5 Spices Best Cardamoms Substitutes

You know the hassle when you can’t get your preferred recipe, especially when cooking your specialty dish! For some circumstances, cardamoms are always out of stock in the nearest grocery store. It can be rare among all spices since they harvest it with all the manual labor. Here you are craving for some cardamom-dish taste. 

Cardamoms are known for their aromatic complexity. It has a knack for enlightening some ordinary bread dough and an ability to turn a simple sweet tea into something you will always look for.

Unlike ginger, cardamom is famous for spicing up dishes that are both savory and sweet. You can distinguish cardamoms in their colors. However, both have the same power to spice up your cooking skills in the right way and timing. Proper measurements, wisdom in handling the spices, and a little knowledge about how to manipulate them could get you the best results than you expect. 

Common Alternatives for Cardamoms

Don’t you worry anymore, for here are some of the best Cardamom substitute that would deceive your taste buds as if you just tasted the real one! Try to experiment with these five best alternatives of cardamom and prove that the facts listed below can satisfy the pleasure of your tongue.  

Here are some alternatives for Cardamoms you can consider having in your kitchen:


Ginger is one very accessible, or maybe something we can not have in our kitchen. Given that Cardamoms came from the distant family of ginger, you can expect similar tastes and exposure. We can use both or interchangeably for tea beverages. It has both the property to ease stomach cramps and many other healing purposes. Although cardamoms have a very complex taste, ginger does not taste any different although, it has some bit of a peculiar taste.

Apple Pie Spice

Apple pie spice is one tasty kind of spice you can easily spot on the Spice aisle at the market. It is one of the best dispositions you can access immediately. Although, it is a mix of spices such as nutmeg, allspice, and cinnamon, together with cardamom. The tastes that make up the overall quality of apple pie spice make it more similar to cardamom. It gives off a woody and earthy taste, which you would notice at first taste.


Cloves are one intense type of spice that has a bitter hint left on the tongue. With the right amount of clove with cinnamon, you could probably achieve a similar taste as cardamom. Since cardamom spice itself has a complex range of tastes, getting the right mixture of spices can create a meaningful relish on your dish.


Cinnamon tastes a little similar to cloves. It’s woody, and somehow, it feels like you are licking a sweet, warm wood as they say about true cinnamon. So why is it included here again? Well, although nutmeg is an inexpensive alternative to cardamom, the two—cinnamons and nutmegs—are the most widely recommended spices. They also tested it to be the best compliment to cardamom when you aim for a complex but sweet-tasting dish.


You can easily mistake nutmeg for Cardamoms since it has a similar taste. It comes either as a powder or whole seed, anything you prefer it to be. Although it can bring sweetness to a dish, it is not your sugary, typical sweet spice. It tastes more like a nut-kind of sweet. It runs along with your tongue with a savory taste, and that’s why you get to add it to sweet dishes. 

Combination of the substitutes for Cardamoms

The substitutes are not just a stand-alone replacement, but they can be incorporated with each other to create a much more flavorful cardamom substitute. One of the famous combination replacements is cinnamon and nutmeg, and by combining these two, you can create a flavorful spice mixture close to the cardamom’s quality. However, it is recommended to measure and taste this mixture since it can taste strong. 

Copying the exact flavor that cardamom gives off is not possible. That is why there are a variety of spice families and some similarly tasting alternatives. But getting the perfect measurement and mixture of these alternatives listed above could soothe your cravings for a cardamom-needing dish. You probably do not have to rush to get yourself a pack of cardamom, whether green or black. You can mix up these five best spices that could duplicate the relish and undertone that cardamoms give off to our dish, especially since there are lots of spices that could proxy the fragrance that the queen of spices radiates.


Whatever the recipe calls for, try to magnify the exactness and precision of every mixture you make. Not that easy to get the exact measurement of the spices you mixed, and you need a lot of time and practice, but after that, you will have the best cardamom alternative.

A little advice for you, dear passionate cook: Extend a little patience and exhale some love in your kitchen. Things will be in order and would shock you by knowing that you could achieve some impossible flavors by just believing and explicitly desiring to know. Now, get your mixing bowl and start the quest to discover some magic. Whisk that wand!

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