MegaBurn Reviews (NutriZesta) Real Ingredients or Fake Mega Burn Weight Loss?

MegaBurn is an advanced weight loss formula based on a 153-years old remedy. According to the official website (, it focuses on changing the core body temperature and using it to initiate weight loss.

Losing weight is surely not easy, and when it’s about losing more than ten pounds, it’s nothing but a mess. Who likes to quit using his favorite food, starve himself for days, or spend hours working out, hoping to lose weight? Everyone wishes for some magical product that makes them slim overnight; however, it is not possible. Still, there are some products that improve the weight loss struggles, one of which is the NutriZesta MegaBurn weight loss formula.

megaburn reviews

The supplement industry is huge, with thousands of weight loss options. But there are only a few who work as per their promises and help fulfill them. MegaBurn is one of these options that makes this process easier and less time-consuming. One pill a day can save you from obesity and related complications that affect the quality of life too.

But what is this product, and why have you never heard its name before? Is MegaBurn legit or a scam? What is the way to find out? Continue reading this MegaBurn review to know all details on it.

MegaBurn Reviews

Obesity is not just a problem of one country or one area; it is a global issue. People of all ages struggle with weight, and the middle-aged category seems most affected by it. The 30s and 40s are difficult times because the body is on the verge of aging. All body organs and functions slow down, and the ability to get over the issues naturally seems like a dream. People often think about the energy they had in their youth, as it seems to fade with every passing year.

One of the things that aging affects the most is ‘metabolism’ , which is the sum of all activities from breaking down the food to using it. There are many factors that affect obesity, including diet, activity level, sleeping routine, stress, routine, and others. It is practically impossible to change all these things, and changing one will not do the job. So what is the solution? Should you stop worrying about obesity and keep on eating all your favorite foods and compromise on your looks and health? Of course not.

The NutriZesta MegaBurn weight loss formula is here to fix this problem. It is an independent dietary supplement that does not need any diet or exercise to work. It comes in easy-to-use capsular form, so its usage is convenient too.

What To Know About NutriZesta MegaBurn?

Leanbiome weight loss supplement consumer reports is a dietary blend that targets a low core body temperature issue and changes it for maintaining weight. This way, the body loses weight with minimal effort, and the user finally achieves a body that he dreamt. But how to be sure this is not a lie? Here is the explanation.

There are plenty of studies showing how obese bodies often experience a low core body temperature. Slimmer bodies, on the other hand, have optimum core body temperature suggesting why they never gain weight. For those who do not know, the temperature of fat is much lower than muscle, which is why burning them requires a lot of effort and energy. The skinny people have this edge of balanced body temperature, with no issues in weight loss. Obese bodies, on the other hand, need a constant energy supply from somewhere that pushes the fat to melt.

MegaBurn targets this issue of low body temperature by initiating thermogenesis, a process that yields so much energy in the body. It is like the body becomes a burning furnace, where the stubborn fat is continuously used to generate energy.

According to its creator, Jenny T, it works on all obese people, who cannot lose weight with diet or exercise otherwise. The customer reviews and testimonials reveal that it has even helped some users drop up to 50 lbs and no strict dietary or lifestyle changes. If it has worked on these people, there are high chances of it working on the rest too.

There are 60 capsules in each bottle, and the recommended dosage is two capsules with a glass of water. It takes a few months to transform the body completely, and it can be used with no time limit, as it has no long-term side effects compared to prostadine prostate support formula.

MegaBurn Product Features

Here are some distinctive features of NutriZesta MegaBurn diet pills.

  • Natural weight loss using safe ingredients
  • No artificial ingredient, hormone, or toxin added
  • Zero side effects
  • No jittery feeling, no drowsiness
  • High energy levels throughout weight loss
  • Effective for stubborn fat layers
  • No exercise and dieting needed
  • Improves self-esteem and body confidence
  • Makes the mood better
  • Enhances libido

Although some people have experienced the differences in their health within a few days, the creator recommends waiting for four to ten weeks to expect the results. Some people naturally lose weight easier, while it is slow in the rest. Give plentiful time to your body to lose all this weight you have gathered over the years. MegaBurn is not a magical pill that will make you slim overnight. You have to take the daily dosage for a few weeks at least to see the changes in your body.

How Does MegaBurn Help?

MegaBurn weight loss pills are a blend of plants, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, each offering unique benefits to the body. These ingredients have scientific standing, and there are so many studies that suggest their role in weight loss. As mentioned before, it works on maintaining the core body temperature by raising it in obese bodies.

Jenny T, the creator, says that it contains a special ingredient called the African slim fruit that causes faster weight loss. This fruit was in usage in many African areas for more than a hundred years, which explains the tribal people were never obese.

Once a person starts taking MegaBurn pills, his body goes through a transition where it experiences an increased core body temperature. It is followed by appetite control, reduced food cravings, high energy levels, and immediate weight loss.

MegaBurn Ingredients

The company has shared all details on the MegaBurn ingredients, giving a chance to the new users to evaluate this product beforehand. You can search these ingredients individually to see the research data that proves their effects. None of these ingredients can cause side effects or interactions with the body unless wrongly used.

Read the following to know which ingredients are added to the MegaBurn formula.

Irvingia Gabonensis

This is the primary ingredient in the MegaBurn formula, and most benefits of this formula are linked with this one ingredient. It is commonly called African mango, or African slimming fruit, for its role in weight loss. There are so many supplements that use it in their formula, but their values are either too low, or their sources do not meet the high quality. This is why they never show good results. But here in this formula, African mango extract relieves the inflammation, induces thermogenesis that increases the core body temperature, and elevates energy levels during weight loss.

Green Tea Extract

Next on this list is green tea extract, another popular name in the weight loss industry. It is available in individual packing too, but its effects are best achieved when it is combined with other natural ingredients. Green tea has caffeine and EGCG, which cleanses the body, removes all unwanted compounds, and relieves inflammation. Also check out Tea Burn supplement for faster weight loss and whiter teeth.

Raspberry Ketones

The MegaBurn ingredients also contain raspberry ketones that offer a unique fat-melting effect. The reason this supplement is so effective on stubborn weight is that it changes the white fat to healthy brown fat. This brown fat burns more calories in less time, resulting in a faster weight loss. These ketones also provide fiber to the body, help the body feel fuller for a long time, and stop binge eating.


MegaBurn also has kelp, a naturally growing seaweed with a high medicinal value. It has a high amount of fiber that curbs the appetite and reduces hunger pangs. There are hundreds of antioxidants in the kelp, many of which play a direct role in digestion. It has additional benefits for immunity, cognition, and the cardiovascular system too.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The last ingredient in MegaBurn is apple cider vinegar or ACV, which is often used in various remedies. People sometimes drink it in the early morning to control their appetite and initiate a natural fat burner. There is proven data on apple cider vinegar suggesting how it suppresses the appetite and makes the body eat less than routine. Eating lesser calories means that work for the body is reduced; therefore, weight management becomes easier.

Going through these details, it is clear that MegaBurn offers nothing but benefits. All the names in its formula have scientific evidence of working, and none of them carries any risk for the side effects to hit. These ingredients cannot even cause allergic reactions, but people with food sensitivities should read the label before purchasing. If they suspect any ingredient, it is best to confirm with a doctor or find a substitute product that lacks that particular ingredient.

What To Expect From NutriZesta MegaBurn?

The official website of MegaBurn shares different success stories, telling how people have lost 10 lbs, 50 lbs, and even 100 lbs with this supplement too. Still, there are a few things that need to be cleared first.

Some users shared that the MegaBurn supplement has made them lose weight even when eating junk food. People have lost fat despite eating candies, cheeseburgers, and pizzas, but it is not suitable when you have a lot of weight to lose.

People have also lost stubborn area fat, like belly fat, with using this supplement alone. But the common perception of belly thighs and hips fat is that you can never lose them without surgery. On average, people have lost weight within the first three weeks of taking this supplement. Most of its users belong to people who gained weight during the lockdown and wanted to regain their old body weight.

The amount of weight loss may not be the same for everyone, as individual results may vary. But all of the users will lose at least 10 lbs per month. Plus, it can maintain the results after reaching the target weight. The best is to make basic dietary and lifestyle changes and let it do the rest. Some of the tips that may speed up its progress are as follows.

  • Drink plenty of water, and never ignore hydration
  • Take small meals instead of eating once or twice a day
  • Cut down your sugar consumption
  • Plan your calories and invest in healthy calories
  • Stop eating junk food with no nutritional value as mentioned on
  • Replace unhealthy snacks with nuts
  • Set your bedtime and avoid using screens before that
  • Add a healthy physical activity like walking, jogging, or meditation
  • Keep track of your weight loss by checking the weight every week
  • Do not compare your results with other users

Dosage Guidelines on MegaBurn Diet Pills

Using MegaBurn is like using a multivitamin supplement. It is an oral supplement that is to be consumed with water or juice. Never consume it with alcohol or any alcohol-based drink. Also, avoid taking it with a caffeinated beverage to avoid interactions.

The company clearly states the usage guidelines suggesting how it should be used and what to avoid with it. Overdosing the supplement is not recommended, as the high values of its ingredients may cause unwanted side effects in the body. Also, avoid mixing it into any food recipe, and stick to the suggested instructions.

Avoid taking this supplement if you have a metabolic condition affecting your weight. Never substitute it with medicine as it does not treat any disease. Never combine supplements with other supplements or supplements with medicines. Such combinations can cause severe interactions and are not safe for anyone.

Is MegaBurn Safe? How To Be Sure?

NutriZesta MegaBurn is a plant-based formula that uses premium quality ingredients picked from trusted sources. These plants have been used in remedial approaches for centuries, and their effects are even confirmed by the latest studies. So the chances of these plants causing metabolic transformation are very high, with the least risk of side effects. But there are a few things that everyone should know beforehand.

For a start, it is not suitable for children and teenagers, even if they are obese. Obesity at a younger age requires a different treatment, and using the supplements directed to adults on them is not the right way. The younger bodies can fail to process the daily dosage and experience side effects, which is why this idea is not supported at all. Next, MegaBurn is not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Only those supplements recommended by the OB & Gyn are safe during these two cases. People who are not sure about using a dietary supplement for weight loss should consult their nearest healthcare provider to get more information.

Where To Buy MegaBurn? Pricing Details

The price starts from $49 per bottle and decreases with the increased number of bottles you buy. Following are the latest pricing details.

  • Get one bottle of MegaBurn for $49.00 (free shipping)
  • Get three bottles of MegaBurn for $117.00 (free shipping)
  • Get six bottles of MegaBurn for $198.00 (free shipping)

One bottle contains 30 doses and is enough for the whole month. The daily dosage is two capsules a day, and if you share this bottle with a friend or family member, it will end sooner. Consider buying bundle packs if you want to share them with someone or lose more than ten pounds.

The bundle packs make it more affordable and if you have a limited budget, buying a bundle pack is undoubtedly better than purchasing one bottle every month.

MegaBurn Returns And Refunds

All orders of MegaBurn weight loss pills come with the 365-day money-back offer. The customers have one year’s time to decide on this supplement. If it does not work well, the company will give a full refund of the order value within one year of the purchase.

You can get a refund if the weight loss is too slow or this type of weight loss does not suit you. Remember you have to contact the company within the set time, or else the company will disregard your request. Contact the customer support team to know the process of refund.

Information On NutriZesta

MegaBurn is manufactured by a company called NutriZesta, a company that is based in the US. The idea of this product has come from a woman Jenny T, who was a victim of obesity and was searching for a remedy. After knowing about the healing power of natural ingredients, she combined them into one formula, which she named MegaBurn.

NutriZesta has no other product, and MegaBurn seems like their only product. There is not much available on the company except it was formed back in June 2021, and it uses an FDA-certified facility to manufacture these pills.

MegaBurn Reviews – Final Thoughts

MegaBurn is a natural formula that improves the core temperature of the body and raises it to melt the fat layers. It is like activating a furnace that burns all fat and uses it to fuel the body’s functions. It shows results within a short period, with no extra effort. Jenny T, the creator of this program herself, lost up to 50 lbs, and she is sure that it will work on other users too. If it fails to deliver the promised results, the company will refund the entire order value.

Frequently Asked Questions On NutriZesta MegaBurn Weight Loss Supplement

Read the following questions and answers on Mega Burn fat loss supplement to get more details.

Can you get MegaBurn from Walmart, GNC, or Amazon?

The company recommends buying it from trusted sources only. It means you can only purchase it from the official website and not from random sources, including Amazon, eBay, GNC, and Walmart. Do not search it at local and online sellers when it can be purchased from the official website easily.

Is MegaBurn child-friendly?

MegaBurn is a supplement created for adult users only. It is created as per the dietary demands of adult bodies, preferably those who are in their 30s and 40s. This age group experiences the slowest metabolism, which is why they desperately need something to lose weight. It is not safe or suitable for people below the age of 18 and should be avoided if you are a young person.

How much weight can you lose with MegaBurn?

The amount of weight lost with MegaBurn can be different for different people. Those who are suffering from extremely low core body temperature can take more time to lose weight, while this time can be less for someone who is a recent victim of obesity. You can lose as much weight as you want with this supplement. Continue its usage until you achieve the weight loss results that you need.

When to expect MegaBurn weight loss?

MegaBurn takes a few weeks to start showing the results. Most people can see changes in their weight within four to six weeks. But the complete transformation can take up to six months. Those who need to lose more can prolong its usage or use it to maintain the results after losing the weight once.

What to do if MegaBurn has no results?

Although the chances are fairly low, if this supplement fails to help, you always have an option to return the used/unused bottles and get a refund of the money. It means there is no financial loss with trying this product.


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