Top Leadership Skills That Can Make (or Break) a Truly Great Leader

The idea that a leader equals a manager has long outlived itself. Today it is clear that doing administrative work or pestering workers into doing something does not equal inspiring, motivating, having a dream, and sharing it with others. In other words, a leader conceives a vision and makes others understand this vision and incorporate it into their own views – and act on it. A leader makes the trail and blazes the fire, instead of hiding behind anyone’s back.

 It may look like it’s impossible to become a leader; one just has to be born like that. Yet if you are not afraid to take responsibility and lead, and if you want to move up a career ladder or just to be a good head of your company, you can develop leadership skills (or hone them). Indeed, there are plenty of training sessions and courses in Australia and worldwide that offer comprehensive or targeted instruction and drilling in key leadership skills. Definitely, such skills are diverse, but one can identify a few essential ones that are a must for a great leader and a visionary.

 Alertness And Awareness

A leader must be sensitive to what happens out there on the markets and in the world. Leadership implies mapping the path and understanding where it will take the company and people working there. So a leader needs to be alert to new opportunities or dangers, to be aware of changes that are happening, or even instigate these changes across companies or whole industries. A leader must be able to spot anything that can disrupt the business processes for better or worse and act upon this knowledge.

 Integrity And Trustworthiness

People follow and listen to those who they trust. A leader who does not live up to basic integrity and honesty standards is not a leader. Honesty, acting in the team’s best interests, and supporting the industry’s best practices are what make a person a big leader respected inside and outside the company. Even the hardest decisions can be softened or crafted fairly if integrity guides a decision-maker. This kind of trust is hard to earn, but developing integrity and applying it in every step is worth it.

 Communication Skills

Verbal and non-verbal communication makes it possible to convey the message, the vision, and the dream. So a leader needs very good communication skills, skills of public speaking, and the ability to listen actively. To help enhance communication and presentation skills it’s important to constantly better yourself. It is a good idea to sign up for public speaking classes on sites like to get advice from professional public speakers and learn what needs to be further improved.

 Building Relationships and Nurturing The Team

A leader is always at the heart of the matter, knowing what happens in the team and making sure people are safe and comfortable (as much as possible) in their workplace. When a leader cares about employees, nurtures direct communications, and asks for feedback, people work more efficiently and invest more effort and soul into what they do. It benefits everyone on board. Team building activities are a great way to build relationships and strengthen your team. For your next retreat, consider visiting escape rooms at Exit Lab Houston for a memorable team building experience.

 Creativity and Ability To Innovate

That’s how a vision is born and that’s how disruption happens. Be it an improvement in workflow or a launch of a new experimental business branch, a leader always looks for new opportunities or knows how to create them. Everyone can be trained to look for new ideas and find them, but for a leader this skill is essential.

 If you are ready to take the challenge, go to and select the provider of training that offers the most suitable program and dates. All providers are trusted and experienced, so no matter what you choose, it’ll be a great learning journey with excellent outcomes for you and your team.

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