Best places to have fun in New Orleans

New Orleans is the perfect place for a good time with friends. If you’re looking for an adult beverage, there are plenty of bars in New Orleans that will quench your thirst and desire for fun. Hanging out at one of these places can be just what you need after a long day at work. There are also plenty of things to do during the day if drinking isn’t your thing; go shopping or see a movie! This is a list of the best places to have fun in New Orleans.

Check out Woldenberg Riverfront Park

This is a beautiful park located right next to the Mississippi River. It has an overlook spot, patios, and grassy areas where you can kick back and relax. There are also several restaurants nearby, so you won’t have to go far for lunch if you accidentally wake up early enough to enjoy the great outdoors! If it’s hot out, then this is definitely not the place to be because there isn’t much shade at all!

Listen to some street music

There are some great musicians in New Orleans that you might enjoy listening to. They wander the streets and play their music for anyone willing to listen. Bring a little cash because most of these entertainers will appreciate your generosity. This is a great way to find out about other events going on around town, just hang back and listen!

Go shopping at the Garden District shops

The Garden District is known for its beautiful architecture, and now it’s gaining some more recognition because of its awesome shopping scene! There are some really cool vintage stores in New Orleans that you should definitely check out. Most of these are located along Magazine Street so have your GPS ready or ask around for directions before trying to reach these places on foot. You can also grab lunch while you’re out doing some shopping, there are plenty of café options scattered about!

Try out a casino!

If you’re looking to splurge a little, then New Orleans is the place to do it. There are several casinos that will give you a nice break from reality. These complexes have everything from food and drinks, shopping, to nightlife and hotels – you can even buy a timeshare here! It’s a great way for adults to let loose so check it out if you haven’t already. Just be careful on buying a timeshare since there are lots of timeshare scams nowadays.

Remember, nz casinos and casinos elsewhere in the world may have different rules and regulations from Lousiana in terms of what games are allowed and what entry requirements there are. Make sure you check with the venue to make sure you can get in and actually have some fun!

Go see a movie at The Prytania Theatre

This theater shows first-run movies for only $5 per person, how can you beat that? There are snacks available if you’re feeling hungry, but there’s no actual restaurant where you can sit down and eat before or after seeing the film. It’s conveniently near Tulane and Loyola universities so if you’re visiting the area then this is a great place to stop by.

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