2022 Super Bowl: Easy Guide To the Super Bowl, Latest News, And Updates

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The Super Bowl is a huge sports event of the National Football League (NFL). It takes place annually. The Super Bowl is an incredibly popular and monumental event in the United States that determines the NFL Champion. If you are watching sports and are curious about the craze over football, here is an easy guide on understanding the sport and its current news and updates.

Understanding The Super Bowl

The championship game of the NFL is the Super Bowl. Winners from the National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC) play against each other during the Super Bowl. 

There would be 32 teams in the NFL, 16 teams from NFC and AFC. All in all, there are a total of 256 regular-season games. After a regular season, there should be 12 teams to play for the playoffs, six from the AFC and six from the NFC, until one team from each conference clinches the top spot. The Super Bowl is the final game that will determine the ultimate champion. 

This championship game, the Super Bowl, is a huge sports game televised around the nation. It is so huge that this event is also considered a fan attraction that most of them bet on their desired teams. Fortunately, online sportsbooks, such as FanDuel Super Bowl odds, present the probability of outcomes throughout the season, so you have better chances of predicting a win.

Super Bowl Rules And How It Is Played

Every American professional football game is divided into four quarters that last for 15 minutes. The primary objective of the sport is for the offense team to score against the defense by running or passing the ball. They will play on an American standard football field 100 yards long on each field.

Then, the team on offense will have four more tries to move the ball to 10 yards. Once succeeded, they will get four more attempts to travel the ball for another 10 yards. This continues until they score or until the defense stops them. The game lasts for two halves of 45 minutes, and they need to score as much as possible during the duration. The NFL football scoring plays are as follows:

1. Six points for a touchdown. Touchdowns are the main goal in football, and this is one of the ways they can score the most points. They can score a touchdown when the ball crosses the other team’s goal line into the end zone. The players must break the plane of the goal line.

2. Three points for a field goal are rewarded when the player drop-kicks the ball and crosses over the crossbar.

3. 2 points for safety. Safety is when the defense team tackles the offense team behind their goal line. A safety point can also be rewarded if a dropped or blocked punt went through the kicking team’s end zone.

Who Are Today’s Top Ranked Teams?

The 2021 NFL season just ended its 17-game schedule, and the final standings are in for the last Week 18. 14 teams out of its 32 teams qualified for the latest postseason. This result means seven teams from each AFC and NFC fight for the number 1 spot from each conference for the Super Bowl. 

After the Week 18 games, the Tennessee Titans (12-5) easily tops the AFC playoff picture. They were up against the Texans during Week 18 and have been the No. 1 seed in recent years. They secured the top spot with quarterback Ryan Tannehill by excelling in the 28-25 win over the Texans.

On the other hand, the NFL is topped by the Green Bay Packers (13-4). This team has become the betting favorite for the Super Bowl. The quarterback Aaron Rogers led the Packers in matching their win total from the previous two seasons with only one more game left. 

Super Bowl 2022: Date, Time, Place

The Super Bowl 2022 will be on February 13, 2022, the second Sunday of the month. The Super Bowl hasn’t been played on the first Sunday of February since 2003, making it the first time since then. NBC will broadcast the Super Bowl while the NBC Sports App, fuboTV, DAZN in Canada will also go live to stream the sports event. The official time for kickoff is still not yet officially announced.

The championship will take place in the famous SoFi Stadium, home of the Rams and the Chargers. The stadium contains 70,240 seats, but the location can cater to more people for significant events such as the Super Bowl.


The Super Bowl 2022 is nearing and fans are incredibly excited for this season’s playoff because of every team’s potential. It is an excellent time to check out Super Bowl odds and figure out your NFL favorites. You can check this season’s game to learn more if you are new to football!

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