What Homeowners Should Do If Their Dog Bites A Guest

Have you ever been bitten by a dog? It’s not fun. Now imagine if the dog was your responsibility, and it bit someone who came to visit. This is a terrifying possibility for any homeowner with an aggressive or protective pet! In this article, we will discuss what homeowners should do when their dog bites a guest.

First and foremost

To lessen the chances of your pet biting anyone, you must have them trained early. Most dogs are naturally friendly, but if they haven’t been properly socialized in their early years, they may be wary of strangers and become defensive when people come to visit.

While it is never the dog’s fault for biting a guest, any homeowner should take responsibility for ensuring their pet is properly trained.

1. If there are signs that your dog might be aggressive, keep them away from guests until they’re better trained

If your dog has shown signs of aggression or fears towards strangers, it’s a good idea to keep them away from guests until they’re better trained. Protective and territorial dogs should always be kept on a leash when anyone is visiting the house, as this will prevent any injury resulting from their pet biting someone unexpectedly and you’ll be better prepared if anything does happen. 

2. If a guest was bitten, make sure they get the proper medical attention and take photos of the injury

If your dog bites a guest, it’s important to take them for medical attention and provide any documentation, such as photos of the injury. Doctors must check for tissue damage and possible infections. It’s also good practice to record the incident with your insurance company or place of residence so that they know if anything happens in the future! 

A few more tips include calling the police if there is any evidence of criminal activity, making sure to stay calm and collected when dealing with the repercussions of your dog biting someone, and contacting animal control in case it’s necessary.

While it’s never a pleasant situation for anyone, knowing how to deal with your pet hurting another person may prevent future harm. It’s a good idea to have a plan in place if your pet bites a guest, so you know what steps to take.

2. Contact an attorney who specializes in animal bites if you have any questions or concerns about legal action

Contacting an attorney specializing in cases like these can be a great source if you have any questions or concerns about legal action resulting from your dog biting a guest. If the person is severely injured and plans to take legal recourse, they must do so as quickly as possible. You may also need to contact animal control depending on the severity of the injury.

Having some legal advice from a personal injury lawyer in NYC and documentation on hand can be useful in these situations. It may help you keep your pet, which is understandably a priority!

5. Consult with a professional trainer to help train your dog so it doesn’t hurt anyone else again

If you’re concerned about your dog’s behavior, it’s a good idea to consult with a professional trainer who can help provide training, so they don’t hurt anyone else again. You want to make sure your pet is trained so these situations never happen in the future!

A few things trainers can help with include training your dog, preventing future attacks, and providing you information about state laws regarding bites. Having some professional advice on hand can be useful in these situations and prevent any more harm from coming to another party!


In conclusion, if your dog bites a guest, you should take them for medical attention and provide any documentation, such as photos of the injury. Doing your best and preventing the incident will help as well. It is important to take responsibility for your dog’s behavior. You can reduce the chance of this happening again by taking these steps.

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