Same Day Weed Delivery Facilities in Canada!

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The legalization of recreational Marijuana in Canada revolutionized the demand and supply of weed across the country. Now, people of the country have the option to select between same-day delivery or late delivery. 

So, if you are out of stock and want to consume weed without much delay, you can view the same-day delivery options. These delivery services either provide delivery in 2-3 hours or by evening, depending on your location and transportation facility of that area. 

This article will offer some of the same-day delivery options available for the people of Canada.

Quick Weed Delivery Options

We offer a list of delivery services that provide same-day delivery in different provinces of Canada.

Now, four delivery services offer same-day and legal, medical Cannabis in the greater Toronto Area. So, if you are in Toronto or any other surrounding region, it is not challenging for you to avail of medical Cannabis on the same day of your order. Here is the list.

  • CannTrust

CannTrust, a medical Cannabis producer, offers its users a unique and valuable service known as TrustDelivery. Suppose you are a patient from the greater Toronto area, including Oakville, Toronto, Mississauga, Oshawa, and Brampton. In that case, you might place an order before 4 p.m. through CannTrust and get your weed delivered between 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Besides, the delivery options are also reasonable: $5 delivery charge for orders above $90, $15 for products under $90, and you will get a free delivery option for orders above $150.  

  • Solace Health

Solace Health, a well-known medical cultivator, delivers Cannabis the same day to the people living in the greater Toronto area. According to a solace health representative, you have to place an order by 11 a.m. Your product will be delivered to you later that day through a courier service, One Couriers. The cost of delivery depends on the address of the consumer. You have to provide your exact address to know the price. However, to provide you with an idea, if you are in the downtown Toronto area, you should expect a charge of $17 per shipment ( without tax).

  • CannMart

The motto of CannMart is to become the “Amazon” of the Cannabis market. They do not grow any Cannabis on their own. They work as a mediator between the Cannabis sellers and Cannabis users. They pick weed from various commercial licensed cultivators and deliver it to you. They offer a rush delivery option which costs $30 and $15 for products above $200. You will get weed delivered in 3 hours. They also offer other same-day delivery services that cost $15. If you place an order above $200, the delivery is free.

  • Green Relief

Not exactly, but kind of. Instead of growing Cannabis in soil, this company cultivates it using fish. They use the modern cultivation technique known as aquaponics. In this, they grow Cannabis in their Ontario-based facility, Flamborough. They also donate fish to the food bank and begin working on their second harvest. The company provides same-day delivery options to the Greater Hamilton Area and some parts of Toronto. You have to place an order by 2 p.m. and expect delivery by 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. The delivery cost depends on the order amount: free for orders above $299, $8 for orders between $200 to $299, $12 for orders between $100 to $199, and $15 for orders below $99.

If you live in the Alberta region, you can opt for Aurora delivery services.

  • Aurora

Aurora, one of the largest Cannabis producers, now provides medical Cannabis to their clients on the same day. However, the offer is limited for the people of Calgary and Edmonton. The company gets their weed delivered through WestDirect courier company. 

Besides, Prairies offer same-day delivery to Saskatchewan, Delta 9, and Tokyo Smoke to provide same-day delivery to Manitoba’s people. So, these are the weed delivery services that provide the same-day delivery option. While placing an order for weed on an online store, speed is only one of the many features to look for in that store. However, there are other features too. They are vital to ensure that you get quick delivery and pure and good quality weed and service.

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Features of a Good Weed Delivery Service

Besides speed, here are some other features that you should look for in a weed delivery service.

  • Quality

You will never compromise on quality for speed. It is vital to ensure that the weed delivery service provides good quality weed on time. Consuming inferior Cannabis for medical purposes might give you nausea and a dry mouth. Besides, it destroys your experience with Cannabis. It is better to opt for quick delivery options only at the time of emergencies. 

  • Wide-Range Products

You might get bored consuming the same kind of Cannabis product for a long time. In such situations, you need change. So, look for sites that offer a wide variety of options to choose from. Besides, at festivals, you might like to try a different flavor or consuming method. In such a situation, a site with limited options might fail to provide the best to you. 

However, if the site has a wide variety of options, you can experiment and choose your favorite ones.

  • Price

A speed delivery costs you more than standard prices. However, that does not mean you will pay much more than the cost of Cannabis on delivery services. So, choose a delivery option that provides speedy delivery at a reasonable price. 

Also, check for the price of products. Sometimes, sites offer products at a cost too reasonable to be true. In such situations, stay careful as the product might be of low quality and will fail to fulfill your expectations.

  • Customer Care

A site with a good customer care facility looks trustable. Also, if you are stuck somewhere while ordering, customer care helps you to overcome it. So, choose a site that offers a good customer care facility.

To know the features of a site, you can check that site’s customer reviews or ratings. You can also take feedback from consumers ( whom you know) who have already used that site. 


Selecting a good delivery service is as important as ordering the right product. So, before choosing one, read extensively about it. If you do not find many reviews, experiment with different sites and pick the one that fulfilled your needs most perfectly. 


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