6 Tips for Being More Active During Winter

It is easy to stay active during the summer months.  The long evenings and warm weather seem never-ending, and it is fun to get out in the fresh air and be active.  However, it can be a lot harder during the winter as it is dark and cold, the sofa looks inviting, and there are new programs on the TV to enjoy.  It is no wonder that people tend to put on weight over the winter and lose it again during the summer months. If you want to stay fit and healthy all year round, here are six tips for being more active during winter. 

Go To the Gym

Going to the gym can be a chore in the summer as most people would rather be outside.  However, during the winter months, the gym looks a lot more inviting as it is warm, cozy, and somewhere to stay fit.  The gym takes outdoor activities such as running, rowing, and cycling and puts them indoors, which keeps you in shape when it is cold and wet.  You may not get anywhere fast but at least you can watch sports on TV while you work out. 

Take Field Sports Indoors

You may not be able to play outside in bad weather, but field sports can be done in a sports hall or community center, so you don’t need to shut the team down completely for six months of the year.  To play indoor baseball, for example, all you need are pitching mounds for indoor use, a large indoor space, and some bats and balls that you will have leftover from the summer anyway. 

Get Outdoors When You Can

It can’t be raining all the time and winter is a great season to get outside and blow some cobwebs off.  On a dry, cold, day wrap up in several layers and take to the great outdoors on a bike or on foot.  This will give you some energy as well as some much-needed vitamin D, and you can always reward yourself with a cup of cocoa afterward if you feel like it.

Winter Sports

Don’t forget all those great winter sports that will keep you more active during the winter.  Book a skiing or snowboarding trip to get some exercise and spend a few weeks on the dry ski slope to help you practice and get you in the mood for your vacation.  If you want to stay closer to home, sports such as soccer and hockey can be played in the winter as well as the summer.  

Exercise At Home

If you really can’t bear the idea of going outside too much during the winter, then exercise at home instead.  Invest in some weightlifting equipment and a mat and you have everything you need for a great home workout.  If you want a change of pace, then a skipping rope or some elastic bands will help you vary your workout.  Yoga is a great way to keep fit during the winter months and there are some fantastic videos on YouTube that you can follow without having to leave the house. 

Keep Healthy

Routines such as healthy eating or sleeping can go out of the window in the winter as you want to snuggle down in your duvet for longer and get up only to help yourself to a sugary snack.  However, the lack of routine is a big part of the reason while you feel unmotivated in the first place.  Stick to your summer routine and you will have a lot more energy to stay active during the winter.

The change of season does not have to be an excuse to stop being active. Change your exercise program up a little and you will stay fit and healthy all year round.

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