Sports Betting: 5 Popular Sports To Wager On

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Sports betting is a legal activity in most parts of the US, Europe, and even in some regions worldwide. It has existed since centuries ago and was introduced by the Greeks. It eventually spread to Rome and was legalized by the Romans. The only sport they placed their bet back then was on the gladiator games.

Today, sports betting has become a favorite recreation for many sports enthusiasts. The sport widely expanded and even became a multi-billion business around the globe. It was legalized and played not just for fun but for business and profits. Furthermore, sports betting events tremendously increased and became widely known. 

Sports betting events get a total of $150 billion wagers per year. Hence, as a smart bettor, putting your wager on bookies entails intelligent planning and a certain level of competence. You have to do it right to anticipate winnings. You must understand the basics of betting like comparing power rankings, working with oddsmakers, managing your funds, and familiarity and extra understanding of the sport. Since there are many sports betting events, you have to check this list for your guide:


One of the very famous sports across the globe is basketball. And the most famous by far is the NBA series. It is a sport competed by the Western and Eastern conference champions of the National Basketball Association. It is a best-of-seven series before declaring the champion. 

The sporting event is a well-celebrated sport throughout the world thanks to its sports enthusiasts’ betting. With intense predictions for every game, the NBA odds trackers make available the fierce analysis and predictions for every season series. They publish odds so that bettors will understand the possible outcome of the game.


Tennis is a racket game that is played by a lone player or by doubles. The sport is widely followed worldwide, and you can recall it with just a mention of famous names like Andre Agassi and Serena Williams. The sport has become an Olympic sport since 1988.

In tennis matches, you can choose from three betting options. You have the Moneyline, spreads, and totals or (over/under). In the Moneyline, you choose the straight-up winner of the match. Spreads is also a good betting option because you can contain them to a single set or the whole match. While in total betting, you will see only one number and decide if the combined result of the match is over or under.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is almost synonymous with The Kentucky Derby. It is the most anticipated and well celebrated annual event in horse racing. The event is not only for fun but also with the popular traditions that spectators do. Such traditions include the community singing the state song “My Old Kentucky Home” and the signature Mint Julep cocktail. Also, the men and women in their bright and colorful fashion wear their most creative hats.

But the most celebrated during this event is the traditional placing of wagers on favorite horses. The highest bet drew $165.5 million in 2019, with a slight decrease in 2020 at $128.3 million, giving a unique position of Kentucky Derby in the sports betting world.


Football is made famous by none other than The National Football League. It is an American football league consisting of 32 professional football teams. The game is played in a single-elimination tournament until the last seven winning teams qualify for the NFL single-elimination playoffs to determine the champion. 

The championship playoff games will culminate in the Super Bowl, in which only two teams from each conference fight for the championship. The NFL championship game is so well celebrated that the American Gaming Association estimated about 23.2 million Americans wagered on it, with 7.6 million online bettors in 2021.

This sport offers various betting games, especially during big events like the Super Bowl. From spread wagers to Super Bowl Coin Toss Prop Betting, you can expect an increase in your bankroll when you wager on football.


Despite the change in the betting trend for boxing in recent years, the sport is still very much accepted. Boxing is still one of the most profitable sports to bet on because of the unique opportunities. The sport gives a better chance of winning because it has a limited number of decisions and has a year-round playing season.

In boxing, bettors can bet on every boxing match during the boxing event. So if you are keen on betting on every match during the fight, you have a better chance to cash in a more considerable amount if your picks win in all matches. 

In Conclusion

Ultimately, you cannot go wrong if you put your bet on the sport you know very well, one that you understand and follow. The more you follow a sport, the more you get to know the team and the players, and the more you understand the game. And thus, it gives you a better chance of predicting winnable outcomes. It also gives you a better chance at making profits in betting.

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