Polished Concrete Flooring: Why is it the New Design Trend of 2021?

It’s becoming increasingly popular to employ materials that are both stylish and low-maintenance in today’s homes. Polished concrete floors are becoming increasingly popular as a long-term design option because of their durability and aesthetic diversity. Even though concrete has always been an appealing material to work with, the trend is booming in 2021. If you are unsure about using concrete flooring, schedule free consultation with professionals for expert advice.

Polished concrete floors are the design trend of 2021; here are some reasons why.

They Have A Classy Appearance

It’s becoming increasingly common to see polished concrete floors on the list of alternatives when it comes to remodeling or improving your interior spaces. A polished concrete floor may be used as a background for most design trends, and the thermal conductivity of concrete makes it ideal for radiant floor heating systems.

Light-reflective properties are one reason why polished concrete floors have become so popular. They can range from a slight glow to full-blown shine, depending on the homeowner’s desire. A polished concrete floor is a good alternative if you have an industrial-looking property and want to give it a more contemporary vibe.

Easy to Setup, Clean, and Maintain

Once polished concrete flooring is installed, the only maintenance required is daily sweeping to remove dust and occasional mopping to clean up liquid spills. Don’t be scared to use this sort of flooring in regions with a lot of foot activity because of its material features. 

It’s also worth noting that concrete floors made using Niche Polished Concrete are exceedingly difficult to accidental damages. There will be no detrimental impact on the concrete floor’s appearance from scratches, dents, or chips since the polished sheen obscures them.

The Life Expectancy of Polished Concrete Floors is Very Long

There are several advantages to polished concrete flooring in high-traffic areas indoors. The fact that it doesn’t require extensive maintenance for years if it’s properly cared for is one example. Polished concrete provides excellent moisture resistance and abrasion resistance if the sealing and finishing touches are done correctly.

Additionally, concrete flooring does not necessitate the use of any hazardous chemicals or adhesives during installation or regular cleaning. For a decade, you can be assured that your flooring will be as durable as classic alternatives like carpet or wood laminate. Polished concrete floors are an excellent option if you’re concerned about employing ecologically friendly products in your house.

Concrete flooring, contrary to common thought, maybe a fashionable and vibrant addition to a home’s interior. Your family’s bare feet can benefit from a combination of polished concrete floors and carpets in your home’s communal areas, such as the living room or dining room. Until recently, we’d connect this sturdy material with outdoor spaces like garages, patio, or basements, but its flexibility and low maintenance have finally captured people’s attention.

Add A Rounded Border To A Unit

When it comes to bathrooms, concrete comes into its own since it can be molded into any shape, even sinks. It’s a simple way to add a splash of color to your bathroom without having to remodel the entire space.

So, it won’t be wrong to say that polished concrete can add a vintage touch to your space without digging a hole in your pocket. What else would you want?

When and Where to Use Concrete in Your Home Décor?

Concrete may be used in many other places throughout the house, not simply the garage or basement. You may use this flooring in various rooms of the house to give it a trendy versatility:

  • Instead of the typical ceramic tile, use concrete-looking tile in the bathroom. Adding a touch of elegance and modernity to a bathroom is as simple as using this material. Bathroom rugs and towels with softer textures, such as cotton, may make contemporary bathrooms seem more like spas.
  • Countertops made of concrete are ideal. It is a wonderful countertop material for bathrooms and kitchens because of its long-lasting qualities. Concrete lends itself well to modern and industrial-inspired home designs because of its rugged appearance.
  • Almost every area in your house would benefit from the addition of concrete walls and floors. It is possible to stain or paint this material in any color you like. Using concrete to create slightly textured walls is a great method to give a space a basic and clean look because of its longevity.
  • As a result of its versatility, concrete is a great option for decorating since it can be formed into any shape. Add heft to space by making bowls, candleholders, or even pendant lamp shades from concrete.

Wrapping Up!

In 2021 and beyond, concrete appearance flooring is expected to be a hot trend because of its versatility and long-term durability. This material may be used in a wide variety of ways in the design of your next home. Bathroom flooring, countertops, and bespoke sinks are just some of the many uses for concrete.

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