5 Different Types of Sunglasses That Will Make You Look Spectacular

In today’s world, eyewear for fashion is not just for the young or hip, it’s now a part of the everyday wardrobe. Moving out of the house means that you need to put on your sunglasses. This serves two purposes – most importantly it protects you from the sun and the dust and it also helps you look glamorous.

The issue here is that there are just too many options. From different shades to numerous shapes, the available varieties are endless. In this midst of countless offerings, it is no surprise that a lot of you are confused when it comes to selecting a pair for yourself. 

Don’t let your confusion prevent you from buying that pair of all important sunglasses though. Apart from glamming up your look, they also protect you from the harmful UltraViolet rays of the sun. In this post, we shall list out the major trendy shades along with their suitability so that you get a basic idea and can make an informed choice instead of just going for the latest hit.

Let us look at some of the types of sunglasses that will make you look spectacular. 

1. Wayfarers – You know those fashion designs or trends that were very popular in the 60s and then just went out of fashion only to come back in trend in the 21st century? When it comes to sunglasses, wayfarers belong to that category.
Wayfarers are square shaped sunglasses which have a curved lower portion which makes them different from regular ones. Due to their square shape, they cover your eyes fully and offer good protection for your eyes. 

High on the comfort and protection factor, they also look great making them the perfect option for women. The available lens options include polarized, gradient, UV protected, and mirrored, among others. The frame can be built out of aluminum, acetate, metal, alloy or even plastic. 

2. Aviators – Like the wayfarers, the aviators are also another classic style that will never go out of style forever. In fact, movie stars have ensured that these are never forgotten and are the first choice of most people looking to start wearing sunglasses. 

When it comes to shape, they can be said to be oval shaped with a flat top and a narrowing of the curve near the nose. These also provide full protection to your eyes and they can be both small or medium in size, depending on your choice. 

The look offered by a pair of aviators is one of flamboyance. Men prefer aviators over any other style as it complements the sharp and rugged shape of their face. Aviators provide the widest range of lens options to suit your requirements. As regards material, apart from the basic options, they also come in Titanium and Wooden materials. 

3. BuffsBuffs sun frame glasses owe their origin to one luxury brand but are now a design in themselves. The name buffs comes from the material originally used to make these classy frames – buffalo horns.

Even today, buffs are considered to be a class apart from the rest. Their shape is rectangular to say it simply. They are rimless and it is the side frame that is very crucial when it comes to the look of the glasses. 

The difference between buffs and other pairs of sunglasses lies in the extricate workmanship that goes in the making of these glasses, which explains why they are so expensive. Obviously, these are not recommended for daily use as they may not offer as much protection as wayfarers but the look that a woman gets wearing them is irreplaceable.  

4. Cat Eyes Shaped Sunglasses – As the name suggests, they are shaped like a cat’s eyes. To put it in simple words, their outer edges are extended to mimic the shape of a cat’s eyes.

The look is very feminine and hence, these are mostly worn by women. The best part about cat eyes shaped sunglasses is that they offer full protection and give you a glamorous look at the same time, making them the best choice for casual wear for women.

Like aviators, they offer multifarious lens options and can be made in all materials that you can think of, even Stainless Steel. 

5. Oversized and Chic Sunglasses – These gained traction in the 70s and have been supremely popular ever since. Like any other style, these were popularized by the Hollywood stars and slowly it percolated down to the masses. 

These are very big in size and have an outer lining of some funky color or design. As they are bigger than average sunglasses, they offer more than required protection. At the same time, they look good too.

Like most other styles above, they are most suited for women but that is not to say that quite a few haven’t carried it beautifully. If you are looking to shop for some cool sunglasses, check dhgate, Ray Ban, and Amazon,. 

Over time, fashion has evolved from being a women focused industry to having a large space for the men too. In the sunglasses styles too, there are a lot of options for men apart from the classic Aviators (let’s reserve that for another post).

Irrespective of the style of sunglasses that you go for, make sure that you are comfortable and that you can carry them off in style. What else is style, if not looking better while being comfortable.  

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