Women Athletes Leading The Way In Climate Change In Sports

In the year 2020, watching sports is a unique experience. Followers didn’t get to see the 2020 Olympics, but they did get to see a basketball “bubble” with simulated spectators and a Premier League with phony cheering. While the coronavirus has halted and transformed sports, a report on sports and climate warns that “something far more catastrophic is lying in the wings for the sporting circus.” That is the climate disaster.

What will be the consequences on sport from climate change?

Smoky stadiums, flooded soccer fields, parched tennis courts, and parched ski slopes are all scenarios if we do nothing.

Before the pandemic forced the Tokyo Olympics to be delayed, organizers eventually agreed to relocate the race from the Japanese capital city to Sapporo, because temperatures in summer 2018 reached a scorching 106 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s just one example of how climate change is affecting how people consume sports, both as players in local community games and as fans in worldwide leagues. Skiing is threatened by high temperatures and a lack of snowfall, fires are affecting cricket players in Australia, and increasing sea levels are flooding golf courses.

Athletes are trying to do their best as environmental activists

As the realm of professional sports is threatened by global warming, an increasing number of athletes are speaking out, even as business officials remain silent.

Do you know Meg Newman? When she as an ASU women’s basketball recruit, isn’t on the court, is concentrating on environmental matters.

Newman has been devoted to leveraging her profile as an athlete to focus on climate action since she first saw a documentary about the environment freshman year.

She added that greater progress can be made if she can have that influence (against climate change). Newman is a vegetarian and is trying to live up to her words by doing everything she can to reduce her carbon footprint.

By promoting women’s size basketballs everyone can give their contribution to saving mother nature in a super-easy way.

Women in athletics have often had to stand up in order to make a difference in their careers.

Despite the fact that men continue to receive more favorable publicity and financial benefits, women will continue to leverage their voices on and off the field of play to emphasize their achievements in it. In sports, outdated attitudes abound, with female athletes still drawing more attention for their appearance than their abilities. 

Women in sports are utilizing their platform to advocate for gender equality, pay parity, and especially climate change. When choosing 28.5 indoor basketball made of vegan products, athletes are reducing waste and care about the environment without putting much effort into it.

Women are particularly positioned to be catalysts for change, as they are on the front lines of the climate-change battle. They can help identify solutions to decrease the causes of global warming and adapt to its repercussions on the ground. Eco basketball is a wonderful solution that we should definitely all embrace!

Women worldwide are utilizing their voices to take leadership and call for action against climate change presently, from corporate boards and policy positions to local communities, from science to activism.

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