Russian TV Hacked, Scalise Re-Writes History, Russian Orthodox Endorse Putin

Russian State TV Claimed to be Hacked to Show War Footage

Online activist community Anonymous claims it hacked into Russian State TV — specifically Russia 24, Channel One, and Moscow 24 and streaming services Wink and Ivi — to air real footage of the war in Ukraine. Prior to the hack into the streaming services, Russian President Vladimir Putin told Russians the invasion was a “special military operation” and meant for peacekeeping. The footage urged Russians to oppose the war.

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Steve Scalise Muddles Trump and Ukraine Relations

House Republican Whip Steven Scalise (R-LA)  apparently does not remember former US President Donald Trump requesting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate current US President Joe Biden, after Scalise was asked in a news conference Tuesday to “rethink” what he had done when Trump withheld foreign aid.

Scalise told the press that Zelensky called Trump to thank him for his leadership and said he, Zelensky, modeled his own political campaign off of Trump’s. In reality, Trump’s call to Zelensky, and his pressure for Zelensky to announce an investigation into Joe Biden, led to Trump’s first impeachment.

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Russian Orthodox Patriarch Endorses Putin’s Narrative

In a sermon Sunday, March 6, Russian Orthodox Bishop Kirill, who is the Patriarch of Moscow, endorsed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s narrative on the war in Ukraine. Kirill drew particular attention to gay pride parades, pointing to them as a “loyalty test” to Western governments, from which Ukraine has “fundamentally rejected.”

Last week, close to 300 Russian Orthodox priests, including Kirill, wrote a letter opposing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and called for Ukrainians to make their decision. However, Kirill has been more support of Russia’s stance stating the war is about “which side of God humanity will be on,” and even previously calling Putin and his leadership “a miracle of God.”

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