Why Should Streaming Services Be So Expensive?

The arrival of streaming services like Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and others was expected to bring a new era in the entertainment industry. Consumers will no longer have to pay excessive cable bills for watching their favourite shows. For $10 or $15 a month, you can find a great range of programs to watch from. The Internet has changed many things for us; now, you can also make smart money by playing online casinos at vegas vulkan.

All of that is still technically true. However, users always demand more, and they are not happy with only one service; they are starting to find that the monthly fees are actually bringing them back to the cable bill era.

According to the surveys, consumers are now paying more for streaming than they actually used to pay for cable. The average monthly fee for cable is around $72.60/month. There are several streaming platforms, and consumers own multiple subscriptions, so the total gets more than what you expected to pay for the cable. 

The most significant issue that users are facing is exclusivity. A user loves several programs, and when you love more than one program from different streaming platforms, you need to buy different subscriptions. If you watch various shows on different platforms, you will need to pay for multiple subscriptions for different platforms. Thus, the idea of saving with streaming platforms is no longer valid. 

However, there are some ways to reduce streaming costs. You can divide your streaming costs with friends or family. For example, Netflix has no issue with one membership having more than one user. Still, if you don’t mind ads while watching your favourite shows, you can choose the subscription tier that offers ads in exchange for the reduced fee. With some changes, you may find your streaming fee less than the cable bills.

Why Streaming Services Getting Expensive

To stand out, streaming platforms need content that is both appealing for the users and worth signing up for. All the popular streaming services offer different original series that have millions of fans. All the streaming platforms are in a race to provide more amazing content for the users, and thus the success of streaming is all about more and more appealing content for the users.

The streaming services increase their price and subscription fee when they need to make more content for the platform. So, the increasing demand for content is causing a surge in the subscription fees of various multiple platforms. Walking away from traditional cable can be helpful to save hundreds of dollars every year. Still, things get different when you need subscriptions for various platforms to watch your favourite programs. 

You can make a perfect choice according to your priorities, preferences, and budget. Thus, you need to find the options by comparing prices and considering what suits you well. You need to choose a subscription plan that suits your needs, demands, and, most importantly, your budget.

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