SoundWise Aria Reviews – Waste Of Money or Hearing Aids Really Work?

SoundWise Aria is a hearing aid that helps understand the surrounding voices by amplifying them. According to the official website (, it is based on CIA technology, which cancels all unnecessary voices and makes hearing easy. Its small size and perfectly fit design make it super easy and comfortable. And not just people with hearing issues, but also tinnitus patients can use it for clearer and better voice recognition.

But how is SoundWise Aria hearing aid different from other available options? Is it legit or a scam? Continue reading to know about the brand new SoundWise Aria hearing aid in this review.

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What To Know About Soundwise Aria Hearing Aid?

SoundWise hearing aids offer an improved hearing experience for a nominal price. It works on all hearing-related issues, especially caused by inflammation, nerve damage, and infections, and prevents complete hearing loss.

It is a sleek, modern, and rechargeable device that is almost invisible at first glance. No one will even notice you wearing a hearing aid. The purpose of this micro design is to keep them discrete and provide hearing assistance without making it much obvious. While there are a lot of options in hearing aids, from conventional to modern models, companies, and designs, a high-quality sound device is hard to find. Even after spending thousands of dollars, people are disappointed with the experiences, which is why they keep looking for better options.

soundwise aria

SoundWise Aria hearing aid is now available online and can be purchased within the comfort of your home. There is no setting or compilation required and it is ready to use from the moment you take it out of the box. If you are concerned, you may book an appointment with an audiologist, but it is just an additional expenditure, and hearing aids do not require a prescription or advice beforehand.

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How Does Soundwise Aria Help?

The Soundwise Aria works like all other hearing aids you see around. These are small earbuds that you put inside the ear, and they are ready to use. The purpose of these tiny machines is to cancel the unwanted noises and intensify the sounds of your interest. This balancing of noises helps the brain focus on certain noises and voices only, which is highly desirable for a person with hearing difficulties.

Here is how the sound processing works in the SoundWise Aria Hearing Aid.

  • Every device has a small microphone on it, that receives all the sounds, and turns them into digital format.
  • The amplifying unit inside increase the intensity of the sounds making them more audible
  • The device filters the sounds, including the environmental sounds of wind, people talking, and other sounds
  • This balancing of different sounds helps the ear and brain to process the sounds that it wants to listen to and avoid all unnecessary sounds

The hearing aid can be recharged as many times as you want. After using them, put them back in their case, or holder. And do not leave them randomly anywhere, to avoid losing them. There is an option to adjust the sound intensity in the SoundWise hearing aid, as it has different built-in controls. Whenever the surrounding sounds are too loud or too slow, you can always adjust them as per your requirement.

Best Features Of Soundwise Aria Hearing Aid

There are so many unique features of this product that add more value to it. For example, some of these are as follows.

  • Rechargeable device: with a rechargeable device, you do not have to worry about purchasing batteries or new devices after some time. Simply plug them into a power inlet when not in use and use, accordingly.
  • Unnoticeable machine: the worst part of using a hearing aid is other people noticing it. The discrete design of the SoundWise Aria makes it invisible, and no one even sees it.
  • Modern Sound Processing Technology: the device is created using CIA technology, which is the latest advancement in sound processing.
  • Background Noise Cancellation: using the device improves the noise cancellation, and makes the brain focus on desired sounds only.
  • Simple And Easy: unlike old models, the new SoundWise Aria Hearing Aid is super easy and convenient to use. They fit into all ear sizes and are perfectly shaped as per ear dome.
  • Super Adjustable: the earbuds are easily adjustable to the ear and do not drop or move, as the body moves.
  • Digital Amplification: the device changes the sounds to digital sounds and the amplifier makes them easy to pick by the brain.
  • Strings added: there are pull strings that help the devices fix and move around with convenience.
  • Face Fitting: it can easily fit with eyesight glasses, sunglasses, face masks, and oxygen tubes too.
  • Non-Prescription: there is no prescription required to buy this hearing aid. It is available as an over the counter product.

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Is Soundwise Aria Hearing Aid Affordable?

A comparison of the local hearing devices tells that a device can cost between $1500 to $3000 for a pair. Most companies require an audiologist’s prescription or note to complete the purchase, which adds an additional cost. You will be surprised to see that SoundWise is offering the same technology for only $499, which is one-third less than the minimum price. For most people, this price seems fishy, and knowing it is an online product, their concerns are more raised.

The company explains this price difference by saying how it focuses on making more affordable devices for the customers. It has reduced the price that involves retailers, middlemen, and logistic teams. The orders are dealt by the company staff, there is no additional cost, medical expenses, or prescription charges. So the final price that customers pay is only the manufacturing price, which is much less than other devices sold at stores.

This information does not make SoundWise Aria a lower product, because its price is low. It is created by medical experts, with years-long experience and thousands of satisfied patients. For an affordable price, you will get a high-quality sound processing device, at your doorstep. Visit the official website to know more details.

Who Should Use the Soundwise Aria Hearing Aids?

The use of hearing aids is not a luxury but a necessity. People sometimes need external help to hear sounds and voices, and without this help, their quality of life is deeply affected. But one thing they often ignore is that hearing loss is not a one-time thing, and it is a gradual process. The best is to follow a preventive approach when the hearing issues start at first, and not wait for them to go worse.

Here is a list of signs and symptoms that depict a person needs a SoundWise Aria hearing device.

  • You find it hard to hear things people say around
  • Watching TV is difficult and you can no longer enjoy your favorite shows
  • You often ask people to repeat themselves because you cannot understand them
  • There is frustration caused by an inability to hear people when they talk to you
  • You pretend to laugh and proceed with conversations without even understanding them
  • Going in public is a disaster, and you avoid going into crowds
  • You do not like spending time in nature, because everything seems to irritate you
  • Focusing on anything is difficult and you often forget things

These hearing issues are not just related to the ears but have a deeper value. They affect the brain, cognition, and brain-to-body coordination too. Avoiding them is not a solution and a prolonged hearing problem can turn into something serious like balancing problems, hearing loss, tinnitus, etc.

SoundWise Aria Hearing Aid For Tinnitus Patients

Although tinnitus patients rarely use hearing aids, SoundWise Aria is helpful for tinnitus symptoms too. The official website states that it can relieve the continuous buzzing in your ears, making all voices inaudible. The official website states this device can help improve the overall hearing and focuses on the sounds that interest him. Moreover, it retrains the brain and helps it ignore all unwanted sounds through a special technique called habituation.

That is how, the SoundWise device makes tinnitus symptoms ease and after some time, they eventually subside.

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Can Soundwise Hearing Aid Prevent Other Medical Conditions?

The website states that Aria Hearing Aid can prevent various medical conditions and injuries too. Normally the body sometimes loses balance while focusing on hearing, which increases the risks of falls and slips. It is also easy to feel the brain is stuck somewhere which is a sign of cognitive degeneration.

There are so many studies on how hearing issues increase the risk of accidents and fall, and these falls further affect the hearing. So, using a device balances the body and maintains cognition by making people more aware of their surroundings. The better sound quality helps them understand the presence of other people, and activities taking place around them. This feature is called ‘spatial awareness’ which improves a relative relation between the body and surrounding objects.

What Are Customers Saying About It?

Within a limited time, this product has built its fan base with thousands of happy and satisfied customers. These reviews and customer testimonials are also posted on the official website, and help understand what to expect from this product.

Based on the customer reviews, Soundwise Aria Hearing Aid appears to be a helpful solution for people who have tried and tested all other options and failed. It is even helpful for people who have lost their hearing in accidents and injuries. People who find the loud noises harsh also receive benefits such as a better response to these sudden sounds.

Although people from all age groups can try this hearing aid device, it offers maximum benefits to older adults. But it is not suitable when the hearing is already lost for over 50%. The results are obviously better when it is used during the early stages of hearing damage. Overall, the customers are satisfied with their experiences and suggest it to other people desperately looking for an affordable hearing aid device.

There are no side effects, reactions, or after-effects of using the SoundWise Aria for the long term. Most people would not need another pair for a few years unless they damage or lose the previous one. This device is created for adult users only and is not suitable for younger ones, even if they have gearing issues. Talk to a doctor if your child is exhibiting any sign of hearing difficulty and go with a customized treatment plan prescribed by him. Do not allow experimentations on this device and stick to the instructions shared by the company on its usage.

What Is Inside SoundwWise Aria Hearing Aid Kit?

Every kit contains the following. Check them first before using them and inform the company if something is missing.

  • 2 Aria hearing aid devices
  • 1 charging case
  • 1 charging cord
  • 5 ear domes (custom sizes)
  • Adjustment and device cleaning gears

This kit contains everything you may need to use the hearing aid device. No need to spend money on additional tools or gears and this one kit is enough.

Where To Buy Soundwise Aria? Discounts And Deals

The SoundWise Aria Hearing Aid is available for $499 only. This is far less than other hearing devices that cost thousands of dollars. All the orders are placed online at ( and come with doorstep delivery.

Note this product is not available at Amazon, eBay, or any local store and the company has no official partners or retailers to sell it locally. Do not click random links that promise to sell a genuine product and only trust the official website to complete the purchase.

The original price was set for $1499 but considering its demand and fame, it is available for a discounted price. The company is offering bundle packs that cut its price even more. Here are all the options to purchase Soundwise Aria hearing aid.

  • Get one kit for $499 and free local delivery
  • Get two kits for $749 and free local delivery
  • Get one kit in three installments for $185/installment and free local delivery

Remember, the company does not cater to insurance claims but it allows the payment through FDA/HAS card, with a tax-deductible option. You can keep the invoice and receipts for your record.

The company has an additional offer for the customers to save them by charging $97.00 extra. For this price, the company will be bound to give you a new device, if you happen to lose it somehow. But you can only get a maximum of two devices with this offer, within one year of your purchase.

Refund Policy

All orders of Soundwise aria hearing aid come with a 365-days long money-back offer. If this product does not help you or shows no results, you can contact the company and ask for a full refund within this time. Only those orders purchased from the official website are accepted for refunds. If you happen to damage the hearing device, by any chance, the company is also offering a repairing service or getting a replacement under certain terms and conditions. Note the company will not cover for lost items as it is customers’ responsibility to care for them.

The company has an active customer support team to address questions and queries from everyone. You can contact them with your details and get a response within 24 to 48 hours.

About The Company

Soundwise is a recognized hearing aid company created by two people Kriss Berg and Dr. Kent Nunnally. The official website states the story behind the creation of this hearing aid telling how Kriss was influenced to find help for his father, with a declining hearing. His father was not able to hear or understand anything, making his mental health miserable. And because of this hearing issue, he eventually fell for memory issues, cognitive problems, and tinnitus, further impacting his health.

Finally came a stage where he was dependent upon hearing aids and tried a number of them. Yet his hearing problems did not get any better, and despite losing thousands of dollars on these devices, treatments, and medical care, nothing worked for him. Kriss never thought his father would be able to hear anything again, but Dr.Kent Nunnaly and Dr. Victoria Taylor, helped him create a small, helpful, and cost-friendly device for his father. It turned out successful on Kriss’s father after which, he thought of launching it commercially.

You can contact the company for more information and details through the following.


SoundWise Aria Reviews – Final Word

SoundWise is the company that has launched another remarkable option for people with hearing issues. Their new hearing aid is called Aria, which is exclusively available online, at the official website. This device is made with CIA sound technology, with a much better background noise cancellation, better recognition of sounds, and balancing, along with many other preventive benefits.

For an affordable price, this device improves hearing as well as the quality of life. All orders are protected with a money-back guarantee, so if this product fails to meet your expectations, you can always get your money back. Use this link to visit the official website today for more details and orders.

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