Kibo Eclipse Reviews 2022 – Why Most Students Fail in the Kibo Model?

Kibo Eclipse Reviews: Is this ecommerce training program really worth the price tag? Can you really make money and a sustainable online business using this model? Find out more in this Kibo Eclipse review.

There is no lie that ecommerce has become immensely popular during the last few years, especially during the pandemic period. Global sales are increased up to 25% and up to 31% in the US alone. If so many people are trying their luck in here, is stepping into ecommerce in 2022 a good idea? What are the chances of a newbie earning good money with so many competitors around?

One thing that people do not know is that most people are likely to fail in ecommerce because of no training, information on marketing trends, and making wrong decisions. Therefore, stepping into the world of digital commerce prepared, preferably by a certified marketer, increases the chances of success. Kibo Eclipse is a training program that helps people start a career online. Let’s start this Kibo Eclipse review to know everything about it.

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Kibo Eclipse Reviews – Why Kibo?

As mentioned before, a majority of people end up with a loss in ecommerce because of no formal training or information. They have no idea what they do and how to make a good decision. Building an ecommerce store is not enough, and the traffic never comes on its own. It is better to find a training program like Kibo Eclipse or any alternative that will pave the path to success.

It is designed for everyone who wants to try his luck in ecommerce and has no time or effort to waste. It can lower the risks of failures caused by a lack of appropriate training. The trainees will also learn where to put their time, energy and effort to make this work and earn good profits. This process is simple, gradual, and time taking, but you can always hit the jackpot if you know how to help yourself.

kibo eclipse reviews

Kibo Eclipse is different from other ecommerce training courses. Most of these focus on Amazon or Shopify, or ads; in fact, people are able to earn well from these platforms too. But the market has become extremely saturated now, and the chances of a new person getting success are minimal. Also, they will take more effort, time, energy, and of course, money to show the profitable outcomes.

On the other hand, Kibo Eclipse pushes the trainees to think out of the box. It does not use Amazon, Shopify, or any other platform, and it is very different from the typical ecommerce stores. It follows a more ‘results-oriented’ approach which is why the chances of it working are incredibly high.

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Who Has Created the Kibo Eclipse Program?

There is a duo behind the creation of the Kibo Eclipse program. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are its creators, both of which are popular digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and ecommerce instructors with years-long experience.

For the last ten years, they have been helping people establish a career in ecommerce and share a good reputation as instructors. There are hundreds of success stories, reviews, and testimonials from students who were able to make better business decisions and earned money with the help of this training.

What is the Best Thing About Kibo Eclipse?

The Kibo Eclipse is the latest ecommerce training guide created by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. It is a 5-step system that tells three unique ways to naturally increase the chances of success in the eCom world and multiply the profits. It helps find a unique product that is highly desirable and in demand by the customers. Adding it to the online store and using some genius traffic-generating strategies can end up with a high profit earning.

Here is what makes Kibo Eclipse a good investment.

  • There is no need to link Amazon or Shopify with it. The Kibo Eclipse program offers a complete built-in platform that works independent of more investments. You do not have to spend money on third parties to make it work.
  • There is huge traffic directed with no struggle. It is hard to believe, but the Kibo Eclipse program uses free traffic in the most useful manner.
  • It uses shipping from US-based suppliers. Although the idea of dropshipping is already in practice, unlike any other program, the Kibo Eclipse prefers the US bases suppliers. This way, the issues related to drop shipping are automatically reduced.
  • All trainees get direct access to products that are available at US suppliers. It helps narrow down the options among millions of products and choose the one that has a high-profit margin.

Last thing, the Kibo Eclipse program offers complete automation, making it all super easy. There is no need to spend hours doing all this work, as most of this is already automated to save your time.

The Kibo Eclipse Review: The Biggest Profit Maker of 2022

The creators of this program, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, have tried their best to turn this program into one of the biggest earning opportunities for this year. Although there are some similar training available, none of them can match it. It is because Kibo Eclipse uses the latest tools, easy steps, and low competition worldwide, so the chances of earning well, even with minimal effort, are very high.

It is different from many other ecommerce options as it does not involve the following.

  • No paid traffic
  • No paid ads or platform
  • No need to use Amazon, and Shopify
  • No need to keep a check on inventory
  • No need of hiring a warehouse
  • No need to create a new product
  • No need to stick to one type of product only
  • No skills or degree required
  • No need to arrange for the product delivery

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How Does The Kibo Eclipse Work?

Here is how you can start earning money with the Kibo Eclipse program.

One-Click installer

The first step is to install the Kibo Eclipse program after purchasing it. It is a one-click all-store with an attractive and user-friendly theme. You will find specialized apps here that help increase sales. At this point, the trainee is only required to get a unique domain and create a logo for their store.

Product Loading

Next, you have to load products, either through a fast-track system that directly adds highly-profitable products that are chosen by the creators and the team. Then you can add more products from the product database with millions of options, and this selection can be as per your liking. Analyze a product through its demand, sales, traffic, and profit margin.

Earn Profits

Finally, at the third step, you can actually make the sales and earn profits on them. These sales start coming within a couple of hours after you set up the store and products. The reason is that the program already has instant traffic access for all the trainees and that too without any additional cost. There are many ways, strategies, and tips that further expand this traffic, using free and paid tools.

Automatic delivery

There is no time, effort or investment needed to make these profits out of product sales. Like other ecommerce options that require buying products, keeping them in inventory, and delivering to the customer, Kibo Eclipse needs none. This whole handling, storing, and shipping is managed by the supplier and not the seller.

You do not have to hire anyone to overlook these matters. The chances of risks and losses are zero. Moreover, there is no customer communication at all. There is no need to talk to the customer or discuss the product or delivery. All this is an automated purchasing system with the least human interaction. It is live training with additional videos sharing how to make the best out of these tools in the Kibo Eclipse program.

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What is Inside the Kibo Eclipse?

There are eight parts of the Kibo Eclipse program.

Kibo Incubator

It contains the core 8-week training instructing how to start an ecommerce business in the lowest time. It teaches the trainee how to start from scratch and build a life-changing business program and earn 5 or 6 figure profits every month.

Kibo Jump Start

Next is the Kibo Jump Start, a live weekly session with questions and answers. This training is provided by the in-house ecommerce experts and includes on-screen demonstrations, videos, direct messages, and chat and individual queries at the end.

Kibo HQ

It is a one-step operation hub that helps build control and expand your business online. You can learn how to find products, enhance sales and regulate profits, all using simple automated options.

Kibo Oracle

Kibo oracle is advanced software that allows the trainees to get direct and immediate access to highly profitable and in-demand products. From these lists, they can pick the products they find best by analyzing millions of these products using filters. Without this automation, this product hunting could take hours and days.

Kibo Converters

This module teaches how to make the visitors the buyers of your products. It has the latest tools and software that help generate the site visitors to the buyers with actual purchases. These tools are open and free to use.

Kibo Socializer

This is a smart tool that helps analyze social media traffic to improve the product visibly and increase sales. The whole idea of Kibo Socializer is to enhance the profits, with more and more people interested in these products.

Kibo Accelerators

As the name may indicate, it helps expand the profits, in terms of sales by suggesting new and advanced tools, as per latest trends.

Kibo MentorPoint

The last thing in the Kibo Eclipse program is Kibo Mentorpoint, where a dedicated team of ecommerce experts and trainers will help solve the individual problems a student may be facing.

Where to Sign Up for Kibo Eclipse Program?

The Kibo Eclipse is an online training program, and to sign up for that; you should visit the official website directly. Once the seats are filled, the creators will start giving the masterclasses explaining how this money-making business works for real.

The complete price of this training program is $3,497 only. Some people would find it very high, but for the profits, it will bring later, this price is nothing. Also, the trainees have an option of paying this amount in installments, making it an affordable option. The smaller payments mean there would not be a big burden, and you can pay for it later and start the joining first.

Additional price

Although all tools and software are free for the Kibo Eclipse trainees, there are some additional costs that he has to pay. For example,

  • Domain price: an average domain costs between $10 to $25 depending upon the age, registry, and date. Usually, a fresh domain is cheaper, and an older domain sells for more price.
  • Hosting charges: the ecommerce store would need a web hosting service to manage. For private hosting, you can expect $20 to $40 per month, and for shared hosting, its price can be as low as $10 too.
  • Advertising cost: if the free traffic is not enough and you need something to accelerate the traffic, using paid advertisements is the best option. However, it may increase your training budget a little.

Bonus With Kibo Eclipse Orders

All Kibo Eclipse orders come with the following free stuff.

Social Selling Secrets

The first name in this list of free stuff with Kibo Eclipse orders is ‘Social Selling Secrets .’It teaches how to earn easy money online by changing the traffic, especially using social media websites. Through these sites, one can grab the target audience and bring them to the respective product’s page in no time.

Kibo Event Live Recordings

All events will be available as records, and you can hear the guest speakers sharing their knowledge and wisdom without the fear of forgetting anything later. You can watch these videos later too, and make your own notes.

The Secret Mastermind

This bonus includes seminars, sessions, and workshops that explain the market trends using the latest information and trends. The information follows a realistic approach so that it is easier to understand and follow by the Kibo students.

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Who Should Try the Kibo Eclipse Model?

Kibo Eclipse is suitable for everyone, irrespective of age, profession, educational degree, work experience, and background. It helps win the dream of becoming a successful businessperson with no investment. The only investment that this program needs is the program cost that is paid during the training.

As the official website states, there are various tools, options, and software, all of which lead you to highly profitable products, with free incoming traffic, ending up with confirmed sales.

What if the Kibo Eclipse Program Fails To Help?

The company is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee to all Kibo students. There is no lie that not everything works well for everyone. And even highly successful programs or products can fail in some cases too.

As Kibo Eclipse is a costly program, people have concerns regarding the money. No one wants to lose this high amount of weight, especially when the company makes high promises, but the outcomes are zero, even with the most effort. The Kibo creators value the sentiments of people and are offering free refunds to all the customers who found this program unhelpful.

There are no questions required, and the moneyback process is very easy. The company has an active customer support team that is ready to assist with all queries and questions. Talk to a representative from the company to know more about the refund process.

Information On Other Kibo Products

Kibo Eclipse is not a new name as this duo has already introduced a number of successful programs in the past too. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have previously launched Kibo Code Quantum and Kibo Code as well. Both these programs were a hit, but the Kibo Eclipse is different from these two.

What Makes All Three Kibo Products Different?

You may feel like all these products have the same name; they are different from each other in many ways. These use a different approach to get success with ecommerce business. Kibo Code had no option to use the Kibo proprietary shopping cart. There was also no software for the product pages. Next, the Kibo Quantum had both these as it was released later, along with many other improvements in the original Kibo training.

Being the latest one, Kibo Eclipse offers the best of all. It follows a unique approach, uses free traffic, and takes help from advanced software to get orders and find returning clients later. It is like half of the manual work is made automatic in this program, and the manual effort from the user is very minimal.

Who Are Aidan Booth And Steve Clayton?

These two need no introduction to the online world, as nearly everyone knows them for being ecommerce gurus. They are long-term friends and business partners who have been working together for more than ten years. Aidan is an entrepreneur, and Steve has experience in sales. This duo has created a number of best-selling training guides that have helped people earn the money they truly wanted.

They teamed up back in 2013 and worked on so many ventures together. This journey of over a decade has shown huge success in anything they did together. From investments to businesses and training programs, they have done it all. As a result, they are self-made billionaires who are now ready to help other people experience the same.

There are high chances for the information inside the Kibo Eclipse program to be true, as it comes from the brains of people who are already in this field. And if it does not help, the money-back guarantee is here to save you from a loss.

Kibo Eclipse Reviews Verdict – Is It Worth Trying?

By evaluating all the information mentioned before, it is now clear that Kibo Eclipse is undoubtedly the number one ecommerce training program. It comes with complete automation, completely free traffic, and uses only US-based suppliers. Coming from the ecommerce gurus, it has everything that it takes to start a career in the digital world. There is no training or education degree required to be a part of it. It is currently available for signup, and only limited slots are available.

If you have decided to be a part of it, hurry up and book your slot because the seats are filled. Click here to visit the official Kibo Eclipse website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Kibo Eclipse Training Program

Here is the list of some quick questions and answers regarding the Kibo Eclipse program.

When should you sign up for the Kibo Eclipse program?

The program is now accepting students to be a part of it. There are only limited seats available, so there is no option of doing it later. It may not be available next time you are willing to join. It is best to sign up as soon as possible and start the training to explore the world of ecommerce trade at the ease of your house.

Who should not invest in Kibo Eclipse?

As mentioned before, Kibo Eclipse is suitable for everyone who wants to earn some extra cash without leaving the house. It is not suitable for a person who has no time, energy, or patience to make this process work. Those who are already in business or operating an online business can also take help from this program to expand their businesses.

How much money can you make with the Kibo Eclipse program?

There is no limit when it comes to earning through the Kibo Eclipse program. The previous Kibo students have earned thousands of dollars monthly. And with the advancements and upgrades in the new Kibo program, the chances of earning high profits have also increased.

Is the Kibo Eclipse program legit?

It is normal to have questions regarding a new product or offer, but Kibo Eclipse has all that it takes to believe it. Still, if you do not find it helpful or find this program too strict, there is always an option to get your money back through the refund policy.

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