Dueling Endorsements: Councilmembers Brossett & Palmer Each Endorse the Other in At-Large Council Race

Dueling as a sport has been illegal in the U.S. since 1992. That’s not stopping Councilmembers Kristin Palmer and Jared Brossett from what some may believe is a two-on-one simultaneous thrusting of swords at former state Senator J.P. Morrell. In what some believe is an effort to wound Morrell, the frontrunner in the race for City Council At Large, Division 2, today Palmer and Brossett each endorsed the other. Others believe the dual endorsements are a show of solidarity for the city council to better and more efficiently serve and appeal to their constituents. Xavier University instructor Bart Everson is also a candidate in that race.

According to available research, Morrell is running first in the race. But Palmer and Brossett are both candidates that cannot be discounted. A runoff in the race is thought to be inevitable. Morrell and Palmer announced their candidacies the same week. Brossett’s announcement quickly followed. Morrell had spent months in advance crafting his messages as well as lining up financial commitments and endorsements. Palmer and Brossett have been all about governing. They both started with decent-sized war chests. Palmer knew she had to take on Morrell early and often. Brossett had to lay back initially. He hired consultant Greg Buisson in an attempt to repair his reputation.

City Councilman Jared Brossett told Big Easy Magazine in a statement “Councilmember Palmer and I took this step because we believe it is in the best interest of our city that a public servant, not a career lobbyist, is elected as Councilmember At-Large. We have worked together for years to represent the residents of our City who too often are not given a seat at the table. Voters should expect public officials to be visible in the community, and we strive to do that. We are accountable to our constituents. While our opponent is satisfied working in the shadows, we will continue to fight for our constituents and for what is right. For years we have put in the work to move our city forward, and we will continue to do just that. I am proud to have Councilmember Palmer’s endorsement and to endorse her.”

Between the pandemic and the hurricane, voters have not been paying attention to the races. Morrell has had to fight harder. He’s been riding in the back of a garbage truck, shoveling trash, handing out tarps and food to try to reach voters. Morrell has released numerous action plans and white papers on issues of the day. Palmer and Brossett have worked diligently on storm and pandemic-related issues and have benefited from the media coverage that is typically afforded to members of the Council. The pair are each working together on hot button issues, including imposing more stringent regulations on short-term rentals, holding utility companies accountable for infrastructure and billing related issues after the storm, championing a living wage for city workers, and more.

Palmer is also working the women’s constituency very hard. She is counting on a large turnout from women. Morrell also has a women’s leadership group with several hundred members. He has a history of legislative accomplishments that women activists appreciate.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell has yet to endorse anyone in the race. It was assumed early on that Cantrell would support Palmer, who was onboard for State Senator Karen Carter Peterson’s Congressional race. Now some believe that Cantrell may give the nod to Brossett, which would move him up in the polls.

Depending on the consultant you discuss the race with, you may get different opinions regarding the motivation behind the dual endorsement. Many believe the act of solidarity will demonstrate a unified city council standing together in an effort to foster a more efficient and effective government for their constituents while some other consultants labeled the endorsements a clear act of desperation and fear on the part of both council members. “They have clearly been running as a team this entire time. Jared could be the big loser in this duel.”

The last official duel following the rules of Code Duello took place in France in 1967. Duels are still legal in Afghan tribal areas, on the Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific, in the Western Sahara, Uruguay and on international waters. Maybe all three will travel beyond the Head of Passes to settle the score.

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