5 Kinds Of Horse Care You’ve Never Thought Of

Whether you are a first time horse owner or are looking to enhance your knowledge around all things horse, there is so much to learn. To help you stay on top of daily care and maintain a healthy and happy horse, we’ve pulled together an overarching 5 step guide to ongoing care to give you a starting point.

1. Maintaining body temperature

Whatever the weather, keep your horse comfortable during all by having the best quality horse rugs to hand. As the cold, winter months come round, providing an extra layer of warmth with fleece rugs is a great way to retain the bodies warmth underneath their existing rug. When your horse is brought in for the night, switch to a stable rug to keep them cosy during the chilly nights for maximum comfort. Once the milder weather comes round, a lightweight turnout rug will keep your horse protected from UV rays, dirt and insects without overheating their body. A fly sheet is also effective in the height of summer for keeping biting insects such as flies and mosquitos at bay, minimising the risk of diseases.

2. Establishing a diet plan

The dietary needs of your horse will differ depending on their age, weight and activity levels. Many horse owners provide their horse with grain on a daily basis, with added supplements where needed, as well as pasture. As well as this, grazing is an important part of a horse’s diet, making up the majority of their food intake so ensure it is available throughout the day. As well as feed, ensure your horse has continuous access to clean, fresh water which is available at all times.

3. Keep a clean and tidy stable

Whether you use hay or shavings as a base, keeping on top of the stable maintenance is important. Any damp or soiled patches should be removed on a daily basis and a complete bedding change should be undertaken weekly. Without staying on top of maintenance, it can attract pests and become a breeding ground for bacteria which may lead to health issues.

4. Keep up with grooming

Especially for those who spend their day outdoors, mud can be an ongoing battle for horse owners. Daily grooming is necessary to prevent a build-up of dust, dirt and excess hair, so use a body brush to prevent build up and remove excess hair to maintain a neat and tidy coat. To keep the mane in great condition, use a mane comb and horse shampoo to avoid matting and keep it looking lovely and healthy.

5. Professional health care

Spot any potential health concerns early before they have the chance to worsen, keeping an eye out when you are grooming. As you brush their body, look out for any new wounds, bites or injuries which seem unusual and could lead to further complications. Their legs are prone to injuries so pay particular attention to these as any injuries can worsen rapidly, requiring urgent medical attention instantly.

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