Clavusin Reviews – Scam or Legit Toenail Fungus Supplement?

Clavusin is a dietary supplement for healthy nails, offering protective and preventive benefits to the user. According to the official website, it is effective against recurring toenail infection that is hard to diagnose early and takes forever to go. The natural ingredients inside its formula work on the root cause of these nail infections and fix them to retain their health.

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How common is it to use a dietary supplement to save from toenail infections? Most people do not even know that dietary supplements can help in this regard because they are mostly linked with weight loss, immunity boost, sugar regulation, and other functions but never with fungal infections.

The truth is that the whole body is connected, and any changes to one part or system surely affect the rest. So the body is naturally at a high risk of fungal infections when the immunity is low or compromised, which explains why some people often get these infections, but others do not.

Clavusin is a blend of 12 plant-based ingredients, each offering to help save the body from all potential threats. They remove all unnecessary ingredients, toxins, free radicals, and waste compounds that may affect immunity and digestion. But how does this link to toenail fungal infections? More importantly, where to get Clavusin as it is not something you can purchase from Amazon or a local store? Let’s find out all the details in this Clavusin review.


Clavusin Reviews

Toenail fungal infection, also called ‘onychomycosis,’ is extremely common among people of all ages, races, colors, and ethnicities. These infections make the nail lose its structure and shape and appear discolored, powdery, thick, or cracked. Surprisingly these infections are more observed in toenails and rarely on fingernails.

Now, there are many ways one can get a toenail fungal infection, but you should know that it is caused by a special class of fungus called dermatophytes. These fungi travel from the environment to the skin and then enter the nail through any cut or abrasion and develop an infection. Those who have experienced a fall, injury, or recently had a toe or nail surgery are more likely to have it. The high-risk group also includes people with poor immunity, making them more susceptible to contracting the infection.

Clavusin offers a healing and preventive effect and saves the nails from deteriorating and degrading. If the damage has already spread, dietary supplements alone can not help, and you need a better and more focused treatment plan, preferably by a certified dermatologist. However, if you suspect having an infection or it is still in very early stages, using the supplement can save it.

According to the official website, Clavusin uses the finest natural ingredients to work on the deficiencies that put the body at this risk. But what are these ingredients, and how do they take action? Continue reading the Clavusin review to find out everything.

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What is Clavusin?

Clavusin is a dietary blend that protects against toenail fungal infections. It protects the nails from damages and decay by activating the natural defense mechanism of the body. Every human body has a natural defense system that activates whenever there is a threat to health. But this immune system sometimes becomes slow or halts when risk factors are affecting its performance.

Clavusin pills work on the immune system and improve it to fight. Mark Thompson, the creator of this product, has tried to provide natural ingredients to the body that offer maximum immune-boosting effects. The formula itself is based on ancient treatments and remedies from African tribes. However, the ingredients are locally sourced from trusted names.

Although the proper treatment for toenail fungal infections is present, why spend so much money and experience the distress of ugly, broken, and infected nails when all of this is avoidable in the first place? Using Clavusin supplement cuts the chances the fungus will ever start affecting the body. The best time to use it is when you suspect that you may develop a fungal infection of nails anytime or when the infection is at a very early stage. Continue reading to know more about Clavusin nail fungus eliminator.

Information on Mark Thompson

As per the official website, Mark Thompson is the name associated with the Clavusin anti fungal formula. He is a 51-years old man from Missouri who is an environmental technician by profession. Right now, he is teaching environmental sciences at a local institute. After spending all his life with nature, he believed in the healing powers of these plants.

Being affected by the recurring toenail infections, he was keen to find something with real benefits. Therefore, he decided to find the best medicinal plants for toenail fungal infections. With the help of Dr. Larson, he created a formula that activates a slow immune system and uses it to eliminate the fungal spores from the body.

Dr. Larson is the co-creator of this supplement, and he is a biochemist by profession. With two doctoral degrees, one in organic chemistry and the other in molecular biology, he found the immunomodulating effects of Clavusin ingredients and helped create a synergistic formula. Their brainchild is now available commercially as the Clavusin supplement.

How Does Clavusin Really Help?

As mentioned before, Clavusin works by improving the body’s response towards the fungal spores and eliminating them before they initiate an infection. It shows a preventive type of effect that lowers the chances of infections even starting. The only way to achieve it is by using the body’s capacity to do that, i.e., improving the immune system.

Most medicines are created to kill the fungal spores after they have progressed into an infection. They do not offer protection before the infection starts. Only dietary supplements can offer this type of effect, and their results are better when used during an early stage.

Clavusin works on heavy metals, toxins, free radicals, and other harmful compounds that may interact with regular body functions. These compounds, if not removed, can hinder the functions and compromise them. The risk is highest when there are changes in the immune response because immunity is the first line of defense in case of an attack.

Within a few weeks, these underlying issues affecting immunity are resolved. The body goes back to protection mode, and the chances of fungal spores germinating and initiating the infection become zero.

There are 12 natural ingredients in Clavusin behind all its benefits. They work well with other ingredients and enhance each other’s effect. It is necessary to take the daily dosage to make the body capable of doing all this. Skipping dosage or misusing the product can change or delay the effects, and the user may think this product is not working on him. Consumers should also keep in mind that individual results with Clavusin may vary. 

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Information on Clavusin Ingredients

Clavusin has a total of 12 ingredients inside, but the official website only mentions five of them. Many people may question why they kept the others a secret, but they are not technically a secret; the website only mentions those that play a major role and not the contributing ingredients. If you are still interested to know the complete formula, contact the company and ask for them.

The production of Clavusin takes place in the US, in an FDA-approved facility. The complete process of manufacturing is overlooked with the highest quality standards. The final product is easy-to-use pills that are tightly packed in plastic containers and sealed to retain the quality.

These ingredients can help determine the effects of Clavusin and decide on using it. Here is a list of major ingredients in the Clavusin formula.

  • Psyllium Husk
  • L-acidophilus
  • Glucomannan Root
  • Black Walnut
  • Bentonite Clay

Here is a short description of how these ingredients help manage fungal toenail infections.

Psyllium Husk

The first name in Clavusin ingredients is a Kenyan psyllium husk. It has a high antioxidant count and antimicrobial effect that keeps the fungal infections controlled. It also makes the body easy to come out of infection and speed up the recovery once the infection is controlled.


Next in the Clavusin ingredients list is L-acidophilus. It is a probiotic effective against toxins, especially mycotoxin, that is associated with fungus. This probiotic also improves digestive health and keeps the chances of a microbial invasion low.

Glucomannan Root

This root offers antifungal effects, including mold and yeast control if exposed. Along with L-acidophilus, it supercharges immunity and digestion both, saving the body from various interlinked conditions.

Black Walnut

The Clavusin formula also contains black walnuts that offer proven benefits for skin, hair, nails, and immunity. It helps the body fight against microbial invasions and leads a healthy and active life.

Bentonite Clay

The last name mentioned on the official Clavusin website is bentonite clay. It works on the keratin protein in the nails, making them strong and healthy. This way, the chances of fungal infections affecting them become lesser.

Going through this list shows that all ingredients in Clavusin formula offer immune-modulating and digestive support. These two functions help the body control the progression and spread of fungal toenails infections. The chances of them going wrong and causing reactions are rare.

Within two to four weeks, the body adopts Clavusin ingredients and starts the antifungal effect. The best is to use this supplement for as long as you may need to see the changes in your nail’s health. The time required for this supplement to work on the immune response and the severity of infection. For more information on Clavusin ingredients, visit the official website today.

Directions To Use Clavusin

Clavusin comes in a capsular form, making it super easy to use. The daily dosage is only two capsules taken with a glass of water. These capsules can be either taken together or separately at different times of the day. As there are no stimulants added, it is least likely to affect sleep. Hence, it can be used at any time the user wants.

Just like all multivitamins and medicines, swallow it with water. Do not consume it with alcohol or any alcoholic-based beverage. Clavusin is an independent formula that works without any restrictions in diet or lifestyle, but the results are better when you switch to healthy living.

Here are some more tips to get faster results from the Clavusin formula.

  • Take care of your personal hygiene and make sure your nails are properly dried.
  • Trim the nails and save them from cracks and cuts
  • Only visit the nail salons that follow cleanliness and hygiene standards during nail procedures.
  • Prefer eating healthy and maintaining a normal weight
  • Be active and incorporate physical activity in your life to be fit

The medication to treat fungal toenail infections are generally topical, which means they are applied externally. While they are effective against active infections, they can not save from the constant threat from the inside. For the complete recovery, you may need something to strengthen the immune system too, and it works better when used before the infection initiates.

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Best About Clavusin Formula

Clavusin has a lot to offer, and an immunity boost is only one of these benefits. Usually, fungal infections are among the most persistent infections that one can encounter. It takes weeks, months, or even years to get rid of them. Many times they keep coming back even when you see them completely eliminated once.

In addition to the medicines, supplemental support reduces the chances of returning infections. They support the body and make it strong enough to counteract, protecting itself.

Here are a few reasons that give Clavusin a clear edge over other products. Read them first before deciding on a nail support supplement.

  • 100% natural solution
  • No need to remove the nail
  • Returns the nails to their natural form
  • Protects the skin
  • Eliminates the fungal spores from the body
  • Adds confidence of wearing your favorite shoes
  • Easy to use
  • Work on everyone
  • Faster results
  • No dietary restriction needed

This list of benefits is endless, making Clavusin appear as a product you can trust with your money. Despite being a dietary supplement, you can not get these nutrients from the diet. It is because people prefer eating different things in routine. And even if they eat the same thing, the value of these nutrients needed is not enough to make a difference. Besides, eating the same food daily gets boring, and no one really likes it.

Supplements, on the other side, are easy to consume and carry everywhere you go. No need to change the diet or eat foods that you do not like when Clavusin is offering all of it in capsular form.

Individual results may vary. Though most people start noticing a change within four weeks, the results are clearer and better after a few months. The company advises all users to regularly take this supplement for up to six months for a complete natural recovery.

Note Clavusin is not a medicine, and it does not treat an infection that is already spread. In that case, the user needs a customized treatment plan from a doctor. But he can combine the topical creams with a dietary supplement after discussing it with his doctor. Never combine any supplement with an oral medication.

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Is Clavusin Safe? Who Should Not Use It?

Clavusin ingredients list reveals their safe and clinically proven nature, but what are the odds they can go wrong for you?

The risk of side effects with herbal ingredients is less, and it is even rare to see allergic reactions with plant-based products. There are high chances it will work and provide the nail care and protection that the user needs, and there are no chances of experiencing any side effects.

Clavusin can cause side effects only when the user misuses it. Overdosage and mixing it with medicines can cause severe side effects that may require emergency medical care. When used as per instructions and following the dosage guideline, there are no threats to health. All it does is remove the toxins and unnecessary compounds that weaken the body and affect immunity. Even a first-timer can not experience a side effect with Clavusin pills unless abused.

People below the age of 18 years should never take this supplement and pick other products that are suitable for their age group. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should also not try any supplement unless approved by their doctors. Lastly, older adults with underlying health conditions and using medicines should also avoid all supplements unless prescribed by their doctors.

Those who are unsure about trying a dietary supplement or have questions about it can talk to the nearest healthcare unit and decide on using it.

Where to Buy Clavusin? Is it Affordable?

Clavusin is only available online at the official website ( It is not available anywhere locally or at other online stores.

The company does not compromise on the integrity of this product, and it is not even ready to take a risk by making it available locally. There are no official dealers or merchandisers; the only way to get your hands on this supplement is through the official website only.

The price of one bottle is $69.00 only which is affordable for most people. This one bottle is enough for the whole month, and those who want to use it for a longer time can consider three or six bottles.

Three bottles pack costs $177 in total instead of $297, making the price $59 per bottle. Whereas the six bottles pack costs $294 instead of $594, making the price of one bottle $49 only. There is a small shipping fee on purchasing a single bottle, but the delivery is free for the bulk purchase.

This price evaluation tells us that buying more bottles is more affordable than buying one bottle every month. As fungal nail infections do not go away in a month or two and generally take a long time to go, a three to six bottles purchase is a better option. Get your Clavusin bottles while they are still in stock. Due to high demand, the bottles are selling fast, and this product can go out of stock anytime.

Money-Back Offer

What is the biggest concern with trying an online product? Most people hesitate to try these products because they fear losing their hard-earned money. This concern is understandable and well acknowledged by the company.

All orders of Clavusin are backed with a 60-day money-back offer, ensuring there is no money loss. This time is enough to try and see the product and the effects it initiates. If these effects are not up to the mark or they are too slow for a user, he can talk to the company and get a refund of his money.

The company has an active customer support team to address refunds and other product-related questions. Every new and existing user can talk to the team through call or email. There are no questions asked, and the refund requests without a valid reason to return are also acceptable.

Send an email at with your contact details, and a representative from the company will contact you with the solution.

Remember the money-back offer is only valid on orders bought from the official website. If you have purchased it from any other source, the refund policy is not applicable. Also, requests received after 60-day time will not be facilitated by the company.

Clavusin Reviews – Final Remarks

Clavusin is a natural antifungal formula that focuses on strengthening the body, making it fight for itself. Whenever there is an intruder, there is so much happening in the body that all body functions are affected. More importantly, when the immune system is affected, it gives more chances for the infection to spread, and even worse, the infections keep coming back.

Using Clavusin changes everything to work on all aspects of developing fungal infections. While there is no way to protect the body from fungi present in the environment, there is still hope to work on the immunity and save from the complications.

Within a few days, the user will start noticing changes in the toenail structure, with visible healing around the nail. The regrowth and repair go side by side, and the results are obvious so that the user feels more motivated to continue its usage and recover completely. In this way, Clavusin works on improving the overall quality of life and saves from public embarrassment too. For the money it is priced, it is reasonable and affordable. Besides, the bundle packs cut its price even more and allow the users to enjoy its benefits for a lower price.

If you do not find this supplement helpful, the company will take care of it. All orders of Clavusin come with a money-back offer, through which the customer can get a full refund of his money, with no loss. What’s better than a product that gives you a discount and a money-back guarantee? Start using the Clavusin pills and see these results by yourself. For more information and orders, visit the official website today.

Clavusin Reviews – Frequently Asked Questions

Read the following for some quick questions and answers on Clavusin pills.

Is Clavusin available at Amazon?

The company clearly mentions that Clavusin pills are not available anywhere online except the official website. It also includes Amazon, eBay, and other online retailers that people mostly trust for purchasing supplements. Do not trust any person or company when you have a manufacturing company offering the same for a discounted price and free delivery on bundle packs.

How many Clavusin bottles should you order?

The number of bottles a person may need is different for everyone. Some people get results early, while others may take a long time. In general, all Clavusin users will see changes in their nails’ health within three to six months of usage. So, three to six bottles (one for each month) are enough for a complete nail recovery.

Who should not use Clavusin?

While Clavusin is safe for all, it is not suitable for children, pregnant/nursing mothers, and older adults with poor immunity. It is also not suitable if you are already on some medication.

Can you apply Clavusin on the nails?

Clavusin is an oral supplement that is to be swallowed only. Crushing, grinding, or adding it to a topical gel or cream will nullify its effects. Also, do not mix it into any food or drink recipe and use it as per the company’s instructions.

What to do if there are no results of Clavusin pills?

If there are no results of Clavusin supplement or you find it too hard to commit to it, there is still no money loss. You can get your money back from the company by contacting the customer support team. The time frame to get the refund is 60 days after purchasing the supplement.

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