Kibo Eclipse Reviews (Don’t Buy Yet) Critical Report May Change Your Mind

Have you heard about the Kibo Eclipse program? It is currently the hottest trending e-commerce training manual that allows all trainees to make extra cash by working from home. After the huge success of its first edition, the creators, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth, have recently launched its second edition, which is an improved and better version of the original program.

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Before stepping further to how to earn money and where to buy Kido Code Quantum, it is necessary to understand the basic concept of e-commerce and passive income first. Some people find it expensive, but after knowing the benefits, you will realize that you can earn this money back within a few days of receiving training. Make your decision on considering this program after reading this Kibo Eclipse review.

kibo eclipse

The Kibo Eclipse Review

Complete name: The Kibo Eclipse

Nature: Online e-commerce training

Created by: Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

Affordability: Moderately expensive (Option to pay in installments)

Payment modes: Via Credit Card and PayPal

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things, one of which is the job market. As most countries and states were under lockdown orders, many companies closed their offices and dramatically brought the economy down. In April, the US reported a huge increase in unemployment, recorded at nearly 14.7%. And only between March to June, some 49 Million Americans applied to get unemployment benefits. Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy by the University of Minnesota wrote that the level of unemployment by the pandemic is the highest since the Great Depression (1930s).

The e-commerce business, training, and earning passive money, on the other side, was at peak during these years because people were desperate to find new ways to meet their expenses. But a person who has never heard about e-commerce before has no idea how it works. Besides, not everyone is fortunate enough to start earning money right away, with zero skill or understanding of how it works. But it is possible with the training provided by the Kibo Eclipse program.

The Kibo Eclipse is a professional grade training program that teaches how to generate income using e-commerce and other online marketing plans.

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There is no prerequisite to sign up for this program, and people from all backgrounds, education levels, and experience can apply for it.

During the eight weeks of training, it goes from basics to advanced level, explaining how online trade works and how to earn money with zero investment in goods or products. In addition to the regular technicalities, it teaches the tricks that help make your place among all the competitors. After completing Kibo Eclipse training, every trainee is earning money, and with the number of efforts that he adds into it, he can earn unlimited cash.

What is The Kibo Eclipse?

The Kibo Eclipse is a training program that provides extensive training by the e-commerce experts Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth. It does not require any person to have a business, commerce, or related background. Taking small steps teaches everything about online business, where to start, and how to increase income.

Unlike other pre-set training programs that give access to general training material, Kibo Eclipse offers direct training by the program creators. Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth are professional e-commerce trainers who have spent years in this field and understand how this system runs. They have added their whole professional experience into this training plan, hoping to help everyone worried about meeting his expenses.

The price of this program may look ‘expensive’ to some people, but it is justified for its benefits. Further, it comes with a money-back guarantee, which refunds the entire program value if a person fails to follow this program or starts earning money within the first month of training.

Everything inside Kibo Eclipse is simple, authentic, and easier to implement, even for the newbies. Interestingly, it does not require anything, including;

  • Market research
  • Amazon/Shopify
  • Inventory
  • Contacting Suppliers
  • Facebook communications

The new Kibo Eclipse 2021 is not the re-launch of the original program, and it is a better version of the first program with new tools, mentorship, and software usage. For example, in this new program, the trainees will get free access for life to a private e-commerce platform designed by Steve and Aidan. The creators have spent thousands of dollars so that the trainees do not have to spend more money. The new business model is faster, easier and increases the chances of making more money in less time.

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In the first version, Kibo Eclipse focused on using the paid traffic to gain profit. But this time, Steve and Aidan are teaching how to generate free traffic without paying anything extra. This free traffic is generated from social media visitors, SEO, and other sources. All of this information is a part of this new program. People who have already received training under the first version can also sign up for the second version to enhance their skills and increase income.

Basics of The Kibo Eclipse Training

Starting an e-commerce business is not difficult if you know how to make good decisions. The only problem with e-commerce businesses is that the strategies are never the same. As consumers tend to change their interests and activities online, the business models and decisions have to be changed accordingly.

Within the first week of joining the Kibo Eclipse Training, it becomes clear that the instructions inside are easy to understand and comprehend. The program follows a basic 5 step strategy.

  • Set up an online store
  • Identify winners
  • Pick a path to make a profit.
  • Boost the sales
  • Rise and repeat this process

Here is how it works.

  • At the start, every trainee buys a high-quality domain name. If it is generic, it is a plus point because there are so many products that he can sell. A generic name will go well with a variety of products. He does not have to do it independently, and all the trainees of the Kibo Eclipse program will be given access to a tool to search good and highly trending domain names.
  • In the next step, every trainee sets up a store using a pre-loaded version of a high-converting theme. It only takes 40-60 seconds to do it.
  • After that, every trainee finds some highly profitable products using professional software, which is a part of Kibo Eclipse program. There are nearly 3 million product databases, and choosing only 3-4 products is enough to make a start. It is not the nature and market of the product which is to be determined. The selection of products is made as per the profit margin only.
  • Once the products are selected, they are listed on the website (domain name purchased in the first step). There is no need to add images or descriptions at this point.
  • The free traffic generated from different traffic tools is then sent to the website, introducing them to what you are selling.
  • Once the viewers get interested in the products you have listed, they tend to order them through your store. The products are then delivered to their doorstep, without you contacting the suppliers and arranging the deliveries. This is an automatic setup that is fast, efficient, and does not require buying or delivering the products.
  • Using optimization tools and tricks, you can add more profitable products or repeat the whole process to increase sales. Gradually, it starts generating thousands of dollars within a few months.

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What is Inside The Kibo Eclipse 2022?

All members of the Kibo Eclipse program will access seven components to establish an online business. Each of these modules contains complete information, access to tools, and tips to keep progress. Here is a small description of what is inside them.

  • Kibo Academy (Classified Training Revealing Every Step of The System)

This is the basic guide explaining everything inside this program.

  • Kibo LaunchPad (Mission Control For Your Entire Operation)

This is the first step towards the practical part of the training. Here a trainee can build, arrange and manage the business by making the preceptive decisions.

  • Kibo Super Stores (Go From Start To Selling Fast With Done-For-You Websites)

This module has highly profitable products that a trainee will be selling to generate income. It only takes a few clicks to get going.

  • Kibo Profit Vault (Done-For-You Products From Our Secret Repository)

This module will explain additional products from the 2 million products database. These extra products can help the trainee to generate more sales.

  • Kibo Accelerators (Instant Visitors From Untapped Traffic Sources)

This module explains how to generate free traffic to the newly launched online store. This web traffic is raw and only requires some smart tricks to spawn.

  • Kibo Powerlabs (Custom Software To Accelerate Your Profits)

This module will explain specific tools and how to use them for a successful online business. The use of tools saves time and skips the complex parts, which otherwise takes hours.

Kibo Alliance (24/7 Support System & Private Members Community)

This module focuses on individual problems and issues that trainees may be facing. It is open to all members of the Kibo Eclipse program.

All Kibo Eclipse program members are also invited to access tp “Kibo 2021” Exclusive Live Event for free, which will be held for an entire week.

Who is Behind Kibo Eclipse Program?

As mentioned before, Kibo Eclipse program is designed by two professional mentors and businessmen, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. Both of them are in this online business for a long time and understand all the essentials and technicalities of this setup.

They also started their journey from ground level with no information in hand and no one to mentor. However, after spending some time in this e-commerce business, they finally came up with a technical plan to generate money through affiliate marketing and sales. According to them, all this would have been much easier if they had someone to guide them. That is why they came up with this training program, hoping to help new entrepreneurs who are clueless about everything.

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Best and Worst About Kibo Eclipse Course

Here is a quick evaluation of this program, explaining the benefits and problems with the Kibo Eclipse course.

  • No prerequisites

Steve and Aidan have tried to take people from diverse backgrounds, intellect, and academics to take together in this new Kibo Eclipse 2021. This program does not require any previous qualification or experience; hence it can cater to more people who have lost their jobs and are searching for an online opportunity.

  • No investment

Contrary to what most people assume about e-commerce, the new Kibo Eclipse program does not require any investment from trainees. They do not have to purchase anything practically or deliver the products to any customer. They only have to arrange the products and generate traffic which is interested in these products. There is absolutely no physical work or investment involved.

  • Professional grade program

There are thousands of videos and free training material available online. But those pre-recorded videos would not help everyone. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach in e-commerce; starting a store is one thing but competing in this market is impossible without a professional guideline and up-to-date information. Kibo Eclipse is a product by two professional trainers who have already trained thousands of people. In this new version, they try to cater to more people in less time by teaching them smart tricks to work. This is not something that free training or videos can teach to any person.

  • Good value for money

Kibo Eclipse is better than free programs because it helps the trainee earn all its money back within the first month of training. The registration fee for this program is just a one-time investment, which is justified for the skills that all trainees will learn.


  • Maybe expensive

Kibo Eclipse is not a free program, and in fact, some people find it expensive compared to other available options. However, it is just an investment for the future, earned back within weeks after this training starts.

  • Not for lazy people

The new Kibo Eclipse program is more advanced than the previous version, and it also requires a higher level of motivation and determination. It only teaches the tricks and technicalities, but the major part is played by the trainee himself. Without putting in any effort, this training will not bring him anything. However, those who put their heart into it can earn thousands of dollars monthly and expand their business.

What Makes Kibo Eclipse Program Better Than Other E-Commerce Programs?

At first sight, the new Kibo Eclipse may look like dozens of other programs, all of which offer the same benefits. But comparing it with other programs makes it easy to understand what makes it exclusive and unique. Here is a brief comparison of the Kibo Eclipse program with any other generic e-commerce training program.

  • Traffic issues

There are no traffic uses for Kibo Eclipse trainees as it teaches how to target genuine buyers. Other programs use outdated and old strategies, mostly paid, and never work as per their claims.

  • No supplier issues

Kibo Eclipse has no supplier issues because it only sources the products from US-based suppliers. While most other e-commerce programs source products from other countries, mainly China and Thailand, which makes it hard to arrange deliveries.

  • Lowest risk involved

New Kibo Eclipse program has no risk because the trainee does not have to actually buy the inventory while other programs directly require to be involved in inventory.

  • Quick and fast plan

Kibo Eclipse program is a smart way of earning money online, there is no waiting time, and the profit is generated within a few weeks. However, other programs take some months, even years, to generate sales, so they work extremely slow.

  • Less time required

Most programs are extremely long and time-consuming, but the training under the Kibo Eclipse program delivers better results in less time.

In addition to these benefits, Aidan and Steve provide a direct mentorship in this new Kibo Eclipse 2021. Most other programs only give access to some pre-recorded lectures and leave the trainee in the middle of nowhere.

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Where to Buy New Kibo Eclipse 2021?

Kibo Eclipse is available online on its official website only. This program’s registration fee is $3,497 in total, which can be paid altogether or in four installments of $997 each. However, paying all the amount upfront gives a discount of $491 on all orders, which is not applicable on the installment plans.

There are three bonuses (original value of approximately $14,000) for every trainee.

  • The Secret Live Mastermind (Original price $4,997)
  • Kibo Code Live Recordings (Original price $3,997)
  • 7-Figure Scaling Secrets (Original price $4,997)

All registrations come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means if a person finds this training unhelpful, he will still lose nothing. He can join the training for four weeks and decide about continuing it.

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Kibo Eclipse Program 2021 Reviews – Final Thoughts

There are so many e-commerce training programs available, but none of them matches the Kibo Eclipse 2021 version, a modified version of the previous program. It does not require any investment, purchasing products, contacting the supplier, or setting up deliveries. Using the professional knowledge and tricks shared by Aidan and Steve, everyone can finally set up an online store and generate a handsome passive income.

The registration for the new Kibo Eclipse is finally open, and hundreds of people are waiting for it. However, there are limited seats, and the registration will be completed on a first-come, first-serve basis. The last date to sign up for this program is February 6th, 2021. So, hurry up and make your decision.

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