Phytocet Reviews (Silver Sparrow CBD Pain Relief) Is it Legit and Worth Buying?

Talk about CBD and there is probably no one who does not know about the benefits of this medicinal compound. The Phytocet tincture by Silver Sparrow is a product loaded with broad-spectrum CBD inside, offering various medicinal benefits to the user. According to the official website it uses premium hemp sources to obtain CBD and the THC level is controlled to a minimal level, which is why this tincture has no sedative effect.

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Despite being in use for a very long time, CBD still shares a controversial status. In some US states, it has recently been made legal especially for the medicinal products, but some major parts of the country are still concerned over the safety. The tincture form of CBD falls in the health and wellness category and is free from such constraints, and during the last few years, these CBD tinctures have become quite popular worldwide.


Health experts suggest buying CBD products from a trusted brand only. Ideally a company or brand should have sufficient data on their product, adding reliability and value to it. Phytocet by Silver Sparrow is one such name offering benefits and safety together. It is a product that you can use in routine, even for a long term, as it has no risks attached.

If this is your first time trying a CBD tincture, it is normal to have questions. This Phytocet review will answer all of them, keep reading till the end.

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Phytocet Reviews

Phytocet tincture is a latest addition to the CBD family, offering numerous physical and cognitive benefits. If you are on the go for a legit CBD tincture, you may see hundreds of choices, each looking similar to each other. There are so many types and forms of CBD products, let alone the tincture, and based on why you want to use it, there are dozens of options to choose from. Most popular CBD products include CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD lotions, CBD creams, and many others. But each product offers a different result, and it may or may not be the one you need.

Coming to the potency, CBD products can be isolated, broad spectrum and lastly, the full spectrum products, each with a different effect to offer. From these options, the full spectrum CBD is made with all plant parts, and includes cannabidiol as well as tetrahydrocannabinol, making it the most potent of all. On the other hand, for everyday usage and an overall wellness effect, a broad-spectrum CBD product makes a better choice.

What is Phytocet?

Phytocet by Silver Sparrow is a CBD tincture, made with top quality natural sources. According to the official website, it is made using hemp plant, which means no legal complications are attached with it. The website further says that it has no THC element inside, so this product has no hyperactive or drowsy effects like a cannabis plant.

It comes in a premium bottle, with a dropper attached. As it is a liquid, you may need a dropper to measure the right dosage and the company has made the users free from this surge of finding a dropper by making it a part of the packaging.

You can easily measure the daily dose and use it directly, through an oral route. The company has mentioned complete dosage guidelines on the website, giving them a reading before starting to use Phytocet CBD tincture.

Information On Silver Sparrow Company

The Silver Sparrow is the company that makes Phytocet tincture. This product specializes in improving the brain and body connection and induce natural healing. It has launched different tinctures, each offering a unique effect and this new product of them offers a combined effect of all.

A continuous use of Phytocet offers controlled anxiety, better immunity and active support in physical and cognitive functions. There is scientific proof on these benefits of CBD, and nothing can deny these effects. Some people are concerned about the legal constraints with CBD and they should know that tinctures do not contain any THC, which makes them perfectly safe and legal to use.

These tinctures work on all body parts and relax the body, lower stress and help the body feel better. Do not confuse it with other CBD products from the past, with a typical ‘high’ effect. Phytocet cannot cause an addiction or make you high, and is safe for regular and daily usage.

The person behind the creation of the Silver Sparrow company is Mark Philips. He is not a medical expert but an enthusiast who has spent so many years studying CBD and planning its safe usage. He also checked and analyzed the CBD manufacturing units, trying to evolve a better and improved manufacturing process, with maximum benefits and no contamination.

All the products made by Silver Sparrow are based on nanotechnology, used to shrink the size of CBD particles. This size conversion makes them more effective and helpful. And one thing worth mentioning here is that the company strictly follows a non-THC formula, meaning there is no addition of Tetrahydrocannabinol in it. This THC is a naturally occurring compound like CBD but it is linked with various risks, interactions and side effects. So the absence of THC means the product is fit for daily use.

Also check out Phytocet customer reviews before buying. Does it really work as advertised? Read the detailed report on the official website here!

Phytocet Ingredients

One thing that is clear at this point is that Phytocet uses CBD oil as its main ingredient. But the official website implies there are more ingredients added to this formula for an enhanced effect.

There is no question on the benefits of CBD oil, as its role in daily ailments and chronic diseases is already proven with research. Phytocet is a broad-spectrum THC product that limits THC content. So you can start using it daily, for weeks or months, until you see the results.

CBD can not cause any allergic reaction or unwanted effect in a user, unless it is misused. The usage guidelines are already mentioned on the official website but as a general rule, this product should never be used in place of a medicine. If you are already diagnosed with a medical condition, take the medicines prescribed by your doctor and do not replace them with CBD tincture or combine both. The products can interact and change each other’s effects, which is why experimentation with Phytocet CBD is not recommended.

Check the official website to know the complete ingredients list for Phytocet CBD tincture.

How Does Phytocet Work?

The silver sparrow Phytocet works on the endocannabinoid system also called ECS of the body. It triggers the serotonins and induces a deep relaxation and calming effect, that is characteristic to the CBD. As this product is made using nanotechnology, it becomes easier and faster for the CBD particles to reach and attach to the receptors and start working.

Serotonin plays a direct role in stress management, mood stabilization and stress relief. It is also linked with sleep regulation and cognition all of which are natural functions of the body. There is sufficient data suggesting how serotine can make a person feel better and do better than routine. The Phytocet tincture contains such compounds that make sure serotonin levels are never down. This way, it improves the quality of life and saves the customers from age and environment related damage.

Best About Phytocet CBD Tincture

Here are some of the best effects linked with Phytocet CBD tincture.

  • It works on lowering stress levels and induces a clamming effect on the body
  • It makes the user more confident, happy and motivated at the same time
  • It works on regulating the sleep cycle, allowing the body to rest and wake up fresh next morning.
  • It improves cognitive function, makes the user sharp, focused and more mentally alert.
  • It improves sexual strength by maintaining high energy levels, stamina and strength.
  • It improves the mood and help putting a positive outlook even on the bad days

These effects may show up one by one or in a bunch, in slow to moderate visibility. It may take more than eight weeks to notice some of these, which is normal, and variable in all users. Do not expect it to work unless you give it a full three to six months to take action.

Is Phytocet Safe? How To Tell?

The Silver Sparrow Phytocet is made with safe ingredients and has no chance to go wrong and induce a side effect. The THC level is kept minimal so the body does not feel any difference or unwanted effects, other than the medicinal effects. The manufacturing takes place in an FDA-approved facility under good manufacturing practices and other standard protocols. The final product is carefully packed, sealed and delivered to the customer.

Although it is suitable for most people there are some cases where using CBD may not be highly desirable. For example, it is not suitable for underage children, that includes non-prescription CBD products too. Also, it is not advised to use it if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Lastly, people with certain medical conditions, diagnosed or undiagnosed should avoid taking it, unless suggested by a doctor.

Never use a CBD product if you are already taking medicine. Also not combine it with any other supplement, pill, tincture, ointment or any form. Talk to a doctor if you have questions on CBD safety and usage and do not use this product if you do not need it.

The complete dosage guidelines are mentioned on the official website as well as the product label. In general, no one should take more than 1 mil of these drops or else it can become a large dose to handle by the body. There is no fixed time to take this daily dose and the user can choose any time, as per his ease. You do not have to take it at the same time every day, but fixing a time helps remembering the daily dose. If you fear skipping the dose, set an alarm and never miss any day.

Is Silver Sparrow CBD Legit Or Not?

The Silver Sparrow Phytocet CBD is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility. Moreover, it is made up of 100% natural ingredients which do not cause any side effects to the body making this product a legit product.

The results of these products are quite promising as several previous consumers have positively reviewed this product. It is THC-free as well as a non-habit-forming product which makes it safe and reliable for human consumption. The results last as long as a couple of years, but most people keep on using the CBD tincture, off and on to maintain them. It is a non-habit-forming product so the long-term health risks associated with Phytocet are zero.

Phytocet Review Summary: Pros And Cons

Still confused about using Phytocet CBD? Here is a list of best and worst things about this product. Use this information to find if this product is worth your money, time and effort or not.

Pros Of Phytocet

  • 100% natural and organic composition leaving no mark on the quality and efficacy of this product
  • 5-star rating by the customers, with hundreds of positive experiences, testimonials and feedbacks
  • No side effect reported, and no negative feedback from any customer till the date
  • Organic hemp used to obtain CBD with no THC inside, so there are no psychoactive effects associated with Phytocet.
  • High quality but affordable solution for all health and fitness enthusiasts.
  • Easy availability as the company is offering doorstep delivery on all orders with no minimum to order
  • Suitable for everyone, excluding some people based on age-restrictions and medical grounds
  • No contaminant, toxin, fillers, and artificial compounds inside
  • Suitable for people with different dietary preferences including vegans and vegetarians

Cons Of Phytocet

  • Limited availability and the stock may sell faster than expectation. People love to buy it in bulk and store it for a later use, which sometimes makes the stock end before time. And the new stock, even if it is on time, seems like a delayed thing from a customer’s side.
  • No flavored colors or taste added. And it is not suitable for mixing into food or drinks recipes. Stick to the original usage guidelines for a safe experience.
  • Only available online and not seen anywhere locally or online. The only link facilitating the orders is the official website, and the customer is advised not to trust any other link.

Is Phytocet CBD Legitimate?

There are good reasons to believe that Phytocet CBD tincture is a legit option. The website has provided all details on it, and the company name attached to it adds more value to it. All the batches are tested for the side effects and benefits. And only those that pass the third-party lab tests are sent to the warehouse for dispatch. The company staff takes all orders, verifies and dispatches them, so the chances of contamination during the logistics is quite low.

Where To Buy Phytocet? Discounts And Offers

Phytocet can be purchased from the official website using this link and there is no other way to get your hands on this. Choose how many bottles you want and add them to the cart. Buying more bottles gives a better price, and waives off the delivery, making it more budget friendly, especially for those with a limited money to spend on health.

Do not trust random sellers, or shops promising to sell the genuine products from Silver Sparrow. The company has no dealerships or merchandisers for selling its products and the only way to get the CBD tincture is through the official website.

Coming to the price comparison, it is quite affordable for everyone, and the bundle packs make them an even more reasonable option. Here are the latest pricing details.

  • Get one bottle of Phytocet for $69.00 with shipping charges ($9.99 for local deliveries)
  • Get three bottles of Phytocet for $49.00 each (total $147.00) with free delivery
  • Get six bottles of Phytocet for $39.00 each (total $234.00) with free delivery

Each bottle of Phytocet has 30 doses, and it ideally ends in one month. If you are sharing this CBD tincture with a friend or partner, remember that one bottle may end much sooner, depending on how many people are using it. Typically, the results take eight to ten weeks to show, which means buying three to six bottles is the best way to start this healing journey with CBD.

In addition to that, three bottle packs that originally cost $207 give a discount of $60 and six bottle packs that originally cost $414 give a discount of $180. No delivery charges are applicable when you buy three or more bottles. So what is better than getting the best price, free delivery and a stock of Phytocet CBD tincture altogether? Go to the official website right now to order your Phytocet bottles right away.

Phytocet Refund Policy

The company is giving a choice to return the product, preferably unopened or unused and get a full refund of your money. The time to apply for this refund is 180 days after purchasing the product. Unlike other companies Silver Sparrow also returns delivery charges, regarding the customer’s trust, which somehow fails to reach the product. Although the customer reviews show a positive side of this product, there are still chances it may not help everyone the same way.

If you do not see changes in your physical or mental health within three to six months, you can talk to the company and share your experience. The company has an active customer support team to assist new as well as existing customers on product information and refunds. Talk to a customer support member to get more information on how this works.

Note only the bottles purchased from the official website are considered for the refund. If you have bought it from an unreliable source, the company has no responsibility and it would not facilitate you by any means. Double check before clicking any link or order Phytocet from unreliable online sources.

For Phytocet Official Website: Click Here!

Frequently Asked Questions About Phytocet CBD

Here is a list of some additional information on Phytocet CBD tincture.

What Does CBD Mean?

CBD is the short form for cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound from the hemp plant. The medicinal and healing products made with CBD, and minimal THC content are legal in most parts of the world.

Is CBD Harmful?

There are hundreds of studies confirming the medicinal effects of CBD for humans. Although it has been in a long legal battle for years, it has finally made it to the list of legit health supplements.

Is Phytocet Available On Amazon?

The company clearly declares not to trust any seller, even if it is Amazon. All the orders are taken, processed and dispatched from the company only and no re-sellers are a part of these sales. Never trust anyone except the official Phytocet website.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a liquid extraction from a hemp plant. The plant does not produce the oil, and this oil is added separately, to work as a carrier for delivering CBD to the body. This carrier oil makes it more absorbable than other products.

How Many Phytocet Bottles Do You Need?

For a start, one bottle is enough too, but the best is to opt for bundle packs. The noticeable effects can take weeks or months to show up and rushing to the website, hoping the product will restock anytime is not a viable idea. Buy at least three bottles and stock them; take one bottle out every month and finish all 30 doses before jumping to the next one.

Phytocet Reviews – Conclusion

To sum up, Phytocet is made with organic hemp, and ensures a risk-free CBD experience. It is suitable for all adult users, and carries no chance of side effects, when used in the right way. Never use a CBD product if you are already on any medicine or suffering from a disease that requires proper medical care.

Phytocet by Silver Sparrow is currently available for a discounted price here, with 100% money-back guarantee. You can save a lot of money if ordered during the sale period. Once this is over, the price will go back to original costing you some extra cost. There are only a few bottles left, as the stock is selling out very fast. Hurry up and book your order before the stock ends. Visit the official website today to get more information.

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