Slim Crystal Reviews (Legit or Fake) SlimCrystal Water Bottles Analysis

Slim Crystal water bottles use the power of 9 quartz crystals for improving your health significantly. The main purpose of these bottles is to change the structure of the water you drink in under 15 minutes to support your metabolism. By improving your metabolism, water that you drink from these bottles can increase your energy levels and help you lose weight as well.

In fact, there are many other benefits of drinking water from Slim Crystal bottles. For instance, some benefits that you may experience include lower appetite, better digestion, and inner strength.

Wondering exactly how these bottles work to improve your health? Take a look below at our review in which we’ll discuss the working, benefits, and other traits of Slim Crystal water bottles. 

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Slim Crystal Reviews

There’s never one simple cause behind weight gain. There can be several different culprits, requiring different measures to combat your body’s increasing size. Many say exercise is enough, while others opine that a healthy diet can make all the difference. However, more often than not, you need way more than exercise and dieting to improve your health. 

You need to change your entire lifestyle to be able to experience better health, whether it’s about losing weight or about fending off illnesses. Did you know that even the water you drink can make a huge difference? Tap water in the US and other Western countries is hardly healthy. This is because it is highly processed which reduces its minerals, leaving it dead.

Can you revitalize this water? Fortunately, there is a way you can add life to the dead water that you drink daily to benefit from almost original spring water. How can you do that? Slim Crystal water bottles claim that they can improve your health by boosting your metabolism, increasing energy levels, and helping you lose weight.

slim crystal reviews

How is that possible even? All you have to do is drink water directly from these bottles to be able to experience these amazing benefits. In fact, there are even more benefits that you can drive when you drink your water from the Slim Crystal bottles. These bottles tap into the power of quartz crystals, specifically nine different crystals, which transfer their healthy properties to the water stored in the Slim Crystal bottles.

So, whether you have gained weight because of miscarriage, pregnancy, stress, menopause or whatever reason, you can easily give a boost to your metabolism by adding one simple step to your drinking habits. Just pour your tap water into these quartz bottles, and you’ll be able to notice a significant difference in your overall health.

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Difference Between Living And Dead Water

To understand exactly how SlimCrystal bottles work for improving the water that you drink, you need to understand the difference between living and dead water. Living water is the water that is found in springs and ponds. This type of water has a high content of minerals that are great for your health.

However, due to different polluting factors, you cannot drink living water directly. Therefore, before the water reaches your taps, it is processed. This processing is basically done to make the water safer to drink. However, while the water becomes safer, it also loses its mineral content which means that it doesn’t remain as healthy as it once was. 

Furthermore, processed water is also difficult for your body to use. Unlike natural water that is alive, processed water takes a huge amount of energy to be used in your body. This means your body wastes a lot of energy in making use of the water that you drink from taps.

Why is that so? Basically, living water has a different structure than dead water. Alive water is easier for your body to use because your body also contains the same structure of water. On the other hand, dead or processed water has a different structure. Alive water has a hexagonal structure whereas dead water has a pentagonal structure. 

Slim Crystal water bottles ensure that your tap water is restructured before you drink it. In this manner, the bottles ensure that your body doesn’t have to put in the work to restructure the water and use it after that. They also ensure that your body is able to benefit from the multiple benefits that come from living water. Compared to dead water, living water is a metabolic booster and also full of energy.

How Do Slim Crystal Water Bottles Work? 

Slim Crystal water bottles use the power of quartz crystals for improving your health. As discussed, what happens that causes water in the taps to be completely useless to your health is processing. Furthermore, before processing, water is stored in pools for days on end which also reduces its mineral content.

Research shows that quartz crystals can give off energizing properties to the water surrounding them for improving your health. So, Slim Crystal water bottles store quartz crystals behind a glass barrier in the bottles. Now, there is a misconception that Slim Crystal bottles mineralize water by using crystals. However, this doesn’t happen at all. The crystals don’t even come in contact with the water directly.

Instead, the energetic properties of quartz crystals travel to the water and change its structure by means of measurable electromagnetic frequencies. These vibrations give life to dead water, enabling it to help increase your metabolism by up to 23%. Again, the crystals don’t mineralize the water as they are held in a glass chamber. They only transfer their energetic properties naturally.

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Benefits of Slim Crystal Bottles 

To ensure maximum effectiveness, the people behind SlimCrystal have used nine specific quartz crystals which are good for your health. These include amethyst, clear quartz, moonstone, citrine, carneline, sodalite, red agate, red jasper, and green aventurine. 

Mainly, these crystals may help with: 

  • Metabolism 
  • Energy 
  • Weight loss 

Some other benefits of these crystals for your health are: 

  • They can improve your body’s ability to heal, helping with different conditions.
  • The crystals can improve the detoxification process, and flush toxins out of your body.
  • They can also help with weight loss by means of decreasing cravings and improving digestion. 
  • Additionally, the quartz crystals can support your internal organs as well as your hormones. 
  • Finally, they can improve your mindset by making you more confident and motivated. They can also improve your inner strength among other benefits. 

Along with all these benefits, you can also notice that when you include these bottles in your lifestyle, aging slows down. In fact, there’s also the claim that Slim Crystal water bottles can reverse the effects of aging on your body. They can improve your health significantly by decreasing the risk of different diseases.

To give you a clearer idea on some examples of the benefits of these crystals, know that clear quartz strengthens your immune system, moonstone promotes growth and strength whereas citrine is for positive energy and mental health. 

To add, amethyst helps overcome addictions and can also help with reducing overeating. On the other hand, carnelian promotes vitality and increases metabolism. Sodalite can improve your healing and support metabolism as well. Then there is red agate which is good for your heart. Finally, there are red jasper and green aventurine. Of these, red jasper is good for your circulatory system and for detoxifying your blood. And green aventurine can promote better emotional and physical health.

Lab Tests On Slim Crystal Water 

The million-dollar question is that if these bottles can make dead water as fresh as spring water? Several third-party laboratories have tested these bottles and found that it can change the structure of tap water and make it more beneficial. In fact, lab tests have shown that in only 10 to 14 minutes, Slim Crystal water bottles can give a hexagonal structure to water.

Furthermore, these water bottles can also increase the pH of the water and make it less acidic. By making water less acidic, the water from Slim Crystal bottles is also able to support your immunity significantly. Tests show that the pH of processed water is 7.87 which becomes 8.01 when it is stored in a Slim Crystal bottle.

Moreover, Slim Crystal water bottles also increase the oxygen content of water. This means that your blood gets more oxygen and therefore, your organs get more oxygenated blood which can increase your energy levels and improve your health substantially.

Some tests have also shown that the water in Slim Crystal water bottles is of the same quality as that of natural springs. One test of 212 overweight people above the age of 40 found that drinking 3 liters of water from Slim Crystal bottles daily can help lose up to 7 pounds in one month! The same test found that participants were able to lose up to 34 pounds within just six months.

Pricing Of Slim Crystal Water Bottles 

If you want to purchase these bottles, you should go ahead and place your order here since major discounts are running right now. Here’s a glimpse at the pricing: 

  • One bottle of Slim Crystal is originally available for $197. However, right now a 40% discount is running so you can get it for just $117. Shipping is applicable. 
  •  If you purchase two bottles, you get a 50% discount. Just pay $97 for each bottle instead of $197. Shipping is free if you go for this deal. In fact, you also receive some bonuses. 

What bonuses do you get? You get three freebies. These are: 

  • Slim Over 55 Program 

You learn about age-appropriate exercises which make you more flexible and increase your endurance. 

  • Healthy Fat Loss Desserts Cookbook and Videos

You receive videos and cookbooks that teach you diet but delicious recipes. 

  • 57 Secrets To Reverse Aging

In this guide, you learn herbs, teas and foods that can help you maintain youthfulness. 

You can also purchase Slim Crystal bracelets for further supporting your health. 

If you want to buy Slim Crystal water bottles, you can place your order on their official website which is the only place where these bottles are available. You also get a solid money buy guarantee of 60 days. This means that if these bottles seem useless to you, you can return them within two months without any questions asked and get your money back.

Should You Buy Slim Crystal Water Bottles? 

Slim Crystal water bottles may seem like magic, but they’re based on science and use the power of naturally existing crystals. Many people have tried these bottles to improve their health. Several have experienced amazing results from using this amazing product. You can read customer reviews online.

Not only have Slim Crystal water bottles gained amazing reviews from regular people, but celebrities are also using these bottles. Furthermore, these bottles have been featured on magazine front pages which means that they definitely should be worth a try. Slim Crystal bottles provide you an easy way to lose weight and when you pair them with other methods of losing weight, you are doing a great favor to your health. 

Slim Crystal Reviews – Summing Up

Slim Crystal water bottles pack the power of quartz crystals which are great for you health. They work toward supporting your metabolism and increasing energy levels. The nine crystals in these bottles turn dead water into living water by changing the structure of water and making it as fresh and beneficial as spring water. 

Slim Crystal water bottles do not mineralize water, they just transfer the properties of crystals through electromagnetic frequencies. The process is completely natural as are the crystals. This ensures that you enjoy a chemical free, healthy experience for losing weight and maintaining great health. If you find this product to be bogus, you can return it within 60 days. Therefore, you get a chance to see whether crystals can make your water healthier with Slim Crystal to help you improve your lifestyle.

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