How is Deep Wave Hair Different from the Water Wave Hair?

Elegance is all the ladies need in the hair, and that could only be possible by taking healthy hair treatments and using costly branded shampoos and conditioners. Curly and wavy virgin hair is very famous in African women as they love to wear them, but it is also a fact that these are of different types with small differences. The most popular is the deep wave hair, and the water wave hair both look similar in their pattern, but surely they have distinctive features.

 If you are curious to know the difference between them, read the remaining article!

Water Wave Hair 

These hair extensions are very sleek in design and smoothly flow like water with equally distant effortless waves. It has large curls that are fluffy at the roots and a natural fit with the scalp by giving the most realistic look. 

Reasons to Choose Water Wave Hair 

  • It is easy to maintain, just like natural hair. Washing it once a week with shampoo is sufficient, and using the hair mask and applying the conditioner makes it more smooth, and the gel application keeps it in its place.
  • It lasts up to 4 to 6 months, and the customers never complain about the quality. 
  • Gives the ladies the most amazing wavy hair pattern; hence they can give a new look by making different styles with this naturally mimicking hair. 
  • Prevents the scalp and the hair from pollution and regular washing.

Features of Water Wave Hair 

  • It retains its shape and quality for up to 1 year. 
  • Looks 100% virgin hair with zero shedding. 
  • Comes in different bundles and all styles and color patterns. 
  • Similar to Brazilian and African American natural hair to fit the ladies perfectly. 
  • Curls are not uni-directional.

Deep Wave Hair 

Deep wave hair is also very popular among black American women; it looks like a water wave, but the curls are deeper and neat, or you can say more prominent.

Reasons to Choose Deep Wave Hair

  • Ladies can enjoy a carefree youthful look with deep wave hair, and this keeps you up to date as this hair type is trending among the ladies of the world. 
  • Deep wave hair is not the curly one and also not straight as it has a bouncy look with volume, which is missing in straight hair, and it has frizz control which is not in the curly hair. 
  • You can make any hairstyle with it because it has easy maintenance. 
  • Mostly, the girls are unable to find the required results of the product on the hair, but it is effective towards the hair products. 

Features of Deep Wave Hair 

  • High elasticity and bouncy look. 
  • Uni-directional curls. 
  • Ladies can iron, wash, bleach, and dye the hair on preferences and needs.
  • It can retain the quality for up to 1 year and is less voluminous than water wave hair. 
  • It perfectly fits the Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian and Peruvian ladies. 


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