5 Essential Pieces of Equipment for Outdoor Adventures

Over the past year or so, people in the UK have rekindled their relationship with nature. According to Natural England’s People and Nature Survey, in May 2020 36% of people spent more time outside than before the pandemic, with this number rising to 46% in July that year. This was mirrored in statistics from the RSPB, which saw a 69% jump in website visitors early in the pandemic, with 79% being new to the website. 

If you’re heading out on an adventure, you need to stay safe, however. Heading out into the great outdoors without being properly prepared is a recipe for disaster, so to help, here are five essential types of equipment and belongings you should bring along on your travels.

The right clothing

Always made sure to wear the correct type of comfortable clothing when you head out on an adventure. Walking shoes, sneakers like Nike air force 1 high top, or boots, plus waterproof clothing, are always a good choice – be sure to get a set of light and heavy boots and clothes so you can stay warm and comfortable whatever the time of year.

First aid kit

Depending on where you choose to explore, you may find yourself rather far away from civilization when you are exploring the outdoors, so it’s important you look over a few different first aid kits and select a well-stocked one that will keep you and anyone you are enjoying the outdoors with safe in the case of an accident. 

Plenty of water

Be sure to bring along a large amount of water when hiking, walking, biking, or otherwise. People need at least two litres of water every day to function properly, so bring along a large bottle of expandable bladder that can fit within your backpack – some even come with straws so you can sip on the go! Just in case of emergency, it’s also a great idea to being along some water purification tables too, so you can use local water sources if you get lost.

Foods high in calories and carbohydrates

Outdoor exercise is hungry work, so bring along good, energy-rich foods like nuts and cereals which will give you plenty of slow-release energy throughout the day. If you’re staying the night, bring along some heart canned foods too so you can have a square meal before heading to bed.

Camping equipment

Don’t forget your tent, sleeping bag, camping stove, and torch whenever you’re heading out on a multi-day adventure. Weight is definitely an important thing to consider here, so pack lightly and don’t bring camping items you don’t need, or ones too large and unwieldy for your requirements – a six-person tent for two people, for instance.

With the essentials above, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying time out in nature. Let us know what you always pack when getting outdoors in the comments section below.

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