Alpha Heater Reviews [UPDATE] Total Ripoff or Legit Space Heater 2021?

Alpha Heater Reviews: The newly released Alpha Heater has recently taken the internet by storm. Several online reviews have been raving out the efficacy and efficiency of this small yet marvelous creation. But does it really work? This review will discuss more about the features, working and pricing of the Alpha Heater.

Stepping on ice-cold floors in winter is no less than a nightmare. To avoid encountering this unpleasant situation, heating is continually switched on.  For maximum comfort, the human bodies require optimal temperature. The extensive use of heaters in winter is a sheer necessity to keep warm. The Alpha Heater is a small portable heater designed to work as efficiently as the central heating system.

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If you are someone who frequently moves around, lives in a small space, or has an abode devoid of the central heating system, Alpha Heater could be the answer to all your woes. It is a relatively new product. Thus, the potential buyers are skeptical about investing in products of this nature. The skepticism is only natural. In this review, we shall be dissecting all aspects of the Alpha Heater for the ease of the potential buyers. 

alpha heater

Alpha Heater Reviews

The Alpha Heater is a compact-sized personal heater ideally used in small spaces and individual heating needs. It is a ceramic heater with an incredible and eye-pleasing design. Unlike the conventional heaters, it does not ruin the aesthetics of your indoor spaces. On the contrary, it often enhances the aesthetic appeal.

Despite being small in size, the Alpha Heater claims to work in an impeccable fashion. It tends to work efficiently and has been proven to raise the room temperature to 75 degrees in less than two minutes. The Alpha Heater can fit in any space and can be placed on any surface. Be it a nightstand or a study desk or floor, or a counter, the Alpha Heater can be ideally placed on all surfaces.

Unlike the large conventional heaters with several parts, and one has to go through the ordeal of assembling and aligning, Alpha Heater is a single unit. Thus, it does not require any professional aid or assistance for assembling. 

Furthermore, Alpha Heater offers a plethora of different heating options to cater to the varying heating needs of all individuals. Like no one glove fits all. Similarly, there is not a single setting that would work for all individuals. All bodies have different preferable heater settings. Heaters that limit heating options and offer fewer variables tend to be a massive turn-off for the buyers. 

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How Does the Alpha Heater work?

The working principle of Alpha Heaters is quite similar to that of electric heaters. Alpha Heater generates heat by converting electricity to heat. The ceramic heating technology is used in Alpha Heater. The metal coils are attached to ceramic plates. As the electricity passes through the metal coil, it heats the ceramic plates. Once the ceramic plates are heated, the generated heat is dispersed into the surrounding environment. 

The Alpha Heater comes with an in-built antimicrobial filter that filters out bacteria and impurities from the air along with the heating elements. Thus, in this manner, the Alpha Heater also works as an air purifier. The additional feature aids in eliminating unpleasant odors from the environment. 

The intuitive Alpha Heater is designed in a manner to eliminate the risk and enhance the safety factor. The ceramic coils are encased in a plastic body. The design prevents heating up of the outer body. Thus one can freely touch the Alpha Heater even during working without the fear of burning their hands.  

Features of the Alpha Heater

Alpha Heater has several features that set it apart from all other competitors in the market. It is due to these lucrative features that users across the globe are increasingly investing in Alpha Heater.

Safety Features

The manufacturers of Alpha Heater make tall safety claims about it. The use of highly safe mechanisms by the Alpha Heater core makes it reliable for use in small and confined spaces.

The two primary safety features are shutting off in case of tipping and automatic device shut off.

If the Alpha Heater tips off, the heating process immediately comes to a screeching halt, and room temperature air is blown from the Alpha Heater. It allows ample time for the device to cool down and prevents the incidence of accidents. Ultimately, this acts as a precautionary measure.

A high internal temperature predisposes the device to accidents despite the impeccable safety features. Thus, it is essential to curtail the temperature as it exceeds the threshold. Alpha Heater comes with an inbuilt safety feature that manages the device temperature. As the temperature goes above 122 F, the devices tend to reduce the temperature to 104 F by an automatic mechanism. If the temperature touches the 122 F mark thrice, the in-built loop automatically turns off the device to prevent unpleasant incidents.

Additionally, the presence of the security switch at the back of the device also acts as a great safety feature. The only catch is to turn on the safety switch. It not only ensures automatic shutdown of the device in case of prolonged unattended use but also curtails the heat during movement-based operations.

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Compact and Lightweight

The Alpha Heater is exceptionally compact and weighs less than 3 kilograms, making it extremely easy to carry the device around. Thus, whether one needs to warm up their room or their office, a single machine would suffice for their needs.

Less incidence of Accidents

Usually, the safety factor is the prime concern of an individual when considering heating appliances. There has been a high incidence of accidents with heating appliances. Thus, great care needs to be taken when dealing with such devices. 

The plastic body prevents heating up of the external body, which eliminates the incidence of burning accidents, especially when older individuals and children. On the other hand, conventional and oil-based heaters have a high incidence of burning accidents.

Energy Efficient

The traditional heaters consume a great deal of electricity. Several of the conventional heating devices and appliances require about 500 to 1500 watts of electricity on an hourly basis. Resultantly, the electricity bills turn out to be hefty. 

Alpha Heater claims to consume up to 30% less energy than traditional heaters. Inadvertently, this means that the Alpha Heater conserves energy and also significantly lowers the electricity bills. It offers great relief, especially for those individuals that reside in predominantly cold areas.

Silent Operation

Noisy electronic devices disturb the peace of the surroundings and contribute a great deal to noise pollution. Alpha Heater has a silent operation and does not generate any noise during function. Thus, it is ideal to be used indoors as it does not disrupt the peace of the surroundings.


The central heating system, oil-based heaters, and fireplaces all have a significantly high installation cost. There are also significant security risks involved. With Alpha Heater, the installation costs are only a fraction of the extremely high costs otherwise. The running cost is also highly reduced due to the energy conservation features and comparatively less requirement for input. 

The Dual Air Filter Function

Alpha Heater also works as an air filter and dramatically enhances the air quality by filtering out all the nasty and unpleasant elements and odors. It serves as significant benefits for asthmatic and allergy-prone individuals. Furthermore, the air quality, which otherwise suffers a dip in heater usage, is maintained on healthy and optimal levels.  

Benefits of Using the Alpha Heater

Alpha Heater has garnered an insurmountable amount of popularity in a short span of time. It can be entirely attributed to the several lucrative features and benefits offered by this small yet highly efficient device.

When using conventional heaters, individuals often shiver and bear the cold for several minutes until the heater kick starts its action to make the environment warm and fuzzy. Alpha Heater, despite its minuscule size, works even better than larger heaters and central heating systems. The advanced PTC ceramic elements heat up faster, and it takes about two minutes for the room to get warm and cozy. A warm and comfortable room means there are enhanced focuses and work efficiency.

Furthermore, the coverage area of the heat is vast, and the distribution is equal. It would ensure that even the farthest corners of the room are warm and no cold air lingers around.

Energy efficiency and environmental conservation is the need of the hour owing to the global changes taking place. Thus, modern electronics need to offer both these features. Alpha Heater conserves energy by reducing the electricity bill by over 30%.

Using heaters and air conditioning units usually harbor bacteria, mold, and dust. The presence of these elements often leads to aggravated allergies and several other health-related issues. Alpha Heater has nano filters that hinder the growth of these substances. They also play a crucial role in eliminating nasty odors and keeping the environment pleasant. 

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How to Use the Alpha Heater?

Alpha Heater is relatively easy to use. There are no complexities involved. However, it is often seen that users are skeptical regarding the usage of the portable Alpha Heater.

Prior to usage, Alpha Heater should be placed on a flat, even surface. It would ensure secure placement of the heater and prevent it from tipping or falling over. There is no involvement of a complex setup. Thus, one can straight away start using the Alpha Heater after placement.

To begin using the Alpha Heater, one needs to plug the Alpha Heater in the electrical socket. It is followed by activating the button to switch on the socket. The back power button puts the system into the ultimate working condition. Once this has been established, Alpha Heater is put into the desired functionality by setting a fan speed and timer. 

The adjustable fan speed allows one to have control over the heating. Setting up a timer allows having control over how long one wants the heater to run. An individual may either set up a timer for a few hours or set up no timer at all. In either case, the choice is based on individual requirements.  

Setting up and using an Alpha Heater is thus as easy as a piece of cake.

Where to Buy Alpha Heater?

The authentic Alpha Heater is available for purchase through the official website only. For authenticity and warranty purposes, it is highly recommended to purchase products from the official Alpha Heater website using this link. It also eliminates the chance of falling prey to counterfeit products. 

The popularity of Alpha Heaters has led to the rise of several counterfeit products. Thus, great care needs to be taken to ensure one does not end up purchasing such products. These products are neither up for a refund and not for a warranty. Visit the official website here to read the complete refund policy of the authentic Alpha Heater model.

Alpha Heater Pricing

The products manufactured by Alpha Heater are a testament that a product does not have to be overly priced to work efficiently. The reasonably priced Alpha Heater products work just as efficiently as the high-end products.

The official website offers several packages for the purchase of Alpha Heater. Presently the official website is offering promotions that slash the original price by 50%. 

Based on the current deals and packages, the price of Alpha Heater is as follows:

  • A single Alpha Heater is available for $49.95
  • The Two Alpha Heaters deal costs $47.45 each
  • The Three Alpha Heaters deal has a price tag of $44.96 each
  • The Four Alpha Heaters pack brings down the price of individual units up to $42.46 per unit 
  • The Epsilon deal includes five Alpha Heaters, each priced at $39.96

The per-unit price of Alpha Heater significantly goes down in the case of bulk purchases. However, it is advised to purchase only one unit at first to test if you genuinely like it or not. Other units can always be purchased if you are satisfied with your purchase. 

There are no additional or hidden costs on the purchase of Alpha Heaters. However, the customer has to pay for the delivery separately. It means that the price of the deals does not include delivery charges. An additional sum of $9.95 ought to be paid separately for each order. 

The payment method is relatively straightforward. One can either pay through PayPal or a credit card. The customer details and sensitive data are protected through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

Alpha Heater is a US-based company. The products are available for instant shipping. Although the local orders are shipped in 3 to 5 business days, the international orders may require a longer tie to be delivered. 

Alpha Heater Refund Policy

The manufacturers of Alpha Heater take great pride in their products. Bulletproof money-back guarantees with a validity of 30 days are a reflection of this pride and confidence. The 100% money-back guarantee also serves as a tremendous trust-building measure with the customers. It reflects the company’s mission of satisfying and valuing its customers over profits. Thus, it enhances customer satisfaction. It has also been proven that customers readily purchase items with a solid money-back guarantee.

There are specific terms and conditions applicable for exchange and refund. All these have been clearly demarcated on the official website of Alpha Heaters. Visit here to read the refund policy.

The refund policy is only valid for 30 days from the time of purchase. It is only offered on the products purchased from the official Alpha Heater website. Unfortunately, there is no exchange or return applicable on products purchased more than 30 days ago. Each refund request goes through systematic background and database check prior to approval. 

Gift cards, downloadable software for the Alpha Heater, and damaged products do not qualify for return and exchange. Only the unused and unopened products are valid for exchange and refund.

For exchange and return purposes, the products ought to be shipped back to the address provided by Alpha Heaters. However, the shipping and handling costs are solely the customers’ responsibility.  

Alpha Heater Customer Support 

A regular customer support service is the backbone of a company and genuinely enhances its goodwill. The customer support tea at Alpha Heater is highly responsive and available for the assistance of new and existing customers.

The customer support services are reachable through mail and phone on the addresses mentioned below:


Contact:+1 (866) 895-6759? 

Alpha Heater Reviews – The Final Verdict

According to the official website and as mentioned by several Alpha Heater reviews, this space heater has too many lucrative features to miss, and perhaps that is what compels the majority of the users to take a leap of faith and invest in purchasing this device. The ceramic heaters are widely known for their efficiency. Alpha Heater is no different. 

Alpha Heater seems like an excellent purchase for those who cannot afford to invest heavily in a heating system, particularly the central heating system. The Alpha Heater works better than all other competitors. Furthermore, the Alpha Heater uses just as much electricity as a hairdryer. It means that in the long term, the running cost is significantly reduced.

In a household with pets and children where conventional heaters are a significant safety threat. The Alpha Heater can be used for its enhanced safety features.

Several potential buyers are skeptical, however, the innumerable affirmative Alpha Heater reviews are enough to satisfy the skepticism of such individuals. After thoroughly putting the Alpha Heater to use, one can conclude that it is a worthwhile investment and offers total yield to all users. There’s a refund policy in place for unsatisfied consumers.

The Alpha Heaters are quickly running out of stock from the official website due to the attractive sales and features. Book your Alpha Heater today to get the total yield of the new heating appliance in town

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