A beginners guide to choosing your first vape device

A beginners guide to choosing your first vape device

Are you looking to start vaping? Not sure where to begin or what vape device is suitable for you? Choosing the right vape can be a confusing process, as there are so many options available, and it can often feel like all the devices out there do the same thing. This article will help make your decision a little less complicated by outlining what to look for first and some recommendations of the more popular first-time vape devices available.

Choosing your first vape.

Many first-time vapers will opt for a disposable device because they are simple, easy to use, and have the same essential components. These devices usually come with everything you need to begin vaping in one box, so there is no need for additional purchases like vape juice, batteries or chargers. They are also small, compact and can fit nicely in your hand without taking up too much space. These pre-filled devices are a great first choice if you don’t own any vape products yet because they will allow you to start vaping as soon as your device arrives. What to look for first?

If you don’t want a disposable device, the first thing to consider is whether you plan to use pre-filled cartridges or want an open system that allows you to refill with e-liquid of your choosing. With pre-filled cartridges being the most common type of vape product out there, it’s effortless to swap out empty cartridges by changing them over when needed. For beginners, we would recommend opting for a cartridge mod first as these devices come ready to use and do not require any additional purchases at first. Remember, if you opt for an open system instead, you will need to buy vape juice before starting vaping.

Another thing to consider first is the size of your vape device. If this is your first time using a personal vaporiser, it’s probably best not to go for something too big or heavy just yet, as it may turn out that vaping isn’t right for you at all. The last thing you want is something that feels uncomfortable in your hand and makes holding it up to vape awkward. Choosing a lightweight kit is better first, so you don’t tire yourself out whenever you feel like having a puff!

Check-in at your local vape store.

Once you have a better idea of what type of first vape best suits you, the next step is to check out your local vape shop and see if they stock anything that would be suitable for first-time vapers. Don’t forget to let the staff at your local vape shop know this is your first time so they can help point you in the right direction. The employees at the most reputable stores will be more than happy to sit down with you and explain all about vaping, so you get the best experience the first time around. Vaping is a personal experience, so it’s essential to choose your first device wisely and only go with what feels comfortable and easy for you and not necessarily what everyone else likes!

Understanding that vaping is not for everyone.

Although vaping is the first step towards a healthier alternative, it’s important to remember that not everyone may want to take this first step. Vaping can sometimes feel like a chore for first-time vapers, and they might end up swapping back to smoking instead of seeing it out for what it is. If you do decide to carry on with vaping, though, there is a whole world of exciting products and choices you’ll have access to once you go down the road of e-cigarettes!

Start with disposable kits.

Disposables are an excellent choice for first-timers who don’t know much about vaping and want to try it out first. They come in a box with everything you need to start vaping. Open system devices are also another choice first-timers can make when they feel this is right for them. These types of devices give first-time vapers more control over their vape experience and allow them to choose any flavour they like without having to stick to pre-filled cartridges. If you’re unsure whether open or closed systems are best for you, we recommend checking out local vape stores first and asking staff members what they would recommend if this were their first time too!

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