How To Pick Perfect Sunglasses For Your Face in 2022

A large range of sunglasses is available in the market for both ladies and gents. Many people do not know how to choose the perfect pair of sunglasses for their face and buy nearly anything that does not suit them or their attire. Later they say that no pair of trendy glasses will ever look good on their face. But what they don’t know is that choosing sunglasses is also an important task, as not only does it help protect our eyes, but also gives us a stunning and bold look. To choose the right pair of glasses for your face, follow the tips below.

Know Your Face Shape

Determining the face size and shape is extremely important, as it helps find the perfect fit for your face. Therefore, before buying any sunglasses, ensure that you know your face type. And if you do not know how to identify your face shape, then follow the given instruction:

Step 1. Measure Bones Of Your Cheeks

Take any measurement scale, and place it below your eye from where the cheekbone starts. Stretch the scale from that side to the other side of the cheekbone, and then note down the number obtained. 

Step 2. Estimate The Jawline

Once you measure your cheekbone, go for the jawlines. Take the measuring tape from one end of your jawline to the other side, and note down the number. 

Step 3. Measure The Face Length 

Put the tape in the middle of the hairline, and stretch it down to the front of your face to the chin. And note down the number obtained.


Once you are done with measurement, observe the numbers and compare them. After analyzing the numbers, you will be able to identify your face shape very easily. There are usually six types of face shapes. They are round, square, rectangle, heart-shaped, and oval faces.

Sunglasses For Round face

Round faces are usually curvy on all sides. It is not very sharp or edgy and has fewer angles on the face. The best options for such a type of face shape, rectangular, squared, wrap, and shield-shaped sunglasses. Choose the one that creates the sharp angular effect and makes your face look elongated, thin, and sharp. Round-faced people must not wear curvy lensed sunglasses, as it will emphasize the roundness of their face instead of giving a sharp look. 

Sunglasses For Square Face

Square-shaped faces are mostly characterized by the equal length and width of the face with a wide forehead and a bold jawline. If you have a square face, you must try the round sunglasses, as they will give an around effect to your face. The oval sunglasses will also work on this type of face shape. If you want to explore more options, aviators, butterflies, and even cat-eye sunglasses will give you a perfect look. 

Sunglasses For Oval Face

This face type is an awesome shape among all others, as any type of sunglasses goes perfect with it. Oval faces are primarily featured with a round and fairly even tone. Sunglasses of all categories, from designers to sports, fashion to lifestyle, look good on oval faces. But oval faced people must avoid wearing oversized frames, as these frames block the symmetrical pattern of the face.  

Sunglasses For Rectangular Face

This is also known as oblong face shape. Thin cheekbones characterize them. They have long and narrow face types with fewer angles. A rectangular-faced person must try on oversized sunglasses. The large warfare or square-shaped lenses with thick frames will add width to the cheekbones and all across the face. 


People with rectangular faces must try to wrap, shield, wayfarer, cat eye, or square framed sunglasses. Always select the pair of oversized sunglasses, but never wear the sunglasses with small frames. 

Sunglasses For Heart Shape Face

This face type is often referred to as the triangular face. The sunglasses with wide temples will suit this face shape. Heart face is narrow at the chin, and thus, one must try sunglasses with wide edges. You can also try shield, rimless, butterfly, or aviator-style glasses. 


So these were the different face types, and using the steps mentioned above, you can find the sunglasses that suit your face type. Follow the given tips, and make the right choice before buying sunglasses.

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