9 Ways to Increase Your Website’s Page Views

If you are like most business owners, your ultimate goal is to get people to visit your website. You may have a lot of traffic but it means nothing if they don’t convert into page views. In this blog post we will go over 9 ways that can help increase the number of visitors on your website and keep them there for more than just a quick glance!

1. Use great visuals

Pictures of your products or employees can help draw people in and give them a better idea about what you are selling. Also, try to get some video on there! That way people who want to see something even more real than pictures will be able to do so. If you have graphs or charts, share those too! It’s always good to have visuals when you are trying to explain something.

2. Make your site mobile-friendly

The number of people who use their phone or tablet more than a computer is on the rise so if you aren’t making sure that your website looks great across all devices, then it might be time for an update.

3. Be sure to use hashtags

Using social media is a great way to get your business out there and even increase page views! When you post, be sure that you are using hashtags that will help people find what it is they are looking for online. If they type in #digitalmarketing then they should show up on your page.

4. Use social media to drive traffic

If you are not already using the various forms of social media, now would be a great time to start! Posting things on Facebook and Twitter can help get people back to your website where they will hopefully convert into customers or readers. When posting about your products make sure that you aren’t just posting links to your site. You want people to engage with you and not click out as soon as they see where the link is taking them! If you don’t have time to manage your socials on your own, finding a company that specializes in digital marketing in Fort Lauderdale would be the best option.

5. Post frequently

Just like we said before, if someone follows you on social media then it means that they are interested in what you have going on. Don’t be afraid of annoying them! You want to post frequently so that you can keep them engaged and maybe even get their friends involved. If your posts are good then they will tell others about what you have going on at your business!

6. Use live chat

If someone comes onto your site but is unsure of whether or not they should purchase something, make it easier for them with live chat. Having someone available to answer questions and give them more information is a great way to make sure that you are getting as many sales as possible!

7. Use email marketing

People might not come back on their own after having left your site but if they signed up for an email newsletter then there’s a good chance that they will be back in the future. Make sure that you are sending out emails periodically to remind people about what it is your business does and maybe they will come back again!

8. Post interesting content

If you want a lot of traffic then making amazing posts on your website can help! You don’t have to post every day but when you do, be sure that you are posting things that will interest those who visit. Think about what it is your business does and post content related to that! 

9. Improve page load speed

This one might not seem as important as the others but if people can’t view your site because of how long it takes to load then they aren’t going to stick around for very long. Make sure that when you have a new visitor to your website they get the best experience possible!

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