Discover the Casino Life of New Orleans

If you are looking for a fun time, there’s a good chance you can find it in New Orleans. The bright and sunny Nola is home to an assortment of brilliant ideas for entertainment. The casino world is a strong part of this, with the Louisiana city enjoying plenty of options for a memorable trip to the tables. 

History of Casinos in New Orleans 

Gambling has been popular for centuries in the New Orleans area, although it was only officially legalized in the 1990s

Prior to that betting on games of chance was very much an underground pleasure because it was against local state law. The exception to this was betting on horseraces at stadiums, which has been popular since the 1920s. 

1991 saw Louisiana vote that up to 15 local riverboat casinos could do business on local city waterways. The state lottery was also introduced in the same year. 

Soon after that bricks and mortar casinos and video poker machines were also free to trade.

Today, the casino scene is rapidly changing thanks to new technology and online opportunities. Travelers to New Orleans and locals alike can play online casino in comfort wherever they are. 

Famous Casinos to Check Out in New Orleans

The casino scene in New Orleans is well known throughout the world for its vivacious love of life and glamourous settings. Each of the following casinos aims to offer visitors a real taste of the Nola good life in vivid style. 

Harrah’s Casino and Hotel is based on Canal Street in the Convention Center near the French Quarter and is within easy reach of some of the city’s brightest tourist hot spots. 

The casino delivers a fantastic array of impressive gaming experiences. Visitors can try their hand at the casino’s over 2,000 slot machines and 100 table games. There is also a dedicated poker room.

The site also offers top-class restaurants and a host of comfortable hotel options for rest and accommodation. There is even a nightclub to ensure the fun doesn’t have to stop. 

Sometimes referred to as the official casino of the state, Harrah’s is a great place to check out for gamers planning a trip to Nola. 

While Harrah’s is certainly the biggest venue in town, another excellent option for gaming is offered by Boomtown Casino New Orleans

The casino provides gamers with a satisfying bounty of 1,500 slots, more than 30 table games and seven poker tables. It is open 24/7 to ensure fun and spectacle whenever its guests want to play. 

As well as this, the venue also provides stand-out dining options including five restaurants. These include the Bayou Market Buffet, which serves up fresh and local seafood and culinary delights.

The casino is an easy drive away at 13 miles outside the city. It is a sure-fire bet for a fun slice of exciting Big Easy style entertainment. 

New Orleans – A Treat for Tourists 

New Orleans is central to many famous casino spots for tourists to enjoy.

New Orleans is perfectly positioned to provide tourists with a wide variety of fantastic experiences. Casino lovers looking to take in the natural setting of the local landscape could check out the impressive scenery of Lake Pontchartrain. Located 15 miles from New Orleans, the area is home to the international airport. 

One of the city’s other famous casinos, the Treasure Chest Casino can also be found on the lakeland.  Home to an impressive assembly of slot machines, guests looking to play hands of poker, blackjack and roulette can also find their game on the tables. Open all day and night, visitors to the casino can play for as long as they like. The Treasure Island Buffet and Café also provides tasty local delicacies 24/7.

Sports and gambling history combines colorfully at the New Orleans Fair Grounds Race Course and Slots. The third oldest race track in the USA provides visitors with everything they could desire for a fun trip to the races. A wealth of comfortable seating options is offered within the stadium grandstand, with covered or outdoor facilities. 

Excellent dining options are available in the clubhouse, which is also the venue for some of New Orleans most famous entertainments; music. The Fair Grounds is the location for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. 

With a wide range of slot machines and video casino games available to play at the site, it is the perfect combination of sports betting and casino play. The fact that it has a history of fine dining, music and culture only adds to the fun! 

New Orleans is one of the most exciting places to visit for any number of reasons. The sights, the sounds, the natural beauty, the dedication to delicious enjoyments make it a stunning place to experience. 

For anyone looking to explore the casino life of the city, there are excellent venues to visit and experience. The variety of dazzling casino experiences is sure evidence of just how well the city has adapted to the changing demands of the gaming industry. When wrapped up within the city’s tourist highlights, NOLA provides a treat for travelers every time.

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