The Wholesale Formula Reviews (Is It Worth Buying?) Dylan Frost & Dan Meadors

The Wholesale Formula is an online training program by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost. Only selective participants can join it, and they will receive training on discovering the most profitable products on Amazon and tricks to gain a high profit on their sales.

The official website states this training program is suitable for professionals, part-timers, students, and even those who want to work from home. There is no previous experience needed, and everything inside is understandable, even for an amateur.

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The trainers are two already famous names in the digital marketing world that are Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost. This duo has been into eCommerce for a very long time and earned thousands of dollars from their ventures. The Wholesale Formula is their new venture with an aim to bring more people to the digital world.

But what is The Wholesale Formula, and how to be a part of it? Do you need a degree or previous work experience to join? More importantly, what are the registration charges? Find out all the information in The Wholesale Formula review.

the wholesale formula

The Wholesale Formula and Amazon World

Amazon has become a household name now, and there is barely a person who does not know about it. It is among the biggest platforms of online business, where millions of sellers showcase their products. But not every seller is able to get a good profit for his products, as online sales are different from in-store shopping. Only if you know how to make it work Amazon can help you earn millions. And with no information or training, it can even make you lose all of your time, efforts, and investment.

With the adaptation of digital tools, the trend of online shopping is increasing every year, and especially after the pandemic, the reliance on digital platforms drastically increased. Not every Amazon seller becomes a millionaire, but it does not mean one cannot be. Due to the high competition, only those marketers who offer the right product at the right time are able to enjoy good earnings. For that, there are dozens of training courses available, and the Wholesale Formula is the latest addition to it.

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It is hard to understand for some people that working on Amazon with no experience and relying on the free information online is never a wise idea. You will probably hear people saying, ‘why do we have to get paid training when everything is available online?’ Although they are not completely wrong, this free information online is very basic and does not ensure high profits. Whereas programs like The Wholesale Formula seminar are designed by the professionals and carry the information that guarantees success. Of course, this valuable information cannot be free, but this price is nothing compared to the benefits it provides.

So if you are among those who are serious about Amazon and need someone to help you start, sign up for the Wholesale Formula and get ready to see your venture flourishing. There are a few things that should be clear before actually starting the work. For example, work on the product of interest that you will be selling on Amazon and determine the ways to grab the audience, leading to a successful purchase. The ‘free information’ online can help you understand how Amazon works, but it will not tell you how to make it right for you.

The creators of The Wholesale Formula have already been running dozens of eCommerce businesses for many years. This experience and practice make them perfectly capable of teaching how this process works, what to do, and what not to do to be successful on Amazon. These tips, tricks, and experiences are added to this training program, and for now, they are only accepting a limited participant. If you want to be among the participants, make up your mind and jump to the pricing and signing up section at the end of this Wholesale Formula review.

If you are still doubtful, read the following to clear your brain and then decide on giving it a try. Let’s start with understanding what is inside this program and how to use this information in your best interest.

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Inside The Wholesale Formula

If you are struggling with finances and need a source for passive income, eCommerce is the right choice to make. The concept of online shopping is not new, but each day adds more challenges to the online world, especially for a person who is taking a fresh start with no formal training. Do not fall for the essays and articles that suggest the Amazon world as ‘super-easy, ‘effortless,’ and ‘overnight benefits.’ It would be a lie to say that Amazon business is free money. It is certainly not ‘free money, and the profits directly relate to the efforts you put into it.

As it is a complicated system, new sellers can easily get confused and lost, and a failure can demotivate them from trying again. On the other hand, those who are able to use it in their interest can earn thousands of dollars sitting at home. Consider formal training such as The Wholesale Formula program to make your efforts more fruitful.

It is designed by two people, Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors, with an aim to help people earn money from Amazon. There is no formal education, books, or notes in this training and everything inside directly comes from the creators.

The mode of training is simple, casual, and easy to understand so that people of all ages and diverse educational backgrounds can understand it. If you want, you can make your notes to remember things, but the creators do not believe in giving printed notes or suggested readings to learn. It is more of practical learning where you will receive some information and use it right away to see how it goes.

For now, the creators are arranging a live webinar on The Wholesale Formula, and this intro lecture will describe the following.

  • Understand the Amazon world and how it works
  • Explain how to pick a profitable product with low competition
  • Method to get product approvals
  • The Reverse Wholesale Sourcing Model
  • Establishing an Amazon store
  • Ways to attract viewers and buyers

This webinar is just a summary of the entire program, and attending it will increase the chances of learning the business opportunities at the ease of your house. After the successful completion of this

In the Wholesale Formula Workshop, the participants can start their journey with Amazon right away, and continuous assistance is provided by a helpline. This is a slow and time taking process, but you get to see your business growing and expanding with immediate profits in a perfectly legal and secure way.

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How To Make Money With The Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula follows a unique 3S approach to be a successful Amazon seller. Please read the following to know what this 3S formula is and what makes it so helpful.

Number one ‘S’- Scout

The first step teaches how to find a legit and profitable product using the tools provided by this program. It is a great opportunity to scout one product among the millions with the highest profit margin and demand. And with choosing the right product, the chances of success become higher.

Number two ‘S’- Source

After finalizing your product or products, the next is to find the sources and complete this purchase link. The Wholesale Formula trains you to find sources with legit products and establish and run Amazon stores dealing with these products.

Number three ‘S’- Sell

The final step is to find ways of selling the products with a good profit margin. The Wholesale Formula teaches the top marketing techniques and tricks that generate more traffic and sales to the Amazon store. Eventually, it leads to running a business and expanding the products and earnings with time.

All the trainees will further learn about the ‘Reverse Wholesale model’ for free. It is a different approach to shopping online, where no middleman is involved. The product goes from the distributor to the buyer, with no additional peers or groups involved. This model does not only save time but also adds the chances of earning the income. There is no need to communicate with the buyer, and this process is strictly professional.

Who Are The Creators?

The Wholesale Formula is the brainchild of two people: Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost. These two are famous in the digital marketing world and own many businesses generating thousands of dollars worth of profit weekly. Here are the details on these two.

Dan Meadors

The first creator is Dan Meadors, the president of Spotlight Brand Services. He is from Corbin, Kentucky but was a part of various local and online ventures, including the VA Placement and Urza-Lands, LLC.

Dylan Frost

Dylan Frost is the co-founder of the wholesale formula. He is not a professional like Dan and started from Amazon directly. With so many years spent learning the Amazon tricks, he has finally cracked the code and multiplied his businesses over time. He is currently one of the most well-off Amazon sellers with a high success rate.

Although Dan and Dylan started their professional journey differently, they have now left their actual careers to become full-time investors, businessmen, and trainers. They can sell products of millions of dollars’ worth on Amazon and are now dedicated to training more people.

Where To Sign Up For The Wholesale Formula?

Those who are interested to learn Amazon tricks and business tips, visit the official website ( to sign up. Due to limited capacity, only those participants who sign up first will be facilitated and made a part of this program. Remember it is an online training course, and there is no need to go anywhere or receive anything in the mail. All you need is a phone or laptop and a stable internet connection to join it.

The total price of the wholesale formula is $2497, including all the materials, tools, software, and other things. It is a one-time payment, and you will not be required to pay anything later. The official website states these tools and materials will be open forever, which means you can use them or access them anytime later, even after finishing the training.

If you cannot afford to pay $2497 as one payment, the company offers an installment plan. You can pay three installments every month for $997 each. This installment plan ensures that no person can leave the Wholesale Formula just because he cannot pay an upfront amount. It shows how focused these two creators are to help people learn about Amazon business and help them get financial stability.

Just to make it clear, the only way to sign up for The Wholesale Formula is through the official website. Do not trust any other link or website except the official URL with your personal information and payments.

The Wholesale Formula Bonuses

All trainees of The Wholesale Formula will receive the following for free. There is no need to add them to the cart, as they are automatically provided with all orders, whether you pay upfront or in installments.

Membership of The Wholesale Formula Alumni Facebook group

There is a support group for all trainees, where they can get to know each other, learn and grow together. You can ask questions, share your story or get help from your fellows, if needed. Remember, it is a closed group and not open to the public, so only those who are formally a part of the training will be permitted in this Facebook group.

Access to ‘VA Launchpad‘

All trainees will get information on finding, training, and hiring their private virtual assistants to keep the business running, even in their absence. This outsourcing can ease the workload, especially if you are dealing with multiple products or stores and increasing profits.

Huge Discount (Up to $3000)

All the participants will get a huge discount on some basic software and advanced tools required to expand the earnings. These tools include Amazon tools, Amazon resources, Scouting and product research tools, and product prep software.

Files & Resources

The bonus also includes some email templates to be used for wholesalers and brand owners. These templates are designed to get a fast response from the recipient and include checklists, cheat sheets, spreadsheets, calculators, and various other parameters that can be used as per the nature of your business or products.

TWF Webinar Recordings

Lastly, all participants will get an option to replay and learn from the webinar recordings if they have missed anything and want to catch up later. These recordings are more than 10 hours long and come with an option to rewind or forward to get some specific information.

For more information on The Wholesale Formula or to sign up, visit the official website here.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are new to the online course and think the value of The Wholesale Formula is too much to trust, here is the deal. The company is offering a 100% refund policy to all trainees. If anyone feels that he is not learning anything, and this training provides no benefit to him, you can contact the company and request a refund. There are no questions asked, and the company addresses the refund requests on a priority basis.

The time required to apply for a refund is 30 days, which is more than enough to decide. You can join the training and see how it goes. If dissatisfied, you can talk to the customer support team and know the refund process. Here is how to contact the company.

Email Form:


Note the company will only facilitate the customers who signed up for the wholesale formula through the official website. Also, it follows the timeline very strictly, so get in contact with the customer support representative before the 30-days period ends.

Best And Worst About The Wholesale Formula

  • Worst: it may be expensive for some people and require an initial investment to buy the first stock.
  • Best: comprehensive program with high chances of success. All the tools are already added, and no need to spend more money on them. More importantly, you will be a boss of your own, and this training, modules, and tools have no expiry and can be used for your whole life (with updates).

The Wholesale Formula Reviews– Conclusion

The Wholesale Formula is an online training program helping people learn how to get maximum profits from Amazon business. It is helpful for new and existing sellers and does not require formal training, experience, or educational degree. It is a skill-based learning opportunity that educates the sellers on how to make better decisions for their online business.

The creators of this program have years-long experience and now want to help more people. It is a step-by-step approach to training from basic to advanced level so that anyone can learn it. As it is an online program, there is no restriction of location, and people from all parts of the world can avail this opportunity and learn about Amazon business.

Remember, there are limited seats with a first-come, first-serve rule. If you have decided on it, visit the official website ( to sign up and get ready to start your Amazon business right away.

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