Tips To Boost Business Growth In New Orleans

Tips To Boost Business Growth In New Orleans

Several Uptown businesses admit that even though the first big weekend of the carnival was a success, they miss the old days, according to news on Fox8Live. While crowds were thin in various parts, North Shore recorded the largest crowd, based on reports shared by Arthur Hardy, a Mardi Gras Guide. There were also large crowds at Napoleon and St. Charles Avenues, but not as big as usual, according to Marshall Love, a New Orleans resident.

Under the new route configurations ofMardi Gras, a four-block section of Napoleon Avenue isn’t part of the parade route anymore. Some business owners located on Magazine Street say these changes hurt their bottom line. On top of route changes, there were COVID-19 restrictions that required masks indoors and proof of vaccination. Despite the obstacles, businesses, especially hotels, bars, and retail stores along the Mardi Gras routes, had an opportunity to get noticed and boost growth. If your business location wasn’t part of the parade route, you’re probably thinking of how you can get your business noticed and promote growth. It’s worth noting festivals are seasonal, but growing your business is an ongoing process. So, you should always focus on growth before, during, and after festivities. Below are a few tips to help you boost business growth in New Orleans.

Get Creative With Marketing

Marketing your small business is crucial for success, but attracting your target customers attention isn’t as easy as it sounds. To thrive in marketing, you must get creative to outshine the competition from big brands. For instance, you could host a social media competition where you give gifts in exchange for engagement. Ask your followers to share, like, comment, and tag friends on your post to boost your reach. Other creative marketing ideas worth your time include creating free video tutorials, sharing user-generated content on social media, forming partnerships with other small businesses, and jumping on trending topics. The good news is that these marketing ideas are free or cost a few dollars to execute.

Consider Hiring Freelancers

There are many benefits of hiring freelancers, and the most notable one is that they’ll help speed up business growth. Because freelancers are experts in their field, they deliver quality work to meet your specific business needs. For example, let’s say you want an expert to design a social media campaign. The freelancer you hire will provide satisfactory results because they have specialized talent in creating engaging posts that attract your target audience. Freelancers also reduce your overhead costs, increase efficiency by closing the skill gap, and boost flexibility. But before signing a contract with any freelancer, ask them questions. Things you should ask gig workers include their level of experience, current client relationship, current schedule, and why they freelance. Doing so helps you determine if available candidates are a perfect fit or not.

Invest In Large-Scale Business Systems and Processes

In addition to working with freelancers, consider adopting large-scale business processes and systems. This means automating processes, setting up toll-free numbers, and investing in interactive voice-response systems. Automating core business functions, for example, helps boost productivity because employees can perform multiple tasks simultaneously, reduce expenses, improve quality, and enhance the customer experience.

Growing your business once it’s off the ground is critical if you want to succeed in your industry. However, the process isn’t straightforward, especially for small enterprises. To boost small business growth, you must develop creative marketing plans, adopt large-scale commercial processes and systems, and work with freelancers.

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