Overweight Stars Who Can Show Zion Way Back to Fitness

By Erik Drost – Zion Williamson and Kevin Love, CC BY 2.0

Zion Williamson is proving to be one hell of a headache for the Pelicans and their hordes of loyal fans, who are sorely missing their star player.

Things started going south during the offseason when Zion injured his foot. What followed has been a multitude of failed comebacks, with the word on the street being that his ballooning weight is hindering his recovery.

Recent photos taken of the struggling player in the gym and at the New Orleans Arena have raised concerns that he might be losing the will to get himself back into shape to contest ball games for embattled coach Willie Green.

Here we go on the search for inspirational stories around the world of sports, to see if there are cases of sportsmen returning to the elite level of a sport after having packed on a few too many pounds.

The NBA demands that each and every one of its stars be in tip-top shape, otherwise there is no way they would be capable of competing against the best ballers on the planet

Shaquille O’Neal

He was known as “Big Shaq” throughout his career, which was to be expected when you stand at 2,16m tall, but that nickname began to grate on the great Shaquille O’Neal when it became clear that his weight was ballooning out of control

Shaq, in his capacity as a television sports announcer, has since spoken of the fact that it was well-meant jibes from his fellow players and peers that ultimately convinced him to shed weight, so that he was able to fulfil his true potential.

Colin Kaepernick

NFL players are often asked by their coaching teams to maintain high weights so they can be as destructive as possible and deliver for sports bettors and a franchise’s fans in the process. However, sometimes that weight maintenance can veer over the edge, especially when debilitating injuries get thrown into the mix. Before his run-ins with the NFL got underway, Kaepernick was making fans nervous who’d used no deposit free bets to back the QB, because after an injury prevented him from training in 2015 he packed on the pounds. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when he finally got his act together and dropped the excess weight by hitting the gym.

As a note of caution, though, Zion should keep in mind that Kaepernick eventually lost too much weight, leaving him unable to make the strong plays he’d once been renowned for.

Tyson Fury

In what is perhaps the most incredible story of weight loss redemption in sport, Tyson Fury went from 400 lbs. to a fit and ready fighting weight that enabled him to beat Deontay Wilder in their trilogy of heavyweight bouts.

Part of Fury’s problem had been his mental demons, which had left him unable to see the point in continuing with his career. However, with the help of trainer Ben Davidson, Fury discovered that the key to his mental wellbeing was to train on a daily basis, so he could benefit from a daily endorphin release. It is that never say die attitude that makes Fury the best heavyweight boxer on the planet. What Fury’s story also shows is that losing weight is more a mental battle than a physical one, but one that can be won if someone has people who care around them.

Being mentally prepared to lose weight is the only way that weight loss can be maintained in a realistic and healthy way

Zion Williamson – Time to Make a Change

All these sportsmen were or are true MVPs in their respective sports and became the best versions of themselves despite allowing their figures to balloon during dark moments on their respective journeys. At the age of just 21, Williamson has time on his side, but 2022 could well be a make-or-break year for him, because if he blows his shot with the Pelicans then it could be a long and difficult road back to the top of the sport.

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