5 Smart Ideas on How to Use Your Male Marijuana Plants

If you have a marijuana garden and your marijuana plants are beginning to flower, it’s time to remove the male marijuana plants. You know, if you leave them in there, they may wipe out the females. Plus, you also risk having hermaphrodites. When there are hermaphrodites, they can pollinate your entire garden, rendering everything useless. 

Creating and maintaining your cannabis garden takes a lot of work. Not only do you have to tend to your garden frequently, but you have to stay on top of when the plants start flowering. Veriheal has an excellent article on how to tell the gender of a cannabis plant to follow as you tend to your garden. 

The bottom line is you don’t want the male plants to thrive. So, yes, you must get rid of them to cultivate marijuana seeds from this shop. But, you may be wondering what you can do with the male plants after extracting them from your garden. 

It turns out there are a lot of ways not to let the male plants go to waste. So here are a few ways you can use your male marijuana plants. Because using them for other purposes is much better than just throwing them out!

1. Use Them to Create Hemp Fiber

Since male plants have firm stalks, it just so happens they’re perfect for making hemp fiber. Believe it or not, but male plants can create delicate fabrics like tablecloths. If you’ve felt a hemp fiber tablecloth or clothing before, then you know what we mean. 

Making hemp fiber is not an easy hobby to undertake. But imagine how cool it’d be to tell your guests that you used male marijuana plants from your garden to make your tablecloth! Now that’d be a fun conversation starter! 

2. Produce Raw Juice 

Another way to take advantage of your male marijuana plants is by making raw juice. 

With raw juice, you can still enjoy the pharmacological benefits without getting high. That’s pretty great, considering you would have originally thrown out the plants! 

Plus, male plants also contain vitamins like calcium, zinc, potassium, iron, and fiber! So, if you’re looking to enjoy the health benefits of male plants, drink up! 

When juicing male plants, follow the same steps as you would when juicing female marijuana plants. During the juicing process, use everything on the plant except for the tough stalks. The fibrous stalks have more chlorophyll, which will make your juice very bitter. 

And the whole point of juicing is to enjoy the process and later, the taste of your juice! 

3. Use Them to Improve Your Garden 

If you’re tired of having pests in your garden, integrating male marijuana plants may be the solution! Farmers have used male plants to keep the pests at bay for many, many years. 

Besides keeping the pests away, the roots from male plants soften up the soil. Not only that, they increase the water flow and thus, adding to a healthy garden. 

Remember, though; you don’t want them anywhere near your female marijuana plants. But putting them near other plants is beneficial. Before replanting them in another garden, though, be sure to do some research. 

4. Make Edibles 

With female plant edibles, you get a long-lasting high due to a lot of THC. But with male marijuana plants, you get a mild high. So, if you’re looking to start easily without going into a full-blown high, you may want to make some edibles.

Many edible recipes are available on the web, so hop to it and make some delicious edibles! 

5. Make More Potent THC and CBD 

Using this gardening technique is not for the faint of heart, as it requires careful monitoring of your garden. But, if you become a skilled gardener and have the time, you may want to try it. 

Researchers have begun to use male marijuana plants to increase the CBD in female plants. We know that the main advice is to keep male marijuana plants away, which is mainly true. 

But using what’s called silver thiosulfate, you can induce male flowers on a female. Following this process makes marijuana more potent. 

There are a lot of steps involved, so you should visit this article for more information. But after getting the technique down, you should be able to create a second-generation plant. With this second-generation plant, you’ll have more CBD and THC than you would extract from female plants. 


While it’s common to toss out male marijuana plants, we would encourage you to pause before doing so. It’s exciting to find out that instead of letting them go to waste, there’s a host of ways to benefit them! 

Whether creating edibles or keeping pests away from your garden, male plants are far from useless. 

Despite their usefulness, always remember to keep them far away from female plants. Male plants are capable of finding female plants, even at a distance. So it would help if you took care to keep them in a separate gardening bed. 

Moving forward, instead of tossing male plants, put them to work. You’ll no doubt be thankful you took the time to transform them into hemp fiber and more!

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