4 Red Flags That Indicate You Have Pest Damage in Your Roof

As the colder weather starts to draw near, this is the perfect time to take stock of the exterior of your home, making sure everything is in good shape and ready for the harsh weather. For homeowners, one of the main things to look for is red flags that point to potential pest damage to your roof. The last thing you want is these pests taking up residence in your home during the winter, damaging your roof further and leaving it exposed to the elements. Here’s a look at the top red flags you can be on the lookout for.

You Can See Animal Droppings

This sign won’t be obvious from the ground, but depending on the slopes and valleys in the roof, you may be able to spot it from second-floor windows. If you see any animal droppings scattered on the roof, there’s a good chance you’ve got pest activity. It didn’t get there by chance, so it is clear sign that pests are lurking.

You Spot Nesting Materials

Vertec Roofing Sydney notes that some animals will build nests in the roof, and this is not only common in the roofing beams but also under floorboards. Their nests tend to be made up of grass, leaves, paper, twigs and other such things, so you may spot pieces scattered near the house or on the roof. You may even catch the pests in the act of taking branches or leaves up to the roof. Again, this is a red flag for sure.

You Can See Pests Lurking Around on the Roof

It doesn’t get more obvious than this sign, as you may catch pests in the act. If you see them lurking around on the roof, watch to see where they go and what they are doing. You may be lucky enough to discover their point of entry/exit, making removal and repairs much easier.

The Roof Looks Damaged

Another very obvious sign is damage to the roof itself. Pests will do just about anything to get into the attic. The larger the animal, the more obvious the damage can be. For example, if you have a raccoon problem, the damage can be extensive and widespread. Then again, if the pests are insects such as termites, the damage isn’t always as noticeable unless you go up into the attic and take a look around.

If you have any sort of damage to your roof – whether it be minor or more significant – it’s important to get it repaired as soon as possible. A damaged roof won’t be able to perform as intended – keeping rain, snow and ice out – and the damage could be more serious and involve structural issues. You’ll want to call the best roofing company in Michigan, such as Rock Solid Exteriors, to get the problem dealt with as quickly as possible.

While many homeowners believe that strong winds and severe weather are the biggest risks to their roof, in reality, pests are right up there and can cause significant issues. It’s important to know the red flags to watch for and to act quickly.

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