5 Dares to Text Your Partner to Spice Things Up

Unexpected steamy messages are the perfect way to spice up a relationship. It does not matter if you have just got together or if you have been together for a long time. Flirting is a great way to keep things alive between you and your partner. If you are looking for an original way to turn your significant other on, you might want to try texting one another a few spicy dares!

From requesting a naughty photo to revealing interesting fantasies, you have a huge number of dares to choose from that you can send in a text message. If it sounds like something that you would like to surprise your partner with, take a minute and read our list of six dares that you can send your partner to spice things up!

Sending a Naughty Picture

The first thing that you can do to surprise your partner is to send a suggestive picture of yourself. It does not have to be explicit, but it should not be cute and innocent. If you are not comfortable with taking nude pictures, do not worry about it! Being partially nude/wearing something that makes you feel sexy is more than enough. Your partner will love the fact that you decided to send something so personal and intimate. In fact, your partner might be eager to return the favor!

After you send your lover a picture of yourself, you can ask for your partner’s opinion on it. If you want to start with something sexy, here is a message that you can send! “I sent you a picture. What do you think about it?” If you want to play along with the naughty vibe, feel free to go with something else. “I got myself in the mood, what are you going to do about it?”

Describing What You Want to Do

If you want to come across as confident and the one who is in control, tell your partner what you want to do to them if they were right in front of you. You can type something like this: “I bet I could teach you how to use cock ring gear” or share a link to www.siliconwives.com or another sex shop, depending on your preferences, to browse adult toys together. The key here is to imagine being in a particular situation and paint an interesting picture in your partner’s mind.

On the other hand, you could get your partner to be in control. What would your partner want to do to you if you were in a room together? Encourage your partner to be verbal and straightforward about their desires. Let them go for it, ask them to elaborate on specific things, and do not be afraid to tease them!

Revealing an Interesting Fantasy

If you feel particularly confident, you can use it as an opportunity to express your deepest desires. All you have to do is say that you have a fantasy and proceed with describing what it is that turns you on. If you do not know whether your partner will approve of your fantasy, you can say that you just want your partner’s body, touch, and voice. You can talk about specific fantasies later!

Describing an Ideal Scenario

Another great idea for a steamy text message is to ask your partner to describe an ideal scenario. For instance, imagine that you are watching TV, cuddling under a blanket. What would you want to do to one another in such a situation? It is an easy way to discover what your partner wants. If you end up liking the scenario that you/your partner described, you can use your text messages as a source of inspiration and bring a spicy fantasy to life!

Making Plans for the Weekend

If you want to do something interesting on the weekend, why not dare your partner to come up with something? If you are feeling particularly sexy, you can suggest doing something naughty. For example, you could make out in the back of the movie theater. Such a dare can help maintain the excitement and chemistry between you without being over-the-top and intimidating your partner.

In Conclusion

You can spice up your relationship in a quick and easy way by texting your partner a few interesting dares. For instance, you could ask your partner for a naughty picture and encourage your partner to reveal an interesting fantasy. The only limit here is your imagination!

If you feel too shy to come up with something spicy on your own, you can use the ideas listed here. If you want to, you can look for inspiration on adult-themed discussion boards. With time and practice, you should be able to come up with spicy dares on your own!

To sum up, do not be afraid to try interesting things together – be open, experiment, and talk about your fantasies. It will help keep your relationship exciting, as well as help you work on the way you communicate with one another!

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