5 Most Coveted Items From Apple Mystery Boxes

Themysterybox.org, as one of the legit websites, did not think twice to put apple items to their mystery boxes when it comes to mystery boxes. Themysterybox.org knows that people are really into Apple items. That is why they include it in their objects of mystery. Some cannot buy their Apple items because of the prices, but because of the mystery box, customers get a lot of chances to win an Apple item for just $10.

Mysterybox.org offers different bundles and sets of apple items, including Apple Box that costs $9 above, giving you a chance to win items like apple mac pro, Apple MacBooks, and other things. Also, the apple premium box that costs $30 above. When you go to Apple Premium, all the Apple items you are looking for can be found there. You will find all the new up-to-date apple items from watches to phones, from phones to iPad, and more things that you did not know you could find in themysterybox.org. All the apple accessories you are looking for can be found, and nothing will leave the side sad because they do not like the offer the themysterybox.org gives to the customers. You can avail yourself of a mystery box that is just one item and a package that offers you a set of the bundle. But of course, one thing to bundle has a different price. 

Who would not like to win an Apple Item at a very affordable price? No one. That is why mysterybox.org is giving you the best you can have. In the $10 per mystery box you open, remember that the discounts, promos, and codes are not yet included, so you can open a box for a much lower price than usual, especially when you are a consistent customer and a VIP.

Here are the most coveted apple mystery box items that will shock you because you will never think that you can have a chance to win those pricey apple items.

  1. Apple iMac Pro – In real shops, it cost around $5,998.00, but in themysterybox.org, you can get it for just $10 above, without hassle going out. You can see the difference between the price in the actual shop and the offer of themysterybox.org.
  2. Apple Watch costs $2,464.00 in shops, but you can get it at $10 above.
  3. iPhone 12 pro – It costs $1,100.00 in shops, but you can get it at $5 above. Who does not like having an iPhone 12 pro for a better quality phone when it comes to taking pictures and all the features of the iPhone have?
  4. New Apple iPad pro -In shops, it costs around $1,487.00, but in themysterybox.org, you can get it for $6 above.
  5. Apple 32 inch pro – It cost $6,449.00, this is one of the most expensive items Apple offers to people, but in themysterybox.org, you can avail of it for just $30 above. 

Maybe this is your lucky chance to win everything that Apple Items offers. Many customers already win Apple items, and perhaps you are one of them.

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