6 Courses That Lead To Your Dream Career

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Do you have a job in mind that you consider your dream? If yes, you probably have planned a course of action to turn your goal into a reality. While a higher degree doesn’t necessarily guarantee success in today’s world, it undoubtedly increases your success chances. In fact, those who obtain a degree in their respective field will have higher chances of earning better pay and experiencing better career progression. After all, a higher degree equips you with the required tools to excel in the relevant field.

You might still question what course or a college degree is the right fit for you. Well, that entirely depends on the industry you want to work in. What’s more is that your decision should also be guided by growth prospects and earning potential. Whatever the case, we are here to tell you about the courses that lead to high-paying jobs right after graduation. Let us look at a few of these courses and college majors down below. 

  • Post-Secondary Administration

A post-secondary administrator is typically in charge of an educational institutions’ admissions and financial assistance departments. These professionals work inside various educational settings, including schools, universities, and colleges. Moreover, post-secondary administrators are also tasked with responsibilities such as assisting students in adjusting to student life, intercultural affairs, and residential life, to name a few. 

Aspiring applicants for this job must first acquire higher education like a master’s degree in education administration. They might also have to obtain additional, specialized degrees, including an MEd in educational leadership and management, student affairs, educational law, and the likes. The BLS states that the median salary of a post-secondary administrator is about 97,500$. 

  • Software Engineering

Software engineering is one of the topmost college majors these days. In addition, it is a computer-related degree program that has recently increased in popularity. However, this increase shouldn’t surprise you as new and improved technologies are coming out every day. As a result, the IT industry needs well-educated computer professionals to operate them. 

A degree in computer engineering will include various topics like database development, cloud computing, core computer concepts, application programming, and much more. You can also acquire a degree in software engineering online if learning from home is your thing. According to the BLS, the annual median salary of a software engineer is around $110,140. 

  • Chemistry

Although quite a demanding degree to acquire, chemistry is among the top-paying majors out there. In fact, science students prefer to obtain this degree due to its high scope and earning potential. A chemistry major typically includes physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and more. What’s more, a degree in chemistry will open up a wide array of opportunities for applicants who want to work as chemists, manufacture new medicine, and participate in research work. 

Obtaining a higher degree in chemistry after a bachelor’s degree is a popular choice for individuals who want to take their careers further. Some students opt to go for a master’s and end it there. However, some might also pursue a Ph.D. to improve their job prospects and annual earnings. According to the BLS, the median salary of a chemist is around $79,300 per year.

  • Electronics Engineering

The demand for engineers who can develop and manufacture electronic devices has constantly risen since the first mobile phone came out. However, the job market is also growing exponentially along with it. Although some individuals might interchangeably use the terms electronic engineering and electrical engineering, these two majors are actually poles apart.

A degree in electronics will prepare you for all the newest technological development in the industry. What’s more, this degree program also teaches you topics related to product design and project management. Such a major is perfect for individuals who have excellent attention to detail and enjoy design or mathematics. According to the BLS, the median salary of an electronics engineer is around $107,540 per year, which is a substantial amount of earnings. 

  • Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the most diverse engineering majors in the world today as it focuses on various subjects, ensuring candidates are up and ready for real-work applications. Moreover, a mechanical engineering degree program includes thermodynamic, circuit dynamics, materials science, fluid dynamics, and other complex topics. 

What’s more, the market demand for such a STEM major is very high, and a ton of graduates can apply for openings in their field. At the same time, some can move into project management and product design as an alternative career pathway. According to PayScale, the average salary of a mechanical engineer is around $82,547 per year.

  • Civil Engineering

Another engineering degree that has excellent growth potential and market demand, civil engineers usually work on public buildings, structures, sewage system design, highways, and much more. A civil engineering degree is probably the easiest of all the college majors mentioned in this article. While pay isn’t as much as other engineering degrees, you will undoubtedly have a lot of room for growth and progression. However, according to PayScale, the average salary of an experienced civil engineer is around $97,829 per year. 

Selecting the best college major for yourself might seem like a daunting decision as you contemplate your abilities, personal interests, and the current job market. However, as you can see with the majors mentioned in this article, growth rates and potential salaries typically vary from major to major. So, in the end, it is all about obtaining a college major that piques your interest and allows you to achieve your career goals.

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