How to Keep Yourself Mentally Fit and Strong during the Pandemic? 

How to Keep Yourself Mentally Fit and Strong during the Pandemic?

We are more than two years in the pandemic, and the world still continues to battle the unseen enemy. It has caused havoc not only to physical health but mental health too. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that maintaining mental health and toughness in times like these is important. The pandemic has been challenging mentally, especially for people who are forced to slow down and set aside for the time-being the activities they used to do during the pre- pandemic state.

Below are some of the effective ways to keep yourself mentally fit in the midst of a pandemic:

Engage in physical activities – Don’t you know that engaging in physical activities will benefit your physical health and your mental health? Whenever you sweat, endorphins are released, aka happy hormones, boost your mood and reduce stress. More so, it boosts the level of other beneficial chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. You don’t necessarily need to go to the gym. You can do simple activities at home that will not cost you money in any way, such as simple walking around your neighborhood.

Snack the right way – What are your comfort foods? Many of us find comfort in eating sugary and salty foods such as French fries, chips, cookies, and ice cream. Such comfort foods are okay when eaten in moderation. However, too much of these foods can lead to weight gain and poor mental health. Should you wish to keep your mental health in top shape, you have to cut your intake of these foods and focus more on the healthy ones such as whole-grain crackers and fruits and veggies with low calories.

Engage in online games – The internet has made it possible to enjoy various forms of entertainment even when confined in the four corners of the room. Don’t you know that online games can stimulate the mind? Online Gaming can lead to better mental health and fitness according to several studies. There are plenty of online games to choose from, and you would surely find something that catches your interest and preference. For instance, if you want someone who stimulates the mind and has the element of luck, you can try on blackjack online game and poker. These games can sharpen the mind and would stimulate your critical thinking ability.

Have a “me” time – Let’s not forget to take care of ourselves too. The reality is that most of us are too busy taking care of others that we forget the most important thing: to have time for ourselves. You might be too busy tending to everything that you end up feeling exhausted not only physically but mentally. It is not bad to devote some time for yourself. Have a good meal. Take a day break and do what you think will excite you the most. Have a pampering day, such as going to the salon and having your hair and eyebrows done. Anything you can find comfort in, go ahead and do it.

Boost your immunity with the right food – It is a must to keep your immune system in top shape, and one of the effective ways to strengthen the immune system is by eating the right foods. Increase your intake of superfoods – the ones that can boost immunity, such as citrus fruits like tangerines, oranges, and grapefruits. Vitamin C-rich foods stimulate the production of antibodies giving your body optimum protection from stress. When your body is healthy, mental health follows. It is a domino effect.

Have sufficient and quality sleep – Having a sufficient sleep is important for if you are deprived of sleep, you cannot think straight. Your body will not be in the mood to perform activities of daily living. Your mind and judgment will be clouded, and you could also be irritable. Having ample sleep is important but also keep in mind that you could have slept 10 hours a day but wake up the following morning feeling tired and restless. It simply goes to show that the quantity of sleep is not the only thing that matters. You also need to consider the quality of sleep. Were you able to sleep soundly at night? Did you wake up a few times in the middle of your sleep? Is something bothering you that your sleep pattern is affected? These are the factors that could affect the quality of sleep.

Maintaining mental toughness and acuity is essential as keeping the body fit and healthy. The pandemic has caused anxiety and stress to many, and some end up having an anxiety disorder. Mental health is something that one should not take for granted. The things mentioned above serve as guides on how to keep the body and mind healthy amidst the challenging effect of a pandemic

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