How To Ace Video Storytelling for Your Brand?

In the extremely competitive world we live in today, a unique story that connects with people is the best form of marketing. This is why more and more brands rely on a video production company to develop a video ad that connects with their audience and conveys the brand story accurately. However, to achieve this, video storytelling should be perfect, and here’s how you can do that. 

Use humor to connect

 Businesses are expected to be serious and to the point. However, you are talking to human beings and as such, making them laugh is always a great option to make your brand more memorable to them. Using humor in your video, therefore, can help you connect with your customers and make your video more shareable, bringing in new customers through shares.

Let the creativity blow over

 You know your brand and what it wishes to convey to the audience. But instead of going directly to the point and ending the video with an effective CTA, try to take the creative route. Find a different way (through a story) to convey your message. A great example of creative video storytelling is Google’s 2009 Parisian Love video, which showed an entire love story from start to finish through searches.

You can draw the insights and brainstorm what your video should contain, including how things need to be presented and what needs to stand out. Look for inspiration from other videos that have tackled what you’re covering. With an effective explainer video production and marketing strategy, you will create picture-perfect explainer videos that are creative and compelling.

Beginning, middle, and end

 Every good story has a beginning, middle, and end. Ensure your brand video has the same. A great way to ensure that is through thorough story-boarding and scripting. Have an experienced person make a storyboard first and then follow it up with some brilliant scripting. The result is a video that narrates your brand story and not just through the words spoken. 

Show more

Nobody likes an ad that’s overselling a product. Unless it is a demo video, avoid talking too much about the product. Instead, show what your product can do. See how the angles, frames, audio, colors, and more can work towards narrating your brand story or product’s features. Blentech’s 2006 “Will It Blend” series is the best example of showing off the product without rubbing it in anyone’s face.

Short and sweet is the key

In the modern world, attention span is the biggest obstacle in a marketer’s path. Can you hold the attention of your audience in an age where there’s a lot of content to consume? This is where shorter videos come into play. Don’t mistake the effectiveness of a shorter and crisper brand video, especially at a time when YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels are ruling the marketing world. 

Focus on one story

While your product can be multipurpose or your brand could have multiple product lines, it is always better to focus on one thing in a single video. The focus of your video should always be on the story you are trying to tell, whatever that might be. Therefore, ensure you are keeping the narrative tight and focused. 

Don’t jump into the first thing

Most marketers and content creators don’t opt for the first idea that comes to their heads. They think through and exhaust all possible options before landing on an idea that they materialize. This practice should also be followed in your brand video, making efforts to ensure your team is not limited to any one idea from the get-go.


 Video storytelling is important when shooting a brand video. With the right elements and frame, a brand can really experience a boost in sales, brand awareness, and customers. Therefore, it is essential to focus on the tips given above to get the right balance of all the different elements of storytelling. 

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