Top 3 Movies Recorded in New Orleans

Walking the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, is unique. We easily fall in love with architecture, history, and the people. Indeed, New Orleans has its style and breaks the American cities that we are used to. Walking through its streets is fascinating, and those looking for a different trip can explore the plantations and the swamp region, both excellent day trip options. And for those who are movie fans, we have separated three movies shot in the city. You can enjoy and prepare for your trip or do a marathon.

1. Mississippi Grind

And nothing better than starting the topic with a good gambling movie. For those interested in casinos and who like to see it in the film, then you’ll love Mississippi Grind. The film tells the story of Gerry, a poker player with financial difficulties, who meets Curtis, a younger, talented and charismatic player. The two characters go together to the championship in New Orleans. 

Gerry (Ben Mendelsohn) and Curtis (Ryan Reynolds) occasionally meet over a night out at the green table and end up developing a kind of friendship despite their differences. Gerry, older, is closed, severe, and appears to be a loner whose defeat is evident in his face. Curtis is young, relaxed, and seems to care more about the fun the game provides than the money he wins or loses.

Interested? So we’ll tell you a little more about this movie that adds to a series of classic films whose names refer to famous places in the United States, which attract players from all over the country, such as California Split, The Cincinnati Kid, and Atlantic City. 

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Veteran players are usually superstitious, and Gerry realizes that he’s always lucky when he’s with Curtis in any kind of game. Bankrupt and pursued by creditors, he decides to quit his job as a realtor and propose to his new friend a trip to Mississippi, where a big poker tournament will take place. Thus, the pair hits the road and continues betting at all game points until the final destination. The movie tells a journey from Iowa to New Orleans, passing through Saint Louis, Memphis, and Little Rock, pursuing a skewed American dream.

2. Now You See Me

Now You See Me is an American thriller released in 2013, directed by Louis Leterrier. The film seeks to mix a new world where entertainment with magic, illusionism, mentalism, and hypnotism are combined with theft and persecution.

A movie of action, suspense, and magic tricks. At which the beginning of the film are the presentations of the main characters, showing the skills of each highlighted. After the performances, these four magicians are invited to join a secret “organization” aiming to make money from the big ones and distribute it to the poor, in the same style as Robin Hood.

The plot will involve you in the beginning with each character’s magic tricks without delving too deeply into their story. But in the first appearance of the 4 Knights together, making a big show, they inform that they will carry out a big robbery that will happen in their next front, so the FBI starts a chase to try to arrest them, and the movie at this point begins to have more action involving chase, suspense, and more, guiding the viewer to the end of the story with a twist.

3. Interview With The Vampire

Last but not least, let’s go to the classics. Starting from an evening interview in San Francisco in the early 1990s, we soon move to a first-person flashback narrative that began in the New Orleans area in 1791. Weare introduced to a large farm full of enslaved people and French-American property. The feature is from 1994 and was based on the homonymous book by writer Anne Rice. Directed by Neil Jordan and scripted by Anne Rice herself, Interview with the Vampire begins with the reporter’s (Christian Slater) interview with vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac (Brad Pitt). We get to know the story of Louis’ life through flashbacks, where the vampire Lestat de Lioncourt (Tom Cruise) also appears, primarily responsible for several events.

In the very first scenes, the handsome Louis (Brad Pitt), mounted on horseback, tells us of his misadventures, as a widower at age 24, whose only child died with his mother at the time of childbirth and who now, therefore, yearns for death, decay, and suffering.

Because Louis cries out for death, she seeks him out as the vampire Lestat (Tom Cruise). Both live a life of adventure in a story of love, jealousy, and intrigue. The film is a real experience and known as a classic as well as being an acting show.


We love getting to know, even from a distance, New Orleans. The most exciting thing about the films is that they take us to new places, new landscapes, and a new universe. That’s why we gather here films that take place at different times, so we get to know more about each place and their stories.

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