Progressive DA Jason Williams Endorses Susan Hutson for Sheriff

District Attorney Jason Williams endorses Susan Hutson for Sheriff at a press conference on Friday, Nov. 19, 2021. Photo courtesy of Jason Williams

Throughout her campaign for sheriff, Susan Hutson has drawn comparisons to New Orleans District Attorney Jason Williams thanks to their similar backgrounds in criminal advocacy. Now she has earned his endorsement.

“I was elected District Attorney to help usher in a new era of justice in New Orleans,” Williams said. “A new era dedicated to making families safer, correcting the sins of the past, and transforming how the criminal legal system operates to get better results. That is why I could not stay silent and am endorsing Susan Hutson for Sheriff.”

In recent attacks against Hutson, incumbent Marlin Gusman has stated that Hutson’s campaign has been backed by people from outside New Orleans. Friday’s announcement seemed to be a pushback against that. Williams is a popular figure in New Orleans who served two terms as a member of the City Council before winning the race for District Attorney against Keva Landrum.

“My opponent’s latest attack is that my campaign is fueled by outsiders. Well, last I checked y’all live in New Orleans,” Hutson said to dozens of supporters standing with her.

Hutson also pushed back against the current jail expansion being pushed by Gusman. “Before you ask to spend more money expanding a jail that already has too many beds, maybe you should figure out how to deal with the derelict properties that you already have,” Hutson said from her podium in front of a city-owned abandoned jail in Mid-City.

Williams is only the latest in a host of community leaders who support Hutson. Other key endorsements include:

  • Dr. Anita Zervigon-Hakes, New Orleans Coalition Founder Member
  • Ben Zucker, Step Up for Action Co-Director
  • Bruce Reilly, Voters Organized to Educate Deputy Director
  • Jon Wool, Vera Institute of Justice New Orleans former Founding Director
  • Justin Hartley, President of the College of Democrats of Louisiana
  • Lynda Woolard, Former Statewide Field Director for Unanimous Jury Coalition
  • Maria Harmon, Step Up for Action Co-Director
  • Mariah Moore, Award-Winning Social Justice Advocate
  • Meg Garvey, Public Defender
  • Norris Henderson, PAC for Justice Co-Chair
  • Sade Dumas, PAC for Justice Co-Chair
  • Vincenzo Pasquantonio, Founding Director of the City of New Orleans Office of Human Rights and Equity
  • Yasin Frank Southall, Affordable Housing and Criminal Justice Reform Organizer


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