District D Candidate Mariah Moore Raises Most Funds in Last 60 Days

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Fundraising has been tough this campaign season but that has not stopped City Council District D candidate Mariah Moore. Proudly running a people-powered campaign, Moore chalked up the largest fundraising total with $26,969.00 raised in the last 60 days and over $50,000 to date. Going into the closing weeks, Moore reported a comfortable $25,135.07 available cash on hand. Her two largest donors are Jadore Ross and master stylist Brandi Jarrow of Bdzzle Hair Studio, each donating $2,500 each. 

Other local notables on her most recent donor list include State Rep. Mandie Landry, Andy Kopplin from the Greater New Orleans Foundation, attorney and former legislative candidate Evan Bergeron and LGBTQ+ historian Frank Perez, a candidate for City Council in District C. Vincenzo Pasquantonio, former director of the City’s Office of Human Rights and Equity, is serving as her campaign manager. While most of Moore’s donors were locals in the district who contributed smaller dollar amounts, Moore’s national reputation has also attracted financial supporters from across the U.S. who consider this race to be a milestone. Moore is founder and executive director of House of Tulip, which provides affordable housing to members of the transgender community. If elected, Moore would be the first transgender individual elected to public office in New Orleans. 

Moore is one of fourteen candidates seeking the District D seat which is being vacated by the term-limited Jared Brossett. The vast majority of candidates in the race have raised less than $7,000.

Among those Moore will be competing against for a spot in the runoff is well-known businessman Eugene Green.  A graduate of Harvard University, Green has worked extensively in city government. Green raised only $13,925 during the last 60 days but heads into the final stretch with $31,916.74 cash on hand. Green lent his campaign $58,000 in late June. With a $2,500 contribution, Green’s largest donor during this cycle was Skyward Transportation. Other recent significant contributors include Louis Colin, Durrell Laurent, Liberty Bank and Richard Lambert Consultants.  Green recently announced a list of more than 100 key women supporters.  

Other notable competitors in the race include Mark “Johari” Lawes, Timolynn “Tim” Sams and Morgan Clevenger. Lawes, a small business owner, took in $23,488.00 and loaned himself $50,000. Lawes has successfully operated a number of restaurants and bars including The Half Shell, The Sports Café, Club Kiesses and Patio 79. He currently has $51,577.20 cash on hand. His largest donor is Ray Landry at $2,500. Other donors who contributed at least $1,000 include Keith Saia, Lenora Marrows, Torion Grisham, Dustin Ebanks, Glen Charles, Bryan Carter, Harold Cade, Vaughn Green, Amid Hansell, Terry Williams and Mike Stewart.

A mother and charter school executive, Sams has total receipts for the period of $45,822.62 including several small loans. She spent the vast majority of hers during the last 60 days and is only reporting $6,892.20 cash on hand. Sams largest donors at $2,500 were Ben Guillory, Pfizer, Inc., and RX Fogarty of Salt Lake City. Other $1,000 and up donors include Elizabeth Monaghan, Jennifer Weishaupt, Kevin Wilkins, Courtney Williams, Daryl Robinson, Sarah Usdin, Anthony Bradford, Linda Usdin, and Patrice Sams Abiodun, her mother. 

Clevenger, a citizen advocate who previously worked in the film industry and operates an owner occupied City Licensed Bed & Breakfast, raised $6,250 and loaned herself $22,000. She is reporting $16,206 in available funds. Her largest donors ($2,500) are her mother, restaurateur Jo Ann Clevenger of Upperline fame, and Alan Greenacre. Other donors include attorney Allan Berger and former State Rep. Leo Watermeier.  

Early voting begins Saturday, October 30.  

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