6 Perks of Working in Sales Tax Support

Every company needs at least one person to oversee the sales tax, and that responsibility usually falls to someone in a career in accounting or finance.

This is typically an entry-level position, but the job description continues to grow as the industry matures.

As of 2017, there are 37 specific duties that fall under sales tax support employees’ responsibilities, according to the International Association of Accountants. This includes determining which taxing jurisdictions are applicable to a taxpayer’s business activity and remitting those taxes on time.

For companies with multiple locations or that are part of a franchise, the sales tax support job can become even more demanding.

While this role comes with its fair share of paperwork and stress, it also offers six big perks for those who choose to offer sales tax support.

1) Flexible Schedule

Sales tax support agents have flex hours and a flexible schedule, as their hours are dependent on the company’s needs.

If there is a busy period or specific project that requires attention, they can be called into work overtime.

Working on the weekend is also an option since some states allow tax-exempt purchases by businesses throughout the majority of the day on Saturdays.

2) Travel opportunities

If your company works with clients or partners in other states, sales tax support agents have the opportunity to travel.

If they are based out of California for example, traveling out-of-state can be part of their responsibilities depending on which state’s taxes you need help with.

Plus, in addition to the added perk of being able to travel, you may also receive a higher payment for traveling.

3) Competitive Salary

The median salary for a sales tax support agent is an attractive salary for entry-level workers.

While it can be stressful at times, this job allows people to earn money while receiving on-the-job experience in accounting and finance.

Many sales tax support agents find that they are able to double their income in this role, especially when they continue furthering their education.

4) Fun work environment

Because of their flexible schedules, sales tax support agents generally enjoy their work environment.

A lot of assistants are still in school or new to the workforce, so working fast-paced hours with some stress is part of the job for many entry-level workers.

5) Career advancement potential

As you learn more about your company’s needs and what they require from their sales tax support agent, you can use that knowledge to help improve your advancement opportunities.

Upper management in companies typically looks to promote from within, so putting in the time and effort to learn about your company’s needs can help you move through the ranks.

6) Opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others

Sales tax support agents work with businesses and companies large and small. They assist sales reps and companies to ensure they are following state laws regarding sales tax responsibilities. Working among other professionals in the accounting and finance fields, it’s an opportunity to build relationships and show you can be a valuable asset to the company.


There are several perks of working in sales tax support. If you’re looking for a job in accounting or finance, this role can be an attractive option to consider.

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