Whistleblowing LSP Trooper Who Fingered Fellow Officers for Coverup of Ronald Greene’s Murder Notified He Faces Termination

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Carl Cavalier, a 33 year- old Black Louisiana State trooper who had the courage to accuse fellow troopers of covering up the murder of 49-year-old Ronald Greene, has been notified he faces termination from his job for leaking internal state police records.

Earlier this year, Cavalier told WBRZ-TV in Baton Rouge that other officers conceived an elaborate but deceitful internal cover-up to protect Green’s killers. Cavalier’s announcement brought national attention to the incident and on-going criticism of the Louisiana State Police (LSP) for their often racist practices against black victims, especially males. “We still have murderers, in my eyes, on the job,” Cavalier told WBRZ. 

An unarmed African-American, Greene was killed outside of Monroe on May 10, 2019. His death occurred in the aftermath of a police chase that escalated into violence unnecessarily. Troop F, which includes the Monroe area where Greene’s death took place, is staffed predominately by White officers – many of whom are not racially sensitive. 

LSP first told Greene’s family he died from injuries associated with an automobile accident after Greene’s car supposedly hit a tree. Medical personnel at the hospital where LSP brought Green’s body were immediately skeptical. Police then admitted a struggle had taken place but refused to release dashboard camera footage. Almost two years later when the footage finally became available, it showed Greene had been stunned, punched and placed in a chokehold. While handcuffed and shackled, Greene was also dragged face down. Greene struggled to stay alive but succumbed to his injuries after approximately nine minutes. 

Six LSP officers were involved in the incident. Two officers, Dakota DeMoss and Kory York, were cited for not following bodycam procedures and were subsequently reprimanded by their superiors. A third officer, Chris Hollingsworth, who was also charged with excessive use of force, performance and inappropriate conduct for a law enforcement procedure, died in a car crash before he could be terminated. In a later incident, DeMoss was arrested for using excessive force while handcuffing a motorist. 

According to a spokesperson, the LSP will likely be terminating Cavalier for violating several department policies including infractions related to “Public statements,” “Lawful Orders,” “Loyalty to the Department,” Dissemination of Information,” “Seeking Publicity,” and “Conduct Unbecoming an Officer.” 

He was originally placed on a five-week suspension by LSP Superintendent Lamar Davis, also Black. Had Cavilier not violated LSP policies, the truth about Ronald Greene’s murder would never have come to light. Now nationally recognized as a whistleblower, it may be difficult for Cavalier to find future employment in a policing agency. 

Being a member of the Louisiana State Police has always been known as a good job with decent pay and benefits and much safer than working for a local police department. Largely white and middle class, the force enjoyed a certain attitude and culture that set them apart. 

For years Cavalier has believed that he has been a victim of racial discrimination by his employer. He put those allegations on the record by filing a lawsuit against the LSP in September 2021. The publicity that will be generated by Cavalier’s lawsuit could force more changes in LSP policies and procedures as well as additional sensitivity training for existing staff and an enhanced commitment to the recruitment of minority officers.  

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