and the best of the emerging talent but some aren’t worth your time. Do as much research into a betting app as possible before making your final decision. It’s such a competitive market that you can use it to your advantage and get the VIP treatment.

Don’t presume you’re secure

Check how secure a bookie is before joining. What security measures and optional extras do they offer? What you want to see here is Secure Socket Layer technology which is the programme used by the leading bookmakers. SSL encrypts all your sensitive information, ensuring your payment details aren’t accessible to others, and that includes the bookmaker’s staff. If they do not provide that, we suggest using a VPN service for sites like bet 365. It gives you complete peace of mind that comes from knowing you are protected, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying betting online. 

Don’t bet without a plan

All professional and profitable online gamblers set out their plan for the season or year and stick to it hard. That includes setting out a staking plan and deposit limits. Putting limitations on your betting spend is important and helps you keep track of how much you are gambling. Decide on an amount you are comfortable losing to betting every day, week or month and play to that line. Don’t exceed it. Never bet when you are angry or frustrated and never increase your stakes in an attempt to claw back your losses.

Don’t pay tipsters

Some bettors prefer to put their trust in professional tipsters. These can be found advertised on industry newspapers, websites or social media. Visit Twitter or Facebook, and you’ll see a long list of sports betting tipsters, all celebrating their success. Following them may seem like a good idea, a chance to beat the bookies with minimal effort, but it could end up costing you, dear. Never pay a social media tipster for their predictions. That may sound harsh, especially if they are having success and giving out winners, but if they were as good as they claimed to be, bashing the bookies daily, why would they need the small subscription fee from you? Wouldn’t they be winning enough from the bookies? It’s often a red flag when a free tipster has some success then starts charging.

Don’t grab the first bonus

Most betting apps offer new customers a welcome bonus free bet when you create an account and start using the service. These deals may seem similar but check the T&Cs page, and you’ll see there’s a gulf in class between the top offers and the rest. Don’t grab the first fancy bonus you see. Do your research and get the one that’s right for you. Reading the terms and conditions attached to the offer will improve your understanding of how it works and how best to use the deal to target a profit.

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