What Happens When You Really Learn About Wine?

Are you one of those people who is happy to drink wine, but basically has no idea how it works? It’s common enough, but few people feel any need to do anything about it and instead remain living in blissful ignorance. If you do want to learn more, you might start by trying to find wine tasting events in Melbourne where you can experience different wines that you don’t regularly purchase, how to appreciate them, what to look for in good wine, and more.

But why bother? If you enjoy wine, isn’t that enough? There are actually many great things that start to happen when you open up and try to learn more about wine.

You Gain More Confidence

One very interesting and useful side-effect about being knowledgeable about wine is that you can become a more confident and assertive person. So many people pretend and act like they are wine connoisseurs when they actually know little to nothing. You can try to get by like that, if you want, but having genuine knowledge and skill can boost your confidence in multiple ways.

While that confidence can help you in other areas of life, too, it also becomes a practical thing when it comes to ordering wine in restaurants or selecting wines in a store. You can know more about what you’re looking for: grape, region, vineyard and more. You’ll never be intimidated by a wine shelf, a wine list, or a sommelier ever again!

Wine Will Taste Better

People do say that the best things in life are an acquired taste. The same is true of wine, but the key thing is being able to know and differentiate between the different tastes, scents and other fascinating secrets that each bottle holds. The more knowledge you gain, the higher and more accurate the level on which you’ll be able to enjoy wine. 

In addition, part of the pleasure is unlocking secrets that have always been there in wine but that you’ve never known before. It’s like discovering there’s a whole storey on your house that you didn’t know was there.

Friends Will Ask You for Help

One very nice and positive effect of wine knowledge on your social life is that people start to look to you for advice, recommendations, gift ideas and support on choosing wines for different things. They might be planning a dinner party, or buying a gift for someone. Your knowledge of wine empowers you to help friends in these situations, and even pass that knowledge and understanding to them so they can feel bolder and more confident with wine, too.

A World of Wine Opens Up

Australian wines are great, but if you only drink wine from Australia because it’s “what you like” or “what you know” then you’re really limiting yourself. Similar things happen in countries where wine isn’t a major product like the UK, where people come to think that only France produces good wine. It’s a narrow, parochial and unfortunate way to enjoy wine.

With a bit of knowledge and insight, you start to see amazing bottles from New Zealand, Germany, South Africa, Chile, Italy, the US and beyond. Many emerging economies are also up and coming in the wine production field. When you know what makes wine really good, you can start to see how it’s achieved in different parts of the world.

Food Will Taste Better

You’ll never have to pay for the privilege of a sommelier to recommend wine to go with your dinner. When you’re at home, you can elevate your home cooking with wine pairings that will show your loved ones that food can be enjoyed on a whole other level.

Wine knowledge is therefore a ticket to a better life in so many ways!

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