Benefits of Covert Surveillance

What is Covert Surveillance? 

Covert surveillance is a way that Private Investigators and Private Companies get the information they need without revealing their identity or presence. They can track movements, listen in on conversations, observe financial transactions, and get unseen photographs of what is happening. 

This helps them to protect the client, to protect their employees and to know more about what is going on. Private Investigators have a number of occasions when they need to do this kind of surveillance; some examples are:

– insurance fraud 

– child custody fights 

– workplace theft 

– harassment by neighbors or co-workers 

-breach of contracts 

Private Investigators use covert surveillance because it helps them find the needed information without getting involved. 

Why is it beneficial?

Covert surveillance is beneficial because you are able to get the evidence that you need without getting involved or revealing your presence. Private Investigators can move around freely, listening in on conversations and watching what is going on without anybody knowing. 

You can find out information easily and get the needed evidence. 

For example, if you are in a child custody case or another type of legal dispute, it can be very difficult to know whether the other party is complying with the conditions of any settlement agreement. A hidden camera can give you all of the information that you need without your presence being noticed. It can greatly assist your custody lawyers in gathering evidence and making a strong case for why you should have primary custody of your child.

Private investigators often use covert surveillance to discover business or employee theft. There are many ways in which this can be done. For example, if an employee is stealing things from the business they work for, covert surveillance can help with getting evidence of it by discovering what they are actually doing when nobody else is watching.

A business owner might suspect employees of taking money out of the till or misusing company data,  but they need to be able to prove this in order to catch them. Through covert surveillance, business owners are able to get the evidence that is needed without having to accuse anybody or place any blame on an innocent person.

Overall, covert surveillance gives you the ability to discover all sorts of information without getting involved yourself, so it can be advantageous for many situations. 

How do Private Investigators carry out Covert Surveillance?

Most investigators start by following a subject from the moment they leave their house or workplace. This is because it can be very difficult to know where they are going or when they are doing something illegal if you only follow them occasionally. 

Many Private Investigators will carry out surveillance for days at a time, tracking the subject’s movements and listening in on conversations when possible. This will often reveal a lot of information. 

With the right investigator and the right surveillance technique, you can get the evidence you need to prove what you need to be proven. It is a fantastic technique that continues to be a staple weapon in many investigators’ arsenals.

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