2021 Election Watch: New Orleans City Council Race Results

Credit: Wikimedia Creative Commons

Four city council seats have been decided in tonight’s election, with several upsets:

Photo courtesy of the Leslie Harris campaign

In District B, entertainment lawyer Lesli Harris defeated incumbent Jay Banks in a stunning upset. Harris claimed 56.6% of the vote to Banks’ 43.4%. Only a fifth of District B voters showed up for the runoff.

Photo courtesy Freddie King III, Facebook

In District C, Freddie King III has defeated Stephanie Bridges, claiming 62.1% of the vote to Bridges’ 37.9%.

Photo courtesy of Eugene Green Campaign

In an incredibly close race in District D, Eugene Green defeated Troy Glover by only 60 votes. Only 23 percent – less than one quarter – of that district’s voters turned out.

Photo courtesy of the Oliver Thomas Campaign

Finally, in District E, Big Easy Magazine predicts that Oliver Thomas has defeated incumbent Cyndi Nguyen. As of 10:30pm, Thomas held 56.6 percent of the votes to Nguyen’s 43.4% with 98% of the votes reported.

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