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Are you in a lifestyle rut? If so, you’re familiar with the feeling that something needs to change for the better. For many working adults, this kind of a rut is an advance warning that full-scale burnout is just around the corner. The good news is that there are dozens of strategies for creating positive, transformative change. 

People from all walks of life discover a new sense of freedom by starting a company and going to work for themselves. Others choose to earn a graduate degree in their chosen field of study. The best choice is whatever works for you. Perhaps all it takes to turn things around is making a commitment to help the less fortunate, learning a second language, or finally taking those piano lessons you’ve been putting off for years. Consider the following strategies for digging yourself out of a lifestyle rut and creating a more invigorating, interesting life.

Work for Yourself

One reason entrepreneurship is on the rise is that it’s so empowering. If you have a keen interest and ability for a particular field of business, like resume writing, financial planning, or helping artists sell their works, consider starting a company of your own and making a go of it. To maximize the chance of financial success, remember to write a detailed business plan first and include prospective financial statements for at least two years into the future. Then, when you approach lenders and investors, you’ll have something concrete to show them and will have a much better shot at getting funded. Also think about ways to stay productive while working from home once you become your own boss you may find it hard to stay on task at first with nobody to answer to. 

Go to Grad School

Unfortunately, far too many people overlook graduate school because they assume that it costs too much, or they can’t get financing. While prices for post-graduate degrees can be substantial, most schools charge reasonable tuition rates. This is especially true if you opt for online study. Rates at state schools, for example, are quite competitive and represent an excellent return on investment. Holders of graduate degrees tend to earn more, have access to many more jobs, and often excel at solo entrepreneurship. If you decide that grad school is for you, seek out a reputable private lender. Obtaining student loans from a private source comes with multiple advantages, like flexible terms and sensible rates.

Devote Time to a Charitable Organization

You can keep your current job and do something positive for the community by volunteering a few hours of your time each week to a worthy cause. Many local social service agencies will be glad to use your skills and enthusiasm to do things like help new immigrants get settled into their new homes, tutor disadvantaged children in basic math, and spend time conversing with elderly folks who have few personal contacts.

Acquire a New Skill

Sign up for a beginning language class in Spanish, French, or German. Learning a second language stimulates the brain and is a fun way to meet new people. Or, take instrument lessons on piano, guitar, or clarinet. Adults who take on the challenge of a second language or musical instrument add a whole new layer of excitement to their lives and never regret making an effort.

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