Accessorize the Perfect Beach-wear Using These Five Tips

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Are you running out of ideas to accessorize the perfect beachwear? Well, we have a few tips to share that will help you with your outfit!

It’s not always that you get to spend your summer holidays at the beach, so, accessorizing your beachwear is just as important as relaxing and letting loose. These days women are becoming increasingly conscious of their appearance given the numerous praiseworthy ‘Outfit of the Day’ posts one comes across on social media. 

It is only natural to follow the ongoing trend in trying not to be left out from the joy of unleashing your inner “Fashionista”! 

It’s easy to get confused in the whole process of matching every accessory with your outfit, but it doesn’t have to be so tiresome because you probably have what it needs to make your outfit stand out. Sometimes these accessories are basic items lying around your home. 

It is up to you to get creative and mix and match as per your aesthetic. Read on to know a few tips on how you can accessorize your beachwear, let’s get started:

Beach Towels

It is one of the most overlooked accessories but is also essential to complete your swimwear. After swimming, you will need a towel to protect your skin when lying on the hot sand. Why not go for a personalized one that will serve the purpose of protection, comfort, and style? 

These towels can be funky, and complement your outfit when used as a backdrop for taking pictures of your summer reading, picnic basket, or cans of roses. You can give monogram beach towels a try if such colorful accessories pique your interest. You can customize these towels by highlighting the initials of your name, maybe a pattern or design that you like. It all depends on what appeals to you and how you can adjust it to suit your style, preference, and liking.


Although it is an obvious accessory it is essential to protect your eyes from sunlight and to accessorize your outfit. There are a variety of sunglasses available from Dark Cat-Woman sunglasses, to multicolored Aviator sunglasses that are a timeless, classic addition to your collection of eyewear. Select one that perfectly harmonizes with the shape of your face. Take this opportunity to pick a sunglass that is trendy yet protective.


Everyone loves to add statement jewelries in their accessories, given that it accentuates the beachwear and changes the vibe of the outfit. There are many ways to accessorize as various options are available. You can wear layered beaded necklaces, dangling earrings, simple yet classy rings, anklets, and a matching bracelet to go with it. 

It is best to wear costume jewelry to the beach since it won’t discolor or rust. You may also choose oxidized gold, and silver ornaments for occasions at night that will last long enough for you to wear on most of your trips.


You will certainly need a bag to carry your valuable belongings, but it doesn’t have to be boring and too large to carry. Go for a bag that is compact but has enough space to carry everything you’ll need. Different types of bags are available to pair with your beachwear, choose one that is more ethnic, and has an earthy feel to it like jute, cotton, or bags made of rope. 

These bags are found in all shapes and sizes if you are looking for a Bohemian and chic look. Fancy bags that have leather finishing, embellishments, and too many zippers are not always user-friendly, therefore, should be avoided to eliminate the possibility of damaging them. Choose a bag that can be used during the day while you’re at the beach, and also when having a candlelight dinner. This will help in taking less space in your luggage as you will be packing light. Check out Apostl tan leather baby bag that is spacious enough to be used for an outdoor occasion.


Choosing the right footwear is important to ensure its longevity at the beach, as well as protecting the delicate sole of your feet. At times, looks take precedence over comfort when pairing your favorite shoe with your outfit. Try not to compromise your comfort over temporary trends. Flat sandals or even flip-flops work fine, as it allows you to safely walk on the beach filled with broken glasses, sea shells, and toys left behind by kids. 

There are various types of flat sandals that you can choose from like Gladiator shoes, sandal shoes, waterproof pumps, depending on your style and preference. However, if you need to walk frequently to grab lunch or snacks, then going for a casual flat shoe suitable for rough use is recommended.

It is easy and even natural to get carried away experimenting with different ways to style and accessorize your beachwear when everyone tirelessly looks for ways to out-dress one another. It might even get overwhelming at some point when going with the flow, therefore try not to go overboard when keeping up with popular trends. Not everyone prefers dressing up as if there is a photoshoot every day. 

You might even feel like you’re falling behind, but fashion doesn’t have to be burdensome, it should be something you enjoy and are comfortable in. Therefore, going for accessories that look best is always better. 


You don’t have to compromise on comfort to look stylish. Instead of religiously following social media influencers, you can come up with your idea of accessorizing with what you already have that will be unique and doesn’t require much effort. 

No need to take the joy out of dressing your best, rather don’t let it get to your head. Happy swimming!  

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